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  1. My best brisket was at ~215 degrees, just salt and pepper, post oak, no wrap, no injection, fat side down, point towards rear, let it ride overnight and then some. Don't overtrim the fat.
  2. Henckels owns Miyabi which is another Japanese knife manufacturer with a pretty good reputation. Either way, I much prefer the light touch of Japanese knives for everyday use.
  3. Great tip for the raw lumber sourcing. I looked into it and the cost of lumber was just too expensive at first glance.
  4. I do the same. I felt pretty terrible after drilling and dremeling a perfectly good piece of cast iron cookware but those few chunks of charcoal make me feel better.
  5. I hear Costco will be fine through it all... pick yourself up a brisket, dino ribs or pork belly while there while you're at it
  6. I'm not sure, but I think not all ceramics are equal kind of like concrete. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer based on the mix and quality of ingredients they use and how it's cured. Not to mention wall thickness of each individual grill. With that said, I don't think the differences in material and production costs can justify the sticker price difference.
  7. Rutland fire starters here. Convenient, easy to light, stores outside. Weed burner if I need to go atomic asap.
  8. I suspect, given time, the max temp would stabilize to be equal. As far temperature acceleration goes, I think most people are interested in what the results would be with just plain lighting (cube, starter, cotton ball) and open vents, no forced air. I assume that is how most people here light up their kamado.
  9. Anyone with a temp monitor that charts temp over time could do a simple unscientific test. There are too many variables to be certain, but this may shed some light on the situation.
  10. I had an ok experience with them. After them not responding to an email I called and they shipped out some missing parts immediately. They likely have some kind of special contract with Costco. Probably saves them a ton in shipping. With that said... Costco is awesome.
  11. Agreed all sales final. It is part of the risk you agree to when buying second hand goods person to person. I buy and sell from Craigslist all the time. All goods were as described and I have never had anyone ask for a refund.
  12. The two probably share some parts since they are part of the same company. Actually, many manufacturers can share the same part. You can see the same exact chuck across multiple drills. Dewalt's cheaper tools are more likely to share some parts with B&D but their higher end tools are less likely. For example, there is no equivalent 60V system for B&D.
  13. Wow that crack is terrible. I have last years model and the packaging was intense. No cracks at all, although there were a couple little paint chips. I would do a full return and repurchase if you are still interested in the Pit Boss at this point.
  14. When cooking steaks under 1", I prefer a direct sear then finishing indirect. The crust is, in my opinion, the most important part of a steak, even more than the final cooked temperature everyone seems obsessed with. In fact, it is so important that I would rather eat a 1 to 1.5 inch steak vs a 2+ inch steak because you get more seared surface area per bite. Reverse sear is great for bigger steaks but it is too easy to overcook thin steaks with that method. I usually only cook for two so I shove the charcoal to one side and put a half moon deflector on the other side. Cook direct until crust looks good, indirect until I hit the correct temp.
  15. Steaks are one of the few things I cook with the lid up in the kamado.
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