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  1. Did a cook that started Friday, dry brining some pork belly that was cut into long chunks meant to fit nicely on a skewer. Lots of nice spices, kosher salt and sugar. Did the cook, plated it up and Judge and Jury (me an my wife) reached a quick verdict: "How far can I spit this stuff!" Let's just say a tad salty. Oh, well, an overnight soak and I have some pinquito beans in the pantry for a do-over. You can overcure pork belly and make it into something with the texture of bad jerky with a :when it rains it pours" chaser. You don't want to see the pictures, on to plan B.
  2. Buying damaged kamado

    I'm not sure "repair" really applies. I would say "stuck back together with a few bits missing."
  3. What’s your favorite rubs

    I have too many favorites because of the different uses, but the Chupacabra is great for many uses, try it on smoked nuts of all kind, and chicken and pork. For me the cajun blend is preferrable. Meathead's "Simon & Garfunkel Rub" is one of the best for your Thanksgiving turkey, "Spice Rub for Pork & Beef" from Complete Meat is great all-purpose rub. Tuffy Stone's Rib Rub is a great starting point for a good rack. Steven Raichlen has a ton of recipes tailored to everything from asian to southwest. I make all of my rubs from recipes, recommendations from this list caused me to try the Chupacabra and it's here to stay.
  4. Tri Tip

    Meathead calls it "the poor man's prime rib" and that's what your cutting board looks full of. Nice cook!
  5. Off taste, charcoal?

    With a brand new Kamado I would look at the initial burnout before I would blame the charcoal. Look inward, not outward.
  6. Am I a bad person?

    A local ranch has two pet pygmy goats that are equally cute and annoying. One of the cowboys calls them "the taco sisters".
  7. I'm glad somebody is finding something useful on CL. When I search "smoker" on the local list there are a couple of grills and about 20 cars.
  8. Potluck thoughts?

    I did the Baked Beans from Adam Perry Lang's Serious Barbecue this week and those are the best baked beans I have ever had. He uses a bell pepper and a white onion, grated and then put in a clean dish towel and twisted and squeezed over the sink to extract juices. Garlic, molasses, brown sugar, cider vinegar and barbecue sauce. 1 can black beans, 1 can navy beans, 1 can vegetarian baked beans. Topped with bacon and smoked 2 hours at 300 until the bacon and the top of the beans are well caramelized. Almost a meal by themselves.
  9. New Kamado user in Wyoming

    Looks really good, love doing tri tip for your first cook. Meathead calls it "the poor man's prime rib".
  10. Got Wood? Apple that is

    I use apple quite a bit, really like it for pork and chicken. Don't use it green you'll get too much white smoke, if you cut the tree down now start using the wood next summer. Stop by a Home Depot and look at a bag of any of the wood chunks they stock for smoking for the size of your chunks.
  11. First Tritip and...

    That looks great. Now you Texans have to learn how to slice it against the grain from both ends. I'm actually surprised you found a tritip in Texas, apparently this cut is spreading east.
  12. I love a good nitpicker, especially when they are right and the proper response is "Yeah, OK" And I'm going to try that the next time I can pick up a pork tenderloin that hasn't been pre-flavored with roasted garlic-black pepper or some such nonsense in a bag.
  13. Buying damaged kamado

    Think of buying your "new" truck with a cracked block, but "we fixed it". Not for me....
  14. New Kamado book that I don't recommend

    Reading a preview of this awful book is painful. And reading a lot of the 5 star reviews on Amazon, almost all are written in the same awkward English as the book. And one guy managed to give it to his dad for Christmas and every time they go visit he cooks something out of it. Mind you, the book was published July, 2017. Possibly a family of procrastinators.
  15. Flies?

    The big question is what kind of flies? We have horses and use Fly Predators (we get ours from Spalding Labs) on our manure piles and don't have a fly problem. Where you live they may be deer flies or some kind of flies endemic to antelope. All flies are not house flies. The congregations you are talking about sound more like what I have seen around cattle or at a deer camp.