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  1. The grill has been put through the paces and is working just as it was intended to do. This little guy seems to be an ### man because it just cant get enough pork butts
  2. Well i finally heard back from the retailer and it looks like they will accept them as a return. For those who wanted some measurements, they are as follows: 15" between the center supports, 9 3/4" from the center to outside edge support.
  3. I've been so tied up with work I forgot to add pictures of my first go in this grill. My eyes might of been bigger then my stomach but too much pork is never a bad thing 17.25lb pork shoulder 2lb BBQ beans cornbread (not pictured) pork was excellent and was cooked for 25 hours with just a very small amount of cherry for smoke. I'm not a big fan of heavily smoked meats but small amounts are just fine. 1st pic) half the meat with the beans being dropped in for cooking 2nd pic) larger hunk of meat chopped up for eating. It was really good!
  4. Thank you everybody for your input. I haven't contacted Primo directly because i wanted to see if the retailer would make it right before it took that route. It would seem that their silence speaks volumes. Ill contact Primo today and should have this all wrapped up soon.
  5. Well this just keeps getting better! I just tried out my firebox divider and don't recall my other one leaning so far over. It will swing a good 1.5" off center in either direction. For those that asked asked for pics of the deflection grate holders, here they are. I was able to center them somewhat but as soon as the weight is introduced, off they go
  6. The item was PN 316 for a LG300. They are too close of a fit to be for an XL (i have one) and just don't sit right in the grill. I don't have pics but can take some later today. The only reason i haven't contacted Primo is because i didn't buy from them direct. I purchased from an online retailer and thought i would try to deal with them first.
  7. After purchasing my new Primo LG 300 grill, i proceeded to buy the required accessories to expand my cooking options. Those included the firebox divider, deflector plates and deflector plate racks. Once everything arrived, i got my grill going, prepped my pork and started putting in my racks and that's when everything went south. The deflector racks are either completely out of spec or my firebox is. They lock into place with 3 extended rods and i had to choose 1.5 points of contact with these racks. If i balanced them just right, i could get them to stay up but as soon as weight was introduced, the deflector/rack would call it quits and leap into the fire below It looks like the racks were made a bit too large lengthwise and too short depth wise These are a Primo made product but now i'm wondering about the return process. Technically, just by putting them into the grill for 2 seconds with a fire they have been "used". Since i had passed the point of no return, i made them work and used the racks as-is but was pretty annoyed the whole time. Has anybody encountered out of spec grills from Primo? I have about 7 racks for my XL and not a single one has given me problems. This is the first time i've had something from them fail.
  8. I would go with the Primo XL and relegate the egg to second string. The (eggs) are fantastic cookers that respond quickly to temp changes but the grill real estate of that primo will quickly convert you. I had the same setup (XL and L. Egg) for a few months before i gave the Egg to my dad as a gift. I just found myself not using as much and it was starting to shrink when feeding people.
  9. After having my Primo XL since late October, I've cooked every meal imaginable on it with almost zero downsides except possibly the size. I've got it on a cart and that can be a pain to roll around the patio so I've been planning on finding a possible permanat location sometime in the summer. I usually cook for lots of people but this time of year that number dwindles so I changed gears a bit. Getting rid of my XL wasn't an option so I shopped around and ended up buying a Large 300. Ordered on Monday and I had it delivered by Tuesday morning. I made burgers on it that night. For those that are looking between a XL or Large, both are excellent choices but err on the XL side for your first. You can always cook less food on a large grill then more food on a smaller grill all the accessories arrived today so a huge pork butt will go on tomorrow night. I'll post some pictures when it's ready to go on
  10. I used to struggle getting my Weber kettle hot enough to make a pizza crust crispy. Once i graduated to a Primo XL, 600 degrees was the normal "resting" point of my grill when left to its own devices. Now i have to be careful to not let it overshoot my target temp due to it getting so hot. You will not be disappointed with your purchase. I loved mine so much i ended up recently buying a LG 300 just as a backup for smaller meals and fuel consumption.
  11. I'm going to find out this weekend if I can get my butt in gear. I've been slowed down by a back injury so hopefully I'll get on it tomorrow and finish by Friday. My charcoal basket and grill grate arrived today so all that's left is custom fabwork.
  12. From what i remember in the old advertisements, you just offset the cap for temp changes. I don't think these were as versitile as Primos or BGE's. I bet i could slap on a medium or small daisy wheel for some control but ill see how the basic cap works.
  13. Here is the Kamado as it sits now. All metal parts have been pulled for paint except the new knob on the damper Cap. The 1200 grit polish really brings the shine back like I mentioned earlier. Up next will be the 4 wheel caster cart Ill buy buy a new ash basket from Kick Ash and fabricate the damper door hopefully by tomorrow. I've got two of these that havent been used yet and I want to try them.
  14. It's been a while since I've posted on here but work has kept me away from home at a regular frequency. While at work last week, a friend called and asked if I was interested in some random glazed Kamado. Since he's not familiar enough to know the brand, he had me send some pics that he could match up to what he found. After he he made the purchase, he sent me this picture as it was strapped in his car. I now own a Red and Green Diem Kamado. All I need now is the Yellow version and I have all three! this guy is pretty nice, not to mention complete, but will need a serious cleaning. I've come along quite a bit but have no current pictures. So far I've cleaned out the old soggy charcoal, removed the rusted lid frames for paint and cut/buffed the outside glaze. For those that have a glazed kamado with rust stains, try a variable speed buffer with a 1200 grit liquid polish. It erases the stains and makes it smooth as it was the day it was fired. Ill ill try to take some pictures tomorrow of the polished body and new draft door I'm building.
  15. If you shop around using google shopping for the lowest price, the Primos can be had for much cheaper. I found a website offering a 15% off coupon after landing on their site and providing your email info. I purchased the grill on a friday evening and it arrived to my office on Tuesday morning. $1100.00
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