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  1. Alabama, Welcome. I use cotton balls (2-3) soaked in 91% rubbing alcohol to start my Akorn. I make a small pocket set the cotton soaked balls in the hole then lightly cover with bigger lumps, then light the fire. With the dampers open wide both top and bottom. I usually get a false temp. bump in the first few minutes of the burn, until the cotton balls light the lump, then it settles down. When my temp reaches 250 - 275 +/- I generally set the bottom to almost closed and the top to 1 or so. I watch closely at the beginning to let it settle in. This is only one mans opinion. Hope this helps
  2. Really great build. I see you live up North. I'm in Northeast Oh. so we get cold long winters also. Just wondering if you sank the posts for the deck, or built it flat on the ground?
  3. OK I'll admit it.... I like Open Pit Original!!!!! There I have been using it for years. I use the original as a base and add, Honey, or Garlic, or Hot sauce whatever I have a taste for. Back in the late 70's I worked as a cook and the owner of the Resturant used this on our ribs. I guess back then there were not a lot of choices.
  4. Nicely done. I love Asian style Grilling/Smoking. I will try these myself Thanks
  5. rics

    Air Leaks??

    Thanks again. The temp dropped into the low 40's. I will wait till warmer weather gets here!!!!
  6. rics

    Air Leaks??

    Just got back from Auto Zone. Permatex red high temp over 600 degrees.. Again there is no fumes from this are there? I plan to do it today. Color might clash with my black Akorn. Don't care as I wanted to be able to see it, and who will mind as long as the Q is good. Thanks
  7. rics

    Air Leaks??

    I bought my Akorn last Summer and enjoy the heck out of it. I did some Hamburgers on Weds and noticed that it had more air leaks than I remember. So I went to John's YouTube Modification video. He mentioned a type of silicone. I think it was RTV???? Is this correct. Does this have to be any type of food grade? I would like to seal it up this weekend. Thanks
  8. Thank you I think I'll go indirect for a time and then crisp them at the end. This is a sweeter recipe. Using Watermelon Puree!!!!! I am testing a recipe that my Daughter gave me for my youngest Grandaughter's first b-day in June. It will be a Watermelon Theme....
  9. Fellow grillarians, Wings direct or indirect????
  10. I'd like one but the pic is blank!!!!!!! Not sure what I want, I may have one......
  11. Comedy: Caddy Shack or Fast Times at Ridgemont High are tied Drama: By a mile Godfather I Horror: I remember as a kid getting scared to pcs by "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane" We showed it to our kids and they just yawned.... Oh well times change
  12. Looks great, one hand washes the other. Hope your smoker turns out great. Send pics when it is done
  13. Ditto's on the thank you for your service. Maybe you can scare up some good Korean BBQ recipes!!!!!!!!!
  14. I just may try this, thanks I may try it too. Wal-mart has them on sale now. Try a test one before inviting Family and friends. Marty Do you know how long he boils them before the grill?
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