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  1. Thanks for the input everyone unfortunately it sold before I could even make an offer. I agree that my warranty worries disappear at close to half off retail. I'll keep trying on Craigslist if not next year I plan to drive to GA to visit family and I can get a BGE for way cheaper in GA.
  2. Good Afternoon does this sound like a good deal? I'm obviously going to offer a little less. You never know. http://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/for/5729546039.html
  3. That's a great deal. I was in Elizabethtown, KY this weekend and didn't see this deal at Walmart. They had two Akorns left for $199. If I would've saw this deal I would've jump on both also. Good score for sure.
  4. If anyone spots a Jr. In the Chicagoland area or even northwest Indiana please share the location.
  5. For some reason I haven't seen any Akorns or Jrs at any Walmarts in the Chicagoland area. That's a great price!
  6. I really like the setup, looks nice with the speaker and all. I'm facing the same problems. It's really hard getting used to this grill. I guess I will keep trying and hopefully I'll catch on like you did Thanks! And I'm sure you'll get it. I've never used anything other than propane my whole life so this was all new to me.
  7. Just letting everyone know the Akorn was reduced to $266 at Menards. I also just received a 11% rebate email off everything. Thought I'd share the news for those on the fence of purchasing the Akorn. I wish I would've waited a few more weeks I could've saved $18 haha.
  8. Very nice cook! Ribs and chicken look awesome. I've never tried frenching the legs(I guess that's what it's called). Is it difficult/tedious and worth the effort? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Thanks! I don't know what the term is I've seen it referred to as lollipop chicken but I'm no culinary expert. It's a pain took me about an hour for what, 10-12 legs? Looks nice though haha
  9. After a few cooks I finally figured out the best method to dial in my desired temp thanks to all the members advice in the forum. 25 degrees before I reach desired temp I close it down on top to about a quarter inch and down low at about .5 ( there is no .5 obviously so half of the 1 on the bottom). This thing cooks quicker than some of my recipes call for but practice and more cooks will be the only way to master this bad boy. Here's a few pics of my latest cooks.
  10. Thanks, and this is the lump coal I was referring too.
  11. After seasoning per manufacturer instructions I made some pizzas. I'm probably going to try the fogo lump next because the Char-Griller lump pieces are so small many of them fall through the bottom Grate into the ash pan.
  12. Hello everyone finally broke down and purchased a Akorn Griller today. Look forward to sharing tips and learning from everyone here.
  13. How much did the supplies to make the table cost so far if you don't mind me asking.
  14. Nice idea, I have a similar design in mind for a Akorn and Akorn Jr. but I want to incorporate a in table top cooler. My biggest annoyance is running inside to grab the meat when people arrive. If I have burgers on ice or steaks I can just lift the hinged cooler top and reach in.
  15. Hey everyone I'm a new member so first off I apologize if this topic already has a thread. I just purchased a Akorn and before I put it together has anyone ever took added measures to ensure it doesn't rust? I already plan on buying the cover before I ever place it outside but I've heard of rust issues even when covered. I was thinking of spraying the legs or with rust-oleum. Any suggestions or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks
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