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  1. Actually, I generally poke fun at plant based eaters. I apologize for offending you.
  2. I like their tag line..” Delivering Life Changing Meat”. Well it certainly changed the cow’s life. :-)
  3. We picked up the pizza oven for our three burner Camp Chef, works like a dream, have to monitor the flame, but it was up to 700 degrees with the burner on low. Well worth the price.
  4. I’ve read where some have had a challenge getting it started, but no problem with one paraffin cube and everything open for the first 15 mins. Had quite a bit leftover that wasn’t burned. Really happy with the Marabu...will be buying more. Monty says “Ruff” to Kodi!
  5. Family coming up for a long weekend, so fired up the Pit Boss at 6:30 this morning with FOGO Marabu. Got the temp locked at 275 by 7:30 with a couple chunks of cherry wood and on the butt went. Nearly 11 hours later, still holding firm at 275, the butt hit 200 and off it goes to be wrapped. Monty approves!
  6. We had a wet spring and everything seems to be running a little late, but now the tomato harvest is in full swing. We put in nine plants. Time for the burrata!
  7. Hard to believe that’s the first time. Looks excellent, great job. Pépin’s book Techniques is a must have for anyone who has a budding interest in cooking.
  8. Dayum that looks good and the perfect bun for that beast. Think I’ll take my statin now.
  9. Easy pepperoni. Monty approves. 540F28F9-6A2D-492E-873E-010E91F66AD8.mp4
  10. My beautiful wife is visiting her parents, so it’s pizza time with the boys. Got the Pitt Boss up to 700, the stone hit 550 and on went the pie.
  11. Who says perfection is unattainable?
  12. Easy Monday cheeseburger on the cast iron. BEDEB3A4-7553-4004-BC06-E2ACD508BDE5.mp4
  13. FOGO, I have to break some pieces up, but it burns long and clean. Just got a note from them that they have Marabu back in. Just ordered a 33 lb bag for $45.
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