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    Food (on the smoker, of course), Wine, horses, photography, traveling around this great country and outside it. I lived in Thailand, Louisiana and Texas growing up and I think that is the foundation of my approach to cooking and flavors. Went to LSU, so that's an influence for some Saturday afternoons.
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  1. Wow. Mine was a old friend, but it was, still...just a truck.
  2. And the "other" shots they gave people back then were definitely not for "anti-social behavior". It was "extra friendly" that got someone those. As one Sergeant said before his people were going on a 3-day pass; "Don't subtract from the population, don't add to the population.".
  3. Nah, I'm pretty sure it was Yellow Fever. All I know is that it was like chemical warfare, It wiped my whole platoon out for a day, we were all sicker than dogs. The Covid shot looks tame in comparison.
  4. In California the plan seems to be not having much of a plan. We have no cohorts, we have colors for counties and "Regions" based on ICU's.
  5. The shot I had in the Army, they didn't sit us down and say "we are going to inoculate you against...". It was "line up in alphabetical order and roll up your left sleeve". My one "doozy" could have been diphtheria, cholera or yellow fever. Thanks for letting us know this one seems like no big deal.
  6. Let us know how it feels. There was only one shot I got in the Army, think it might have been Yellow Fever, that was a doozy.
  7. Happy New Year, and give us your recipe for the stuffed mirlitons (I'm a LSU product).
  8. That is a wonderful rendition. It had my wife and me with tears on our cheeks. Happy New (and hopefully better) Year to to you and everyone hanging around here at Kamado Guru.
  9. I think the US Army impressed that lesson most effectively on me. Stupid can get you killed.
  10. John, I want to extend a Cheers to you and wish you a Merry Christmas and a much better New Year. And I want to thank you for what I will call "John Setzler's Christmas News Letter". Most families use those annual letters to brag but rarely to reflect. You used yours to reflect on a lousy year and what many would see as a hopeless situation, but you end yours "I can see the light at the end of the tunnel." I have just been trying to find a way to enjoy life in the tunnel until I can see that glimmer. I'm hanging in there with you, Bud. Merry Christmas!
  11. The latest thing in retroactive birth control.
  12. I will be doing one for Christmas using Julia Child's method for goose: steamed to render some fat, then stuffed with prunes stuffed with foie gras. And cooked hot and fast for crisp skin. Drip pan is a must.
  13. I will post my Christmas Duck Joetisserie cook in a new thread. I tried to order a goose from my butcher and he said he ordered 2 cases for November and 3 cases for December. He got a total of one case this month and is sold out.
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