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  1. Guess since this will be my first time spinning a turkey on the Big Joe myself, I am not the best to respond, but I say "yes". I suspect, from my experience on other meats on the rotisserie, by adding some smoking wood, the turkey will have a good smoked flavor within its normal cooking time. Hopefully there are those that have more experience that can respond.
  2. I'm going to spin (or try to spin) a 15.5 pounder, stuffed, on the Big Joe. By the time the turkey is up to temp and finished turning, it will be tired... So, I will pull the dressing out and finish bringing it up to a safe serving temp in the oven, while the bird gets rested up for dinner. Wish me luck. Having some thoughts about trying to use the Flameboss to keep the grill at about 350.. for grins...
  3. Appears you have no problem making enemies here ! I have had the Wusthof Ikon knives for 6 or 7 years, and and have been really happy with them. I can get and keep them incredibly sharp. However.... I am always looking for that one knife..... Right now though I am missing a slicer and think that will be next. When I feel like getting a new mortgage on my house maybe I'll get a Shun..
  4. Not sure why everyone is being so nice. I just want to say bad things... probably has to do with the fact that I won't get my Big Joetisserie until I go south in May! Seriously though... I don't think there is any better way to cook a whole bird or a large roast, and that cook definitely looks mouth watering. Excuse me now... I might have to go chew somebody else out that just did their first cook on the new Big Joe. Some day I'll have to look into my jealous tendency.
  5. Yep, Just average, other than all that between the plate and that very top sesame seed. Everything thing else is just average.
  6. Well, then it's settled, now you'll just have to stop by Juneau also!
  7. Oh man John, wish you were here to smell... ah taste... ah see this! Shelf those running shoes for a few days and stop by for a hike! There are miles and miles of great hiking trails around Juneau, anywhere from short, flat, and easy walks to extremely aggressive, and challenging top of the mountain hikes. You folks stop by and go with some time! These pictures were taken from near the top of Mount Roberts, behind Juneau. In 1) you see the Gastineau channel and one of Juneau's boat harbors. On the right side of the photo (West of downtown) you can see the Juneau International Airport. 2) and 3) show the Juneau-Douglas bridge crossing over the channel to Douglas. While Douglas was a city in it's own right at one time it is now part of the Juneau unified City and Borough. We have boroughs not counties. BTW in the late 1800's early 1900's Douglas was the low grade gold ore capital of the world. Just below center of pic 3) is the top of a tram that carries passengers from sea level to that point during the summer tour season. There is (of course) a small eatery and gift shop at the top. You can save yourself by riding the tram or come with me and hike up. In pic 4) we are looking across the Gold creek valley to Mount Juneau. You can see the Mt. Juneau trail criss-crossing it's way up the mountain. Hope it doesn't look to easy, this is one of Juneau's most aggressive trails. On that hike you may see Ptarmigan (Alaska's state bird), marmot, black bears, and mountain goat, in addition to others. Enjoy!
  8. Per a previous post, I first used my new KJ wok for a beef stir on the KJ BJ and it was awesome. Shortly after ordering the wok, I decided I needed a dome lid, so I order the Joyce Chen from Amazon ($15). It's a little smaller than this wok would call for but works, and that wok holds such a massive amount of food, I don't think volume will be a problem. Last night the Boss grabbed the wok and the lid and cooked some pop corn on the kitchen stove (gas). The Boss makes the best pop corn anyhow and has been using an aluminum non-stick wok (with lid - of course) for years. So, I can't say this pop corn taste any better, but it was every bit as good as her other poppings, and this wok being so much larger, she didn't have to dump some during the pop. I already know this wok won't spend much time on the shelf!
  9. A quick report on my first use of the new Thermoworks Smoke wireless thermometer. I did two game hens. My set up was on the Big Joe with a divided firebox and both halves of the D&C plates stacked on the indirect cooking side (non charcoal side.) I would think heat from the bottom up on that side would be pretty minimal. Set to cook at about 350 F. I found that when my grate thermometer reached 350, my dome was up around 420.... no wonder I have been having some really slow cooks delay dinner! The birds took maybe 10 minutes more than anticipated, but not too bad. Interestingly, the tops hardly browned at all. When the Smoke meat probe was reading 165 F, I double checked with the Thermowork ThemoPop and there was no point in the birds less than 165. I thought they might taste dry and over done but not so. While there was a slight pinkish color in the dark meat, the birds were completely done, and super moist. This was also my first time cooking game hens on the Joe, and while I didn't use any smoke wood, just the charcoal flavor was excellent. The boss said they were the best game hens she has ever had. Since I am so new to Kamado cooking and this is my first wireless two channel thermometer, I can't really do a comparison or decent review, but my initial thoughts are - for $100 I am very happy so far.
  10. I've done two or three meat loafs on the Kamado Joe now. My wife uses a recipe from Cook's Illustrated that we really like. This time however, we had a pound of 50/50 burger meat (50% lean ground beef and 50% ground bacon) she mixed that with another pound of ground sirloin. Gave it a pretty good drink of cherry wood smoke.. Now I like meat loaf anyhow, but gotta tell ya, that was the best meat loaf I have every had!
