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  1. I'm limited in time but eventually I'll post some recipes guaranteed to please both vegans and carnivores alike. Once you've served a meal without meat and all your carnivores dont notice and comes for seconds is when you've hit the sweet spot as far as cooking goes. Here a quick and simple recipe that everyone loves. Spicy baked potato wedges... Cut potatoes into thick slices or wedges. In a ziploc bag put a little bit of oil*, crushed garlic, steak spice, dry chipotle spices (or other hot pepper spice), maybe some finely chopped onions. Throw the potatoes in there and toss to make sure they are all coated evenly. Bake at 375 until done and golden brown (if you have a convection oven turn fan on as it speeds the browning). You could also bake on your Kamodo if you want that smoky flavor. Serve with your favorite condiment et voila! It's super simple and always been a hit. Of course your can experiment with any spices you like... * a note on oil. Oil is fat and the fat you eat is the fat you wear... It also has been found that all vegetable oils when cooked change their molecular structure and become carcinogenic. Surprisingly enough this is one instance where animal fat is superior. The purpose of the oil in this recipe is not for flavoring but so the potatoes dont stick to the backing pan. You may want to use baking paper instead or something else. Or you could try a little bit of Coconut oil, it is the least objectionable when heated. All the best and let me know what you think.
  2. I live in a city so venison is hard to come by. However, as mentioned I try not to eat meat and if I do It's just a condiment. I'm no expert but I would think venison is a much healthier meat than anything commercially grown.
  3. I still use my grill primarily for meat lovers when they come to my house. However, I will do some stir fry on it. Not too complicated but it can be tricky. I also have a great potato salad ( I grill the potatoes and veggies). I'll share the recipe and pics next time I make it. I also finish my baked beans on the BGE on low smoke to give it that nice smoky flavour. There are also so many good veggie burger paddies on the Internet that even meat lovers would enjoy. Like everything else about cooking half the fun is in experimenting.
  4. Not sure. I looked into trying some recipes but in order to cook that way looks very time and labour intensive. Lots of prep like dehydrate, ferment, food processing etc.. It's a diet that also seem to have lots of nuts in it. It looks great but I just dont have the time.
  5. The gentlemen above are absolutely right... The food will taste great no matter which unit one chooses. It's up to the consumer to pick the unit based on what they consider important. Someone might pick a BGE because they value the long term stability associated with the brand and great warranty. Someone else has a red themed backyard and a Sapphire grill would complement their theme. There are no wrong decisions. The whole point is a mere few years ago there was no choice... If I were to shop for a unit today I would look for a unit that has superior quality built in (I would particularly look at the hardware and hinges) and Value (ie how far will my dollar go when putting the unit together with all the accessories.) Based on MY criteria I would be hard pressed to look at a BGE again. With all these choices available today a web site such as yours provides valuable feedback. There are gear heads among us who like to discuss the fine points of the gears they are contemplating. (After all this is why you ask your members for surveys on their unit, right?) In their case, food and family is great but unless this is discouraged a forum such as this one should will eventually circle back to the gear. After all, what is a hobby without gear?
  6. Here is something you can do that will please everybody: A DIY burrito or Pizza party. For the Burrito, prepare in advance all your condiments and place them in small bowls (all the various raw & cooked veggies, re-friend beans, cheese, meats, mexican rice etc...) When it comes to condiments the choices are endless. For your fried veggies (different color bell peppers, mushroom, onions etc.) dont put too much oil to fry them. Get a package of mexican spices at the grocery store and throw it in there. Then let everyone create their own burrito. For the pizza pretty much the same thing. Get small frozen or ready to bake pizza crust (Naan bread works well also). Make a few different base sauces. for ex. I crush some garlic in olive oil and your can brush it on the dough, Red pizza sauce of course and if you want a white pizza sauce get some alfredo sauce at the grocery store (although there is dairy product in there so only for the carvivores). You can have as many condiments as your imaginations allow you. The great thing about doing it this way is if your guests dont like what they are eating they only have themselves to blame. But, I've done this a few times and it's always been a hit with everyone. A word of caution: poeple tend to overfill their burrito and pizza which makes your BBQ messy and wont cook through properly. Tell everyone not to put too much condiments. they can come for seconds or thirds (or more) and that way they can experiment with different combinations. If you are using your Komodo get a brick or something heavy to lay on top of your burrito (seam down on the plate setter so the seam can seal) and use corn meal on the plate setter so the pizza dont stick. There's also some layered rice recipes from around the world you could do something similar. Have fun!
