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  1. Mine has virtually disintegrated in a similar period of time...and at first, this bummed me out...but...through a combination of laziness and curiosity - mostly laziness, I've done nothing to remedy it. ...and all is still going well...minor smoke leakage, still holding temp, still shutting down...still loving my KJ. At this point, I'm viewing the "gasket" more as a cushion/buffer between the dome and the base than as an integral seal...The disintegrated gasket hasn't seemed to matter much so far. I'll put a new one in if I need one eventually, but so far so good....your mileage may vary.
  2. Interesting topic...my gaskets look similar to John's and I've been too lazy and distracted to replace them...I've been cooking like this for months and though I'm leaking some smoke, I haven't really noticed any difference in temp control, performance or ability to shut down...I'll eventually replace the gasket, but I am in no rush...So far, based on my utterly non-scientific gut-feel analysis, it doesn't seem like a big deal.
  3. I had the same question...and called Butterball (who has a brine "recipe" and instructions on their website)...I noted that it seems redundant since the bird is already packed in a salt solution...They agreed and said "We don't recommend it"...When I asked why they have brining instructions on their site, they said, "because many people have asked for it"...Anyway, this year I bought Butterball Turkeys and for the first time in 20 years, did not brine...I spatchcocked and cooked on the Big Joe...and they turned out great.
  4. All looks excellent. I'm especially inspired by your use of the leftovers. My family can get a little burned out on meat, meat and more meat...but working the leftovers into tortas, flautas, tacos etc. brings excellent variation. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for the inspiration.
  5. I'm a big fan of this local Virginia product: Pierce's...Not too sweet, balanced with vinegary tang not too much heat and some cinnamon and/or Allspice...Lots of flavor profiles and layers...Love it. De gustibus non est disputandum https://www.amazon.com/Pierces-Original-Pitt-Bar-b-que-Sauce/dp/B0016J5H8Y
  6. I know a number of people who have gone gluten free they've lost weight and say they "feel great"...I suspect, like others have mentioned, it's mainly because this diet has had the effect of making them more mindful of their intake and cutting down on refined sugars and carbs in general....I feel better when I wean myself off much of the modern American hyper-processed, sugary junk food too. I also know a family with a child with actual full-blown Celiac's disease...It took them several frustrating months to figure it out while their child suffered from severe malabsorption and uncontrolled weight-loss - "failure to thrive"...It was a nightmare... Once they pinned-down a diagnosis through endoscopic tests, she cut out gluten and she's now thriving.
  7. MMM..MMMM....MMM...We've done that one several times now...fast becoming a family favorite.
  8. Bet that would make good duck tacos...Tacos de Pato - Duckos
  9. It's gotta be similar to peach (which I've used many times and it's a great smoking wood) I would think...Bet it would be great for pork (or other light meats) with an apricot and rosemary glaze (See Setzler's peach pork tenderloins video - Adam Perry Lang's recipe - for inspiration)...mmmm...Methinks that apricot tree's demise will be to the benefit of your taste buds
  10. Beautiful...All kinds of ways to enjoy that, but I'll bet some of that sliced thin, with horseradish sauce on a kaiser roll would be mighty tasty...
  11. Sounds like a great Christmas Roast...I like the low and slow approach...medium rare throughout...
  12. Good stuff!...At first, I read this and thought..."Wow...some of these guys are really nuts"...and then I saw it was a joke.... ...and then I thought, "Someone out there is actually probably doing something similar to this...and if not, they'll look at this and say, "Hey that's a great idea...I'm gonna do that!'" If it can be thought, it can be overthought. "Don't think too much...You'll create a problem that wasn't there in the first place" - anon
  13. Autumn is here...and some big holidays are ahead of us. Holidays that often involve lots of cooking and eating...This Thanksgiving and Christmas season will be my first with the Kamado Joe...and I will surely cook some traditional stuff (e.g. turkeys and roast beef) on the Big Joe for the family during those times...I'm hoping to get some input and perspective from some of the Gurus on this site for getting the most out of the Kamado during the holidays (on turkey and beef, yes...but beyond those items too)....If you're so inclined, please share your tips, techniques, unique holiday cooks, etc. related to how you've successfully employed your kamado during the holidays... Thanks in advance for sharing.
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