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  1. When I was getting the hang of pizza on the Joe, a plumbing place here was going out of biz and I got 2- 3/4" elbows and 2- 3/4" Tees, they work fine with just gravity holding them in place. Have fun!
  2. You did it exactly correctly and Welcome!
  3. Thank You! Stuck at home doesn't mean stuck, that was a great uplift for the spirit.
  4. Yeah, but it was funny. If you want to see a real equal opportunity offender, try this from John Cleese: https://www.eetimes.com/england-raises-security-level-from-miffed-to-peeved/#
  5. Starting a fire for low and slow in a chimney is a recipe for disaster, try the cotton ball and alcohol method. Keep your deflectors in for low and slow and get some copper "tees" (plumbing parts) to elevate your drip pan above the deflector. For a first cook that looks pretty good!
  6. Just think of it as the oversize sirloin steak that it is and cook it that way. Slice it thinly across the grain. @landscaperhad good advice.
  7. Welcome to the forum. I'm not sure what to recommend because in the last 2 weeks I have seared steaks, smoked chicken and cooked pork tenderloin. All while being in "shelter in place" mode. My Joe doesn't seem to notice the difference.
  8. Well, get one and show us some pictures. I feel safe just watching
  9. I use a lot of clamps and different tie-downs in my projects, instead of my wife. It's nice of your wife to let you get involved. There are going to be a lot of COVID-19 babies and divorces before this thing shakes out. You guys get along.
  10. daninpd

    Ol' Timer

    Welcome to the forum, Butch. It's nice to get some history and experience to join in.
  11. That looks like a great cook. That edge to edge pink lamb...I am all over that.
  12. Welcome to the forum, but don'tcha hate it that you are stuck at home waiting for something to arrive, like a kid at Christmas? Enjoy being a kid again! And enjoy your Big Joe.
  13. If you were from south Louisiana you would be calling your Grandpa for his recipe for Tasso. They often call it "Tasso Ham" but it is made from the shoulder so it isn't ham. It is cured, very highly seasoned and heavily smoked. It is used as a seasoning in sauces, beans, rice dishes and the like. Home made is better than commercial. You have made me want to go sniff up a pork butt to make some. (sorry)
  14. Thanks, Grandma. It's wonderful to see Texas BBQ through a new set of eyes.
  15. Welcome to the family. I can't give you any advice on large Kamados, I'm happy with my KJ Classic. The last few times I cooked for larger groups at some horse things, I had so many "I'm vegetarian", "I'm vegan", ""Is there gluten in that?", "Has that been exposed to peanuts?" that I have given up on cooking for more than 6. And I vet those 6 before they get to the house as to whether I will cook or not. Good luck in your search!
  16. I will rank the woods you listed in order of preference (this is a broad generalization) #1 Apple #2 Cherry #3 Pecan #4 Mesquite and #5 Hickory. I will add Almond as a tie with pecan, but you can only find it when someone is tearing out a almond orchard. All of those woods need to be tailored to whatever you are smoking, so be prepared to learn from you mistakes- and by "mistake" I mean you saying "That could be better". And yes, alder and salmon (or especially steelhead) are a perfect match for a bit of smoke. And for your 95%? The woods you listed cover 100% of everything I need when I smoke. And when I bought my Joe my wife told her friends "My husband started smoking again".
  17. Welcome to the family. And it's nice to have someone here from someplace that, prior to now, was something in my fridge.
  18. Lamb neck is new to me, but I have braised pork neck bones with hominy for a stew. A little smoke then cover and keep it low and slow.
  19. That is looking massively and majorly awesome. Good work!
  20. Looks like you are digging a man cave to me. Make sure any doorways and stairs accommodate a 6' TV. Have you plumbed in a bar sink? This is important planning.
  21. I'm impressed that you have frozen lamb in your freezer. Good looking meal in these "hunker down" times and made from in-home stuff.
  22. My best experience with a pork butt was following Adam Perry Lang's recipe for "Get a Book" Whole Pork Shoulder. It's too long for me to type it in, but it produced the best pulled pork I have ever had. Combined that with "The Best Odds Sauce" https://www.thespruceeats.com/best-odds-pulled-pork-table-sauce-333656
  23. It burns OK but is poor for smoking. The PR potential for "Toilet Paper Smoked Ribs" is in the toilet.
  24. I keep Sambal Olek on hand, I have several Asia/Pacific markets near me and all keep it in stock. I have also seen it at Walmart.
  25. Welcome to the family. The best tip I have is to watch John's "Getting to Know Your Joe" video series. After watching #5 "Controlling Your Temps" I never looked back. Start setting things up 50 degrees before your target and you can stay spot on for the whole cook.
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