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  1. There was nothing political in my post except for mentioning Trump's name. However, you don't have to worry about me ever posting on this site again. I'm out...
  2. the continued equivocation of public figures which is the thrust of the post is ongoing news. And, it's getting continually worse. no one has an opinion until twitter gives them one.
  3. warning- this is more of a rant than anything particularly coherent Confession: I am not comfortable with the phrase 'comfortable in your own skin'. I am increasingly less comfortable in the skin that this nation is evolving into. Specifically, the effect of social media on our society and culture as a whole. And, perhaps I shouldn't be blaming twitter, facebook, periscope and snapchat but rather, thanking them. They has done more than perhaps any other thing I can think of in recent history to uproot and expose the weakness, cowardice, spinelessness and lack of conviction in leade
  4. I do not disagree at all, the Pit boss is a very decent, perhaps excellent, entry level unit. However, value and quality are two very different animals. I was responding only to the use of the term of 'quality'. I am a quality first person and value to me equals cost divided by quality. Quality is just the equation of fit, finish and features.
  5. Hmmmm... First, let me acknowledge that you refer to the updated Pit Boss and I have not seen it. But, if the heat deflector and side shelves is the only difference, I find this statement counfounding. The stainless steel grates, for instance, are more substanital on the KJ, the actual radius of the bowl in wider on the KJ. I know Pit Boss claims to be 24", it's not, I've measured. The thickness of the bowl is wider. I am by no means bashing Pit Boss. After considering a Primo, I was this close to buying one before I saw the KJ in person. But, there wasn't a single aspect I examined where I co
  6. I still haven't cooked on the new Big Joe. I think i am going to sell it to my Church. I'm going to be doing a Day Long class on Kamado Cooking for our men's Fellowship- specifically low and slow and I'll give away the Joe Jr. I received in the demo deal to peak interest- (trying to encourage oothers else to catch the bug). Anyway, thanks John for the heads up on the grease / kontrol tower issue.
  7. I would preheat a cooler with hot water- then dump. After wrapping in butcher paper (probably double wrap), I would then place in aluminum pan. Then depending on how many old (thick) towels you have handy, I would place a couple in the bottom of the cooler, place the pan on top of them and then place a couple more on top. I might even introduce a little more heat by filing a mason jar with boiled water and placing on top of the towels maybe half way through the hold, just to kick the temp in the cooler up again.
  8. So what, they've stopped growing pecan down there? LOL Yeah, post oak has defintely becomethe craze. As if, using it will make someone the next Franklin...
  9. I consider myself a patient person but, 12 days after the purchase and still no latch for the BJ was weighing on me... The Fed Ex tracker said it would deliver Monday. Sigh, I was actually thinking the unthinkable of returning this to Costco either today or tomorrow. But, when I checked the mail, voilĂ . So here is the question then- who can tell me what this piece is for? Never having seen an actual working latch, I am clueless...
  10. I have no issue with cotton balls at all. I no longer attempt to light from the ash tray like JS demonstrated: it ignites the lump toward the middle of the Big Joe and I prefer to start near the front. Anyway, two or three toward the front, maybe two or three inches from one another and I'm good to go. Plus, cant beat the price...
  11. Great looking cook. i often just do the bare sausage to season with a nice bath of pecan wood.
  12. I was suprised after my Resurrection Sunday brisket cook from of close to 13 hours. There was close to 2/5ths ro 1/2 a KAB load of the KJ Big Block left. I then consumed it by doing a hi temp clean. The types of cooks definitely are the number 1 factor in consumption however, I also often utilize the divider to limit lump consumed as well.
  13. welcome @Chasdev! I miss throwing logs into a hot bed of coals. But, there is so much more... chill... associated with low and slow cooking on the kamado.
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