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  1. I'll probably get in trouble for this. Oh, well.
  2. I had a package of ground chicken and decided to do something a little out of the ordinary. Turkish Kofte are usually made with ground beef or lamb, why not chicken? I followed this recipe for the ingredients https://www.giverecipe.com/homemade-turkish-meatballs/, and then cooked the meatballs on the Joe. I did them indirect at 350, 10 minutes a side, then direct 5 minutes a side to a IT of 166. The Tzatziki recipe I like is: 1 Large Cucumber, peeled, seeded and shredded 3 garlic cloves mashed in a mortar and pestle with 1 teaspoon of salt 2 cups whole milk plain Greek yogurt 1 T chopped fresh dill 1 T chopped fresh mint 1 T good olive oil Drain the shredded cucumber, squeezing out as much liquid as possible. Mix everything together and refrigerate for 1 hour for the flavors to marry. Serve as a bed for Kofte or as a dip with pita bread triangles. The picture of the salad before mixing is pretty much the recipe: 1 can chickpeas, red bell pepper, celery, red onion and flat leaf parsley with a red wine vinegar vinaigrette. It made a nice light lunch.
  3. I had sorta the same thing happen with my Joe. Fortunately my hand was in there doing something, so the lid landed on my wrist and the Joe was not damaged.
  4. Your plated picture looks really good and caused me to search out the maker of the prepared yuzu miso sauce you used: Kuze Fuku & Sons. They have interesting looking sauces, so I ordered some. Now to find the right fish.
  5. Those look close enough to the real thing that four more shakes of powdered sugar would have covered up the difference. How about trying some Calas (yeasty raised rice biegnets) or some savory biegnets like Petite Grocery crab version?
  6. I really shoot for a temp above 600 to burn the crud off everything inside my Joe. Residential self-cleaning ovens shoot for a temperature of 880 F; I have been close to 800 on a pizza cook on the Joe with a really high Eeek! factor in there. There was a lot of ash where crud had been before after that cook, though. So as high as you are comfortable with is going to leave the most easily cleanable ash behind.
  7. Be thankful you weren't watching the LSU game. Your plate looks good, but would have been soggy and oversalted by LSU Tiger tears. Don't know Mr Hoppy. Any good?
  8. You need to include a picture. Most of us envision patios made of brick, adobe or stone. I went to LSU and know things get a little wet at times.
  9. Good looking dish. You do realize that real cowboys that have spent some time on the trail eating a lot of them call them "Whistleberries"?
  10. Here's a food truck with a low ceiling:
  11. Now wasn't that perceived temperature spike better than a cup of coffee? Not more pleasant, mind you, just more energizing. I learned that in the army, when the whole feces/fan thing happens.
  12. If you look closely at the outdoor kitchens with roofs, you'll probably notice they are a lot higher than 7'. Even with open sides, on a windless day a 7' roof will smoke you along with your food. IMHO 9' is a good start for a roof over a open smoker enclosure.
  13. I had never heard of Cavatini before and it sounds like Pizza Hut originated it combining "Cavatelli" and "Rotini" (or one of the Italian "inis") to make a unique dish. Googling it brings up a ton of recipes including a "Cowboy Cavatini" https://www.crecipe.com/cowboy+cavatini+recipe+for+school+lunch+recipes that @KismetKamadomight want to look at.
  14. I just know, with my family at Thanksgiving, taking that long to carve the turkey would have caused murder and mayhem.
  15. I have a 3' commercial range that I love in my kitchen, but I love when I get a wake-up call that I haven't cooked indoors for two weeks. Love the Joe just as much. They each have specialty areas, but they have a broad overlap of things/recipes/techniques that I can do on either. Toaster oven, not so much
  16. They look like they have the right idea and may still be figuring out the setup. I would love to sample some of that.
  17. Good looking cook and glad Ralphie the Buffalo only had a cousin involved in the recipe.
  18. I'm glad you're OK. I little related story: When I was in Army basic training one of our training areas was "Bayonet". You charged through it with your bayonet fixed to your rifle, stabbing various straw filled dummies, growling loudly the whole way (if the drill sergeants didn't think you were aggressive enough or growled loudly enough, you got to do it again). The last obstacle was a slanted pit you jumped into with a dummy you stabbed while jumping in and another you stabbed while running out. We had a Korea War vet who reenlisted for Vietnam and had to do basic again with the rest of us, but he was the most impressive (for a old guy, as we thought then) and his growling on that course was epic. One trip through the course we all heard him growling and grunting as he stabbed dummies, until he abruptly went silent for about 10 seconds and then started screaming "Medic!". In that last obstacle he missed the dummy and instead got his left foot resulting in about 2" of bayonet sticking out of the bottom of his combat boot. The sergeants rushed over, detached the bayonet from his rifle and had some of us carry him over to the tables set up in the waiting area to await the medics, bayonet still through his boot (well, technically, his foot), because none of us were about to pull that thing out of a 3/4" thick combat boot sole. There were a lot of recruits not looking at him or each other while waiting for the ambulance. We never saw him again. Glad you didn't need stitches. I have no idea what he needed.
  19. Yes, welcome! Spritzing meat with apple juice, beer, wine or apricot juice will also not damage the ceramic but will make you happy.
  20. Any help? Googling your label "Korean Short Ribs" yielded some nice recipes and more confusion as to the cut. Waiting for the results.
  21. I think most people here are more expert in buying them and breaking them than they are at building them. I have seen some folks removing the chimney caps on Joes and BGEs and sticking long skewers down through that for a make-shift Tandoor. Good luck in your research.
  22. I'm reminded of Jeff Foxworthy describing the first child (growing organic vegetables to make home made baby food) vs the third child ("Aw, comeon, don't eat that Milkdud you found under the refrigerator without wiping the cat hair off first"). Three years in with a Joe I, it's a big douche about twice a year. With a cover, for the most part, it takes care of itself.
  23. I have emulsified butter into a injection for turkey (mainly into the breast) with excellent results. It helps if you cook with a rotisserie so any fat or juices that leak out baste the meat as it turns. It definitely was not dry turkey.
  24. Dang, that must be a good book.
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