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    Food (on the smoker, of course), Wine, horses, photography, traveling around this great country and outside it. I lived in Thailand, Louisiana and Texas growing up and I think that is the foundation of my approach to cooking and flavors. Went to LSU, so that's an influence for some Saturday afternoons.
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  1. daninpd

    Anyone Truss a Bird Like This?

    I truss chickens like that when stuffing a mushroom mixture under the skin (Jaques Pepin recipe).
  2. daninpd

    Spinning a turkey question

    3 hours sounds good but start checking IT at about 2:15. Unstuffed birds can cook pretty quick.
  3. Try a glaze made with Dr Pepper, pineapple juice, brown sugar and mustard. That plus dotting the ham with whole cloves and pineapple slices is surprisingly good.
  4. daninpd

    Hello from Louisiana

    Welcome to the Forum. I have property over near the Texas border, so I get down there once a year to inspect my trees and fences. That takes all afternoon, then we start eating on the way back to NO and in NO. That takes the rest of the week. Oh, and it's always best to inspect timber during crawfish season.
  5. daninpd

    Learnin' as I go

    In welding classes they teach you that welding anything that has been coated with zinc (galvanized) will give off toxic fumes. So high heat and galvanized fittings is suspect. I use your method with 4 1" copper Tees. Good looking pizza.
  6. daninpd

    Rotisserie Citrus Glazed Smoked Chicken

    Do the trial. Include apple or cherry for your smoke and I think you'll be happy. Weight the citrus you use to your taste but include everything for complex flavor. I like the tequila lime rub. Are you doing a rotisserie?
  7. daninpd

    Hard Boiled Eggs

    We steam ours 10 minutes and then into a ice bath. Take them out while still hot and lightly crack the perimeter to let a little cold water in and make them easy to peel. Did some today for a potato salad to go with a challenge cook (that went poof) and some of the eggs unshelled in a spiral.
  8. I will do this recipe again, on the Joe. It's really good and deserves to be done on something with more control. I think next time I will put the chicken chunks and onion slices in the sauce overnight before threading them on the skewers. A little messier, but a little more penetration.
  9. daninpd

    Hello from Michigan!

    Welcome to the family. And, Wow, you went from dipping your toe in the water to jumping straight in the pool. Good job!
  10. They are currently $70 on Amazon Prime.
  11. I looked for a recipe I could cook hot and fast using my charcoal chimney as a cooker. This recipe looked perfect https://www.onceuponachef.com/recipes/middle-eastern-chicken-kebabs.html Threaded chicken and onions on my skewers and marinated overnight in the fridge. I was a little ambitious about how many skewers would fit on my chimney so I had to do a lot of tending, turning and moving things around. Doing this recipe on the Joe would have been a lot easier, but I already shot that bullet for the Chicken challenge. Made some Basmati rice with a big pinch of saffron threads then added some toasted pine nuts and some raisins I soaked for a couple of hours in Meyers Rum and used that for a bed to serve the chicken kebabs and onions on. Very good dinner.
  12. daninpd

    Can you trust the grill thermometer?

    Dome thermometers have been guesswork for me, up to now. When I added a DigiQ to my Akorn I had anywhere from zero to 40 degree differences between the analog and the digital, so I trusted the DigiQ. Buying a Joe, the dome thermometer has that little screw in the back that lets you calibrate it in boiling water for a known temp. Suddenly analog and digital started to agree with each other. So now I have a dome thermometer I'm starting to depend on. If more manufacturers started building in the ability to calibrate their dome thermometers, we would probably start seeing less crappy thermometers.
  13. It's all about keeping the little knobby ends of the legs pointed in interesting directions. Sort of Feng Shui on the KJ. Or maybe because that was the only picture taken outdoors.
  14. Peach Nectar and Whiskey Brined, Cherry Smoked Pulled Chicken Sandwiches with Slaw I wanted to use the KJ for my second cook so I brined some chicken leg-quarters in peach nectar, whiskey, salt, cayenne and black pepper. After brining overnight I rubbed them with some of Meathead Goldwyn's "Simon and Garfunkel" Rub and then smoked 2-1/2 hours with cherry wood at 225. Made some slaw to top them using Amanda Freitag's recipe: https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/amanda-freitag/pulled-pork-sandwich-with-bbq-sauce-and-coleslaw-2820418 Took another can of peach nectar and cooked it down to glaze consistency with a little cayenne to moisten the pulled chicken. Assembling the sandwiches is the essence of simplicity: Bun, Chicken, Slaw, Bun. Made a nice Monday lunch.
  15. I have a Akorn on the cart and the factory cover did not impress. After a year in a very mild climate I could have strained soup through that thing. I have no idea if the factory cover for the R2D2 style Akorn is any better, but I would be skeptical. Use your Akorn all winter, keep it covered and get a cheap tarp to throw over everything if snow is imminent. Then you can shake off the snow and be ready to cook. Have fun.