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  1. Temp control...

    After I added the felt tape to the bottom and top vents I have had zero issues with control. What are you experiencing? I totally ignore the dome gauge and use an infrared gun to take temps from the grill. I have a mini loaf pan that doesn't take up much real estate that I can shoot. I haven't done an overnight yet but the last time I did beef ribs, I was able to keep the grill at 250 for 5 hours with minimal adjustment. Not overshooting your initial temp is key, I think. It's hard to make any fast changes.
  2. I scrolled through the posts but didn't find a thread for us to share pictures or stories about recent cooks. If I missed it, sorry for posting and please move this or I will delete it. Anyway, I needed to do some mods to the vents on my new PB and after adding some to the back sides of the lower vent and adding another layer around the top, I am in business. I'm able to snuff the fire by closing both vents now and was able to BBQ again. I originally bought a Richard Johnson K5 back in the late 90's and it gave me many good years before suffering from mange (dropped tiles) and poor air sealing that I could never correct. It eventually started cracking and I could never do low and slow on it so it basically became a super high temp grill. I was starting to sock away money for a bge or other ceramic until I saw the super deal at Costco on the PB and had to pull the trigger. I've done pork and beef ribs for the fourth that were good but I was fighting temps, grilled hanger steak that was mighty fine, along with a flat iron. This past weekend, after the mods, I did a full rack of prime usda short ribs that I got from Costco for $4 a pound. I was able to keep the grill temp at 250 and they tasted great with just equal parts kosher salt and cracked pepper for seasoning. They didn't get the dark crust that I really like so I I'll probably try a 280 grill temp next time. It's so great to be able to BBQ again. Think I will try a brisket next. How bout y'all?
  3. Had to Return my PB 24

    Bummer but you have a PM.
  4. First smoke on the 24"

    Is that spider from the ceramic grill store? I'd eat all of that.
  5. First grill on the PB24

    The water was mostly going on the cement stone I had on top of the lump. I am glad it didn't shock the ceramic too badly. What is the preferred method for making the PB airtight (or at least enough to snuff the fire)? Smoke was very visible coming out the top through the daisy holes. Is the nomex I see on Amazon a standard width or do I need a specific width? I saw some threads about doubling up on the bottom vent but have not removed it yet to see how that would be done.
  6. First grill on the PB24

    I scored the $399 PB24 from Costco last week. BBQ'd pork and beef ribs on the Fourth but didn't take pics (shame). They came out awesome on the top rack but I was fighting to keep the temp down to the point of dousing the fire with 1/3 cup of water every 15 minutes. I put a small baking pan on the top grate and was able to take temps with my infrared gun since the dome thermometer was basically useless. I poured the water around a 16" round stone that I set on the lump which limited the ash but will definitely need to work on the lower and upper gaskets or figure something else out. The K5 that I have used for the last 10+ years would at least smother the fire is I closed both top and bottom vents. Not so with the PB. Tonight I grilled a hanger steak and thin asparagus which came out very good. I made a chimichurri which added great flavor to the awesomely beefy hanger. This was a great purchase for $400 and once I figure out the best way to cut off the air, I will love BBQing on it.
  7. Greetings from Austin

    Here is a wide shot of both cookers. I can get a better one of the K5 but you can see the missing tile is from where the smoker has begun to separate. It started from stress fractures caused by opening the lid and you can now see through it is places.
  8. Greetings from Austin

    Gah! Tried to preview my post. I am not allowed to do that and now have to retype my post... This is shorter. Old Richard Johnson K5 owner from around 2000. Loved it and actually had one that made it until a few years ago when cracking in the lower half of the cooker made smoking impossible. I still loved it for high temp grilling and it still excelled at that. It is finally falling apart to the point to where even grilling is no fun. I was saving for an XL BGE when I came across the crazy sale of $200 off the already low price of $599 for the Pit Boss Kamado at Costco. Their guarantee made it the easiest decision and my wife actually agreed to go pick it up since it wasn't going to fit in my sedan. I smoked on it yesterday and will post on their forum once I am approved. Love the site and I am glad to see that the ceramic wars have ended. The early 2000's were not pretty