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    Food (on the smoker, of course), Wine, horses, photography, traveling around this great country and outside it. I lived in Thailand, Louisiana and Texas growing up and I think that is the foundation of my approach to cooking and flavors. Went to LSU, so that's an influence for some Saturday afternoons.
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  1. Geez, that video makes uncrating and setting up my Kamado Joe look like child-play. I didn't see that the video included the part where they had the instruction sheet and were scratching their heads saying "Wait, no, wait, not there, wait...."
  2. Welcome to the forum. I like the way your blog starts out giving a nice setup for the Joe. But things get a little pedantic when we have to watch every swirl of the mustard and then the ketchup and then the next thing. I lost interest then and left. It reminded me of watching Paula Deen on Food Network when one show (1/2 hour) was mainly (1) Biscuits; (2) Gravy. Getting boring is death in TV and blogs.
  3. It used to be the kid you could call to get the tops off of "Child Proof" pill bottles, and then it was the kid you could find to set the time on your VCR. Even more complicated now.
  4. I like those Cordon Bleu Lollipops, those are well thought out. Thanks for the recipe.
  5. Thanks for all you do in the challenges.  It all adds some fun to grilling, smoking  and Kamadoing (is that a word?)   Please consider issuing a March challenge of "In Like a Lion and Out Like a Lamb".  People can pick their protein.... (if they have some lion around).

    And I'm going to be in Louisiana for 2 weeks for crawfish so it will be a short competition for me.

  6. daninpd

    Thermal Fuses

    I don't think there is a electronics brand out there that doesn't use the cheapest components available, and most of them use the bottom range of the specifications. Who was the astronaut that sat on top of that rocket and took comfort in knowing that every component of what he had his ### strapped to was supplied by the lowest bidder.
  7. Welcome to the forum with your new Big Joe. Please share your cooks as you learn to use it. Some of what you share will help people new to this and some will make hardened veterans say "O S, that's new to me". I see it all the time. We should all learn by doing/
  8. daninpd

    Thermal Fuses

    About 4 years ago our TV quit working over a period of about a month and after some research it sounded like popped capacitors. I opened it up with online help and found two bulging capacitors, desoldered them and soldered in replacements ($1 each) and the TV worked fine. A month later I fixed my farrier's TV the same way. His TV I had the choice of $1 or $1.50 capacitors and went expensive. Apparently that TV got moved to the bedroom and is still going, 4 years later. Yes, things are fixable if you have some basic skills.
  9. When I first got a Akorn I was having the same problem. Someone in this group said even half a Weber cube gets too much charcoal going too fast. He suggested using a cotton ball soaked in denatured alcohol to get 1 or 2 pieces of lump going to bring up the temp slowly and to start shutting things down 75 degrees before your target temp. Been doing it that way ever since and have no trouble maintaining 225 (now using a Joe).
  10. Good looking plate and I'm glad to see the black eyed peas on there to bring you some good luck in 2020. Happy New Year!
  11. I'm with you. We are snuggled in for the night after a dinner of fried catfish topped with fresh dungeness crab and a parmesan cream sauce. The only time I ventured out today was to go to the Monterey commercial wharf and buy two live abalone for New Years Day. Breakfast and dinner. I guess I'm going to have to post a picture. Happy New Year to you and yours.
  12. Thanks for joining the forum and introducing me to a new (to me) niche of the kamado world. I didn't know anyone was making cast iron kamados and I can imagine why you need the big wheels. Welcome.
  13. Welcome to the forum. From the description of the new additions to your toy box, you have jumped into the Kamado pool, feet first, in the deep end. Have fun!
  14. I'm using a Maverick with my Joe. I have gained confidence in the ability to hold a steady temp and have done some overnight cooks. I don't live in a particularly windy area and don't know how that would change things. Having the hand-held on the nightstand is nice to be able to roll over, eyeball it and drop back off.
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