  11. Just got my Kamado Joe cast iron wok and wanted to give it a try. Wife had two stainless steel bowls of the same size (13.5" x 4.5"), so I nabbed one and drilled a bunch of 1/2" holes in the bottom. Decided it sat a little too low for the purpose of wok cooking, so I put a couple of concrete bricks in the bottom of the Joe. The pan full of coals then sat nice and close the the x-rack. First cook went amazingly well - with two starter cubes it was up to 450 deg (dome) within about 30 minutes. A set the wok in the center ring of the x-rack and it was smokin' hot in just a few minutes. I can see the SS bowl working very well for wok cooking or small center grill cooks. Will have to give it a try, when I get my Big Joetisserie, but I am guessing with coals all around the outside of the bowl, it should work great for rotisserie or other indirect cooks also.
  12. Saw online that they had changed their shipping dates, so I was surprised when I got a knock at the door and found the FedEx package on the walk about an hour ago. Got the Smoke and a ThermoPop. Going to give it a check tonight (game hens on the Joe.) This will be my first foray into dual temp, remote thermometers, so we will see... but the Smoke appears well built and straight forward.. (famous last words!) One of these days I might have to get something other than a flip-phone... nah, that's going entirely toooo far!
  13. Got my Kamado Joe Big Joe in mid-July, and got sucked in right away. So, while I was down south visiting the kids and grand kids, I noticed the dilapidated condition of my son's Weber kettle, so I gave him an early Christmas present! He is now the proud owner of a Kamado Joe Big Joe also, and he too is rapidly getting sucked into the Kamado-void!
  14. I have only had my Big Joe a few months, but when I purchased it I ordered it with two cast iron griddles, otherwise shipping the griddles to my area later would have been expensive, and I use them regularly. Together they make a huge griddle surface and they can act as a secondary heat deflector. Put the rack extender on the griddles the pizza stone on the extender and works great for breads, rolls and pizza.
  15. Bob Fletcher


    Really, now you just had to ask didn't you! Wanted to expose me fully, right? I have two Tormeks, yeah I know what you're thinking "this guy really does have a problem!" I have a 2000 with the gray stone and I have a T-7 with the blue japanese stone. Or yeah and I have a Toycen DC-3 variable speed, reversing grinder with a CBN wheel on one side and a belt system on the other side (you would think we were discussing cars or motorcycles).. And I have a full array of wet stones, and yeah diamond plates and stones out the ears. Ohhhhhh... I need hug! Or another beer...
  16. Bob Fletcher


    Yes, 5698k, I am sorry to say - You too need help ! Seems, from what I see, most of us on this forum suffer a bit of OCD. My thing seems to be sharpening. I am a woodworker and want my plane irons, chisels, and wood turning tools as sharp as I can get them. Thus my (okay, okay.. only one of my) obsessions is sharpening and sharpening equipment. I think I have just about every gadget out there to sharpen with, much of which is gathering dust. My go to is a Tormek slow speed system. I keep my kitchen knife edges keen with a ceramic "steel" and then bring the edges back about once a year with the Tormek, and it gets them unbelievably sharp. Like others, I agree with John about block sets... except.. I purchased a block set of Wusthof Ikons. While I use two or three almost exclusively, I eventually make use of all of them, and my wife's go to knives out of the set are the ones I use the least. Is there a doctor in the house?
  17. Yessiree rubbed, naked, and hot! Wait, what are we talking about now...? Yeah ribs.. that's right, I knew it, I knew it!
  18. Just showed the finished pics of that pastrami to "The Boss." She said "I'm in." Which would really mean she was directing that to me.. should have said "you're in!" Like In2Fish said (Hi David) with fall and winter just around the bend, I figure cold smoking is going to be my next new adventure!
  19. Please tell him sorry, but we do not have it up here, unless he likes wet and 60!
  20. I can already hear a course of "No thanks!" But the boss found a Cook's test kitchen recipe for meatloaf some years ago that is really good and has a tangy chili sauce that takes it over the top. Last night when the boss put it together she had me cook it on the Big Joe and it turned out great. I didn't add any extra smoke wood but she thought the added charcoal flavor made it that much better. No pics, bosses camera is on the fritz.
  21. We only go around once in life. If you can afford it, and you want it, why not? Of course for me I am always having to try to parcel out and decide if I would rather have that new woodworking tool
  22. Whoa! Guess I should feel good paying $5 / lb for coho and $10 for king right off the boat.
  23. Good read John - Thinking that your Chilean sea bass was not all that ugly, I looked up our favored lingcod, which as it turns out, the toothfish is also a cod. However, there is another local fish the pacific blackcod or sablefish that is not only a favorite around these parts, but apparently it taste very similar to your Chilean sea bass, but not nearly as expensive. You might check and see if you can find blackcod/sablefish and do a taste comparison. Myself, I'm not big on blackcod, so I will have to try your new recipe on halibut or lingcod and see how it works. Bob
  24. You've seen it John and I haven't, so how much difference between the Fire Disc and putting a Kamado Joe wok on my outdoor gas fry burner? Would it be essentially the same?
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