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  1. I am a professional BBQ Caterer and have been for 15 years. I am also a chef, and feel that those are 2 completely different things. I will say some of the most interesting things I have ever eaten have come from non-professional BBQ guys. I get caught up in a way of thinking and many of them come in from way out in left field and blow my mind. Professionally I own 2 trailer, stick burner pits that can each cook about 30 briskets, I have a large Ole Hickory rotisserie for our larger events and 2 cabinet smokers I built for the kitchen. On the grill side I own 4 Weber giant Ranch Kettles, 4 Big John charcoal grills and 4 of those black Sam's Club event grills. I also own 4 "La Caja China" things that I built (just not sure how to classify that piece of equipment.) At the house I have a large Pitts & Spitts offset smoker, a normal Weber kettle, a giant built in Jenn-Air gas grill and for Father's Day I got an XL BGE. I looked at a bunch of different grills, but it had to be big enough for a full brisket to lay flat on and not everyone had a 24" grill. Once it got down to it, for the way I wanted it configured, the BGE was about the same price as others that threw stuff in I didn't need. Instead of telling someone the pit I have and them asking what it was and I woudl say "oh, it's like the BGE" I figured I'd just get the BGE. I call it the nerd pit because most of the guys I know that have them are business professionals of some sort or another and don't relish in fire management like those that own the stick burners do. They also have more money and spend their weekends doing things other than babysitting briskets. In Texas, the agony of staying up all night tending the fire makes you feel like more of a true BBQ man over the fill it and forget it BGE. I got the nerd pit because I wanted a new challenge. So far my non-smoking efforts have been phenomenal: Pizza, Roasted chicken, wings, poppers. tomahawk steaks. Everything has been great so far except the pork butt I did. The smoke was wrong and very raw and I am not sure where to tweak and how to get the heavy smoke we like here in Texas without the smouldering taste of a low oxygen cooking environment. So I joined the forum for tips and tricks from the well seasoned users of these cool pits to get my game up to par. I am not here to be the expert, I am here to learn.
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