  7. Vegetarian is someone who wont eat meat. But they will eat any other animal products ie Cheese, eggs, honey etc... Full on Vegans are those who abstain of all of the above including wearing leather, animal furs etc... Although there are as many variety of the above as there are individuals. For example, I'll eat some meat sometimes and hone. I also have leather shoes and belts etc... I depends why you are doing it. Those who are in it for health reason is mainly a dietary choice. Those who are doing it for philosophical reasons ie animal welfare tend to be more strict about it. Then there is Rawism They are vegan but believe food should not be cooked at all. I have had some of the best 'cheesecake' in my life in a Raw restaurant (non-dairy of course). I know... but before you pass judgement you should try a vegan or raw restaurant sometimes. It will blow your mind away to how good food can be. See some typical recipes here with beautiful pictures. https://nouveauraw.com
  8. I promised my 2nd post would not be as controversial as my 1st one. Hopefully, I can explain without getting the carnivores bend out of shape. First a little about me… I’ve always enjoyed cooking. I’ve been told I’m good at it. I get invited to parties not because of my shining personality but because I make a mean smoked salmon and If I don’t bring it with me, I am not invited in. I used to have a fleet of BBQ: Two gas grill, a Texas pit and finally a BGE. Once I got the BGE out went the gas grill and the pit and never looked back. I also worked in an industry where I got to meet many of the owners/innovators of our hobby as well as some of the Grand Prize winners of the BBQ circuit. Since I used to travel extensively through North America, I seriously considered becoming a judge on the BBQ circuit at one point. I am tall, slim with no health issues. So why would the wife & I who absolutely love BBQ would give up meat you say? Well it got to a point where we enjoyed eating less and less red meat, then pork was not as appetizing as it used to be. Then Chicken became ho-hum which left fish. And then came some health problems and we saw the documentary “Forks over Knives” and we thought let’s try it for a little while and see what happens. Three years later we’ve never felt better and both of us lost weight without even trying. So what do we eat? I’m not a big fan of salads – we have them but I would not last long on rabbit food. If you enjoy potatoes, rice, bread etc.. the entire universe of cooking is opened to you. Italian, Asian you name it, is available and delicious. I would argue that since I became Vegan I am a better cook as we experiment a whole lot with different style of cooking and spices. You can also google ‘vegan BBQ’ and see the variety of stuff that can still be done on the BBQ. However, we are not ‘preachy’ about it. Since the majority of our friends and family are carnivores, I will still make meat dishes on the BBQ for them. If we get invited somewhere and they plunk down a steak in front of me, I will eat the steak (however my body lets me know its not used to it anymore since it has issues um… expulsing the stuff out ) However, when we do serve meat we buy the ‘good stuff’. That is, critters that have not been penned in stressful environment, not fed antibiotics or hormones, free range etc… our guests and ourselves seem to feel there is a difference in taste and quite possibly better for your health. BTW, we still like the taste of meat but now when I eat it a mouthful or two is enough to satisfy me. I don’t want this to be a controversial thread about the pro’s & cons of meat vs non-meat but rather explaining the journey why some would choose that path. I still have some good meat recipe that I’d like to post on this site if I’m still allowed… PS. Unfortunately, there is no equivalent vegetarian bacon that exists.
  9. BGE user since 2008. Vegan (yes, Vegan). One day I'll write a post on how a vegan use a Kamodo grill. Formerly in the wood burning, patio & BBQ industry and got to meet many of the innovators that makes our hobby great. All the best...
  10. I'll make this my last post on this topic and if I post again I'll make sure it's on safer grounds ie. recipes. Full disclosure: I stumbled across your site doing research on alternative supplier of BGE hardware especially lid hardware. So my "motivation" such as it was, was partly due to some frustration on my part with issues with my unit. Rather than a desire to bash the brand. (BTW, if anyone has any insight on any 3rd party lid hardware, I'd love to hear about it) As I said above, once I saw what you had to offer I thought this was a good site for any Kamodo users to use for a variety of reasons. But as I said, if the post smells too much like 'trolling' feel free to delete.
  11. Folks, it was not my intention to 'stir the pot'. Merely to put insight on things. I joined because I wanted access to more recipes, eventually want to buy a new Komodo and looking over reviews etc... But I see it's not being seen in the light I intended. Please feel free to delete this post & my membership if you feel it adds no value or somehow 'controversial'. All the best
  12. Indeed, perhaps the tone was somewhat negative to BGE. I was merely providing a little bit of insight on the conversation since I used to deal with this industries consumers/ dealers / distributors / chains etc... Also since I never worked for a grill company or BBQ related industry, my bias is not very strong if any at all. BGE need to be be given credit since were the first one to market they introduces us to a brand new way of cooking. The fact I still have mine after 8 years means their product is still a very good one. I dont plan to replace mine anytime soon and friends & family alike still love the food I cook on it. I was merely pointing out that there now are many choices in the market and a forum such as yours to offers reviews/surveys and consumers input such as mine which helps us the consumers. I apologize if I didnt come across properly.
  13. About 8 years ago I bought my BGE since they were more or less the only game in town when it came to Kamado grills. As an aside, I worked back then in an industry associated with the HPBA (Hearth, Patio & BBQ trade Association) which BGE belongs to. While I was not in the BBQ side of the industry, I personally knew the staff at BGE and got a deal from one of the dealer. (Ps. I am no longer in the industry) Over the years at the HPBA trade shows I saw more and more knock offs of BGE most of them coming from China/India and looking very much like second rate copies. However over a short time, I started to see the quality / value being build up in the competitor products to the point BGE was left behind. When I brought this to the attention to my BGE contacts and asked what was their strategy to combat the competition they more or less stated that since they had established the ‘brand’, their marketing focus was to continue pushing the brand as an upscale product with ‘lifestyle’ advertising (ie. Their magazine, chefs features, BGE fan club etc…) In short, in the world I come from that means…. Leave the product and pricing structure as is and max out your margins. That marketing ploy might work well for a while but in view of the quality/value of competitive product that philosophy might hurt them in the long run. Here is why… From a user perspective, why would I pay over $1,000 for a BGE with Nest and side trays when the competition is hundreds less? I cannot be because these accessories are better quality with BGE since that is simply not the case. If anything the opposite is true. The mounting hardware & lid hinges is pitifully inadequate when compared to many competitors. There are many blog posts and youtube video trying to show user how to adjust misaligned lids on the BGE. Something that I have had issues for years. I’ve had paint chipping issues with the BGE, Cracked lower ceramic bowls etc… to the point I would never recommend a BGE to anyone in view of the superior quality/value competitors can offer. Some of these offer many accessories as standard (Vision Grill for ex) which would cost you well over $1,000 extra with BGE. In view of today’s market offering in this category, I would strongly urge anyone considering a BGE to shop around. In this case as in many others competition has been good to the consumer.
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