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  1. I did a 13 lb turkey on Thanksgiving and was told by my guests it was the best turkey they had ever had. Brined in simple salt, water, orange, apple juice brine for 24 hours. Put a couple of apple wood chunks on for smoke. Took about 4 hours at 325. Nice smoke ring, juicy bird. Oh and also stuffed it with meat dressing. Gonna do it again...
  2. My firebox cracked but who cares? Have done several dozen cooks on it since and it works great! If the main body cracked that would be another issue but don't think that is going to happen...
  3. I have a bread machine I inherited and used it for pizza dough for a couple of years. Found the no-kneed overnight recipes and I will probably never use the bread machine again. You mix the flour, yeast, water, a little salt, and let rise over night. Divide into a couple of balls, let rise again a few hours and you have incredible pizza dough. I would probably use the mixer for cakes and maybe bread but not pizza dough.
  4. I have the spider with a full moon, half moon, and the PB deflector. If starting again I would go with the spider and two half moons. Everything you need and the spider I think more versatile that the PB deflector. Ceramic Grill Store great customer service too!
  5. I know this is an old old thread but wanted to revive some discussion on fish. Halibut I like two ways - grilled with just some salt on it and served with lemon, or sort of open poached in a little butter, salt, lemon juice and a dash of white wine. I leave the foil open so it gets just a hint of smoke from charcoal. Have done on both my Pit Boss 24" and Weber kettle.
  6. Two BBQ's? You need the right tool for the right job. I cook salmon on the Weber with green alder sticks thrown on top of the ready coals. I do pizza on the Pit Boss as well as the low and slow smoked entrees. All in pursuit of making sure my spousal unit has exactly what she desires. (she has not bought in to this last bit but I am still pushing the story...)
  7. Tri-Tip. Magic Dust rub. A little apple wood for smoke. "The Best" charcoal. Fantastic. Sorry we ate it before I remembered about photos.
  8. I have sauerbraten every year for my birthday. Yum. If you do it in a kamado, I would use some pretty clean burning charcoal as I am not sure smoke will complement the "sauer". It might but I have always done mine like a pot roast in covered pot cooked with potatoes, carrots, and onions. Looking forward to hearing how this comes out!
  9. Very nice! Got me jonesing for pepperoni...
  10. Isnt it illegal to post pictures like this???? Should be....
  11. I have both leather welding gloves and the fabric/silicone type. Fabric/silicone all the way. Better at insulation and fantastic heat resistance.
  12. Ha! Nice rub and cook! My wife does not eat meat, so I do the same thing. When she is gone for a few days I get out the Pit Boss and cook me some meat! Just did a brisket that was fantastic. Magic Dust and Apple wood for smoke. Hmmmm.... I have heard of the coffee in a rub but have not tried it. Next rub for sure! Think it will do well on beef?
  13. For low and slow brisket cook, my grill temp always reads above dome temp. I go with grill temp as my cooking temperature and also use internal meat probe to determine when it is done. For pizza, I get my dome temp up to between 500-550 and dont even bother with grill temp.
  14. On low and slow cook on my Pit Boss 24"er, my ivation grill probe always reads higher than my dome temp gauge by 30-40 degrees... and I replaced the original dome gauge with a good one. Makes sense to me since the grill probe is closer to the coals. Anyway... bottom line is you have to get to know your cooker and the more data the better...
  15. So I always share with my doggies and they know it. You ought to see the looks of excitement and anticipation when I drag out the charcoal and take the cover off the Pit Boss! So far mostly pizza, chicken, a few burgers and now a brisket. I am cooking a small brisket right now and two of my three dogs are bugging the heck out of me even though we have a couple of hours to go.....
  16. It would be nice to be able to get the air intake screen as an accessory for the older models. I like my solid bamboo side tables too but still looks great!
  17. The absolutely best salmon is fresh sockeye. When I can get it, I just sprinkle lightly with salt and cook on Weber grill with some fresh green alder sticks thrown on top of the coals. Alder and salmon are a match made in heaven.
  18. My dogs get very excited about pizza night. They love "pizza bones" (the crust). I eat most of mine but have to share with them. I also do whole chicken on my Pit Boss and they love it. We share of course...
  19. Do some sluething and figure out what their favorite brew is and offer them a case of it if they move their smoker.
  20. Highty recommended readng for all who follow the way of the KAMADO... http://www.nakedwhiz.com/taoofcharcoal/tcbook1.htm
  21. I apologize to anyone I offended. Will be more careful in the future. Keep Calm and Grill On!
  22. Nicely done. Good outside seer and almost raw insides. Perfect. As fish biologist, parasites in tuna would be very unusual. A mustard pepper crust is nice too!
  23. I have been issued a warning for the above statement. I apologize to anyone I may have somehow offended. My point was the same one made by all of you.... pizza stones get dirty and it is nothing to worry about.
  24. Wow someone is either not taking their meds or eating too much meat! Chill out!
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