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  1. Was able to do an overnight smoke with my new TTT. Very satisfied. Took about a month of cooking a few things on the weekends to learn this grill first. Then I added a TTT and took one afternoon to learn how to use that. Did some reading mixed with my own experience on the best way to load and start a good low and slow fire and mixed in some well soaked mesquitte chunks. Kept a steady temp of 230-238 all night with plenty of smoke. I put it on @1830 and pulled it off @ 0700 this morning when it hit 200 degrees. About 4 and 1/2 pound butt took about 12 hours. Currently sitting in a cooler wrapped with foil. If I remember to take a pic before we eat it I will post it up. Lots of good reading on here did help me determine everything I wanted to do. Keep the posts coming and have a great 4th of July weekend!
  2. Nice forum. Bought mine about a month ago and have done a few things on it almost every weekend. I really enjoy this. It's the first Kamado type grill I have owned and wish I had bought one sooner. Temp seems easy to control but I need to work on a better way to load the charcoal and smoking chunks for a better smoke ring. Have done brisket twice and a pork butt with a few steaks sprinkled in between. Still a novice and getting better each weekend.
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