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    Food (on the smoker, of course), Wine, horses, photography, traveling around this great country and outside it. I lived in Thailand, Louisiana and Texas growing up and I think that is the foundation of my approach to cooking and flavors. Went to LSU, so that's an influence for some Saturday afternoons.
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  1. Anyone use Stainless Steel pans?

    No advice. Apparently your wife has never made cornbread or maybe doesn't like it. Once you have a well seasoned CI pan that hasn't seen soap in 20 years you quit experimenting. I don't really give my wife a chance to cook, if that helps.
  2. charcoal basket

    I remembered I had a good photo in the Shawarma challenge except in that cook I had the coals in a ring instead of half and half. I could imagine a chicken roasting in the middle of that ring of fire.
  3. Anyone use Stainless Steel pans?

    My main cast iron skillet is over 40 years old and you can believe it is well seasoned. It's near the top of the nonstick scale and as for long lasting, it's in my will. I have several SS sauce and saute pans (most All Clad) and all get a lot of use. One SS sauce pan, a Cuisinart, is a total dud for heat distribution but I keep it around because the steamer basket fits nicely. The teflon, orange and green nonstick pans I have bought are fleeting members of the family, 5 years or so, then Good Will. I went in one store that had big name cooking star nonstick pans deeply discounted, picked one up to examine, scratched the "nonstick" with my thumbnail and it came off. So much for non metallic tools.
  4. charcoal basket

    I will be doing a challenge cook this weekend and it will be a two-zone cook. Will post a picture of the setup.
  5. charcoal basket

    I put the tape on it: 17". Amazon lists it as the "Weber 7441 Replacement Charcoal Grate 17 Inches". That's where I bought it.
  6. charcoal basket

    I use the charcoal grate very often in my Akorn because it's the only way I have found to have a two-zone cook. The charcoal grate for the 22" Weber fits the smoking stone tabs exactly and costs about $11. Adding that 1 thing makes your Akorn a new cooking tool. Gonna do this month's challenge this weekend and I'm doing it 2-zone.
  7. Wok Recommendations?

    When I set up household in 1975 the first thing I bought was a set of cast iron- dutch oven, 3 skillets and lid that fit the dutch and big skillet. The next thing was during a trip to China Town in San Fransisco was a a steel wok. Still have all that and use it all regularly. Seasoned all with Grandma's recipe "rub with oil and salt over heat, increasing heat" and by rub she really meant scrub. Hard. I don't know what she used since they didn't have paper towels back then, but if you use about a 1/4 roll of paper towels seasoning your wok you may have done it right. Keep adding oil and keep adding salt and scrub like H E double toothpicks.
  8. Bottom Round was Top.

    That looks lovely. What was the final IT for that medium rare?
  9. Hello from NJ....

    Beautiful. That's a nice looking rig.
  10. To buy or not to Buy?

    I have had my Akorn for 2 years and am very happy with it. The one thing I added was a charcoal grate for a 22" Weber. It's a exact fit for the smoking stone tabs and let's you do 2 zone cooking and really get a hot sear. Did a bacon wrapped pork tenderloin last night, moved on and off the hot zone a few times, got crisp bacon and 135 middle. It was excellent with a blackberry glaze.
  11. That looks wonderful. Don't you Long Islanders include some marinara for dipping? That picture with the 3 finger lift, I'm looking for what comes next.
  12. Hi there, my name its Roberto Valenzueka

    Hey Roberto, where ya from? Welcome to the Guru and give us an idea of your tastes.
  13. Hello from NJ....

    I'm in the dark here, would love some pics and links. This sounds like you are bringing something new to the forum Welcome.
  14. Thai Green Mango Salad

    A few years ago we were eating in this Asian Fusion place and I ordered the Tom Yom Goong (shrimp soup) and about half way through the dish I identified a Asian long bean and bit off a 2" chunk. Wrong. That was the last thing I "ate" for about 10 minutes, trying to find things to drink to stop the burn. I have never seen that 8" long pepper before or since (and I garden). That was one hot mother. I lived in Thailand 2 years and sought hot dishes. I now to look closely at "long beans".
  15. First pizza cook - help wanted

    I'm no expert on cooking pizzas in my Akorn, but the one lesson indelibly impressed on me is to get everything up to temp. Your pic with that pile of brick/stones looks like about 4 hours to get the whole thing up to 500 degrees. With that setup, if I wanted to eat at 7:00, I'd start around 1:00.