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  1. I think it was a great way to treat a frozen tri-tip and those look really good. In my experience, you are one of the few people that are treating tri-tip as the odd shaped steak that it is. Unless I know who is cooking it, when someone says "We're having tri-tip" I usually start making excuses and bow out of the event. Beef is supposed to be at least pink in my book, preferably red and cool in the center.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Let's see some pizza pix!
  3. I guess the best description is a combination of crunchy and chewy. That's why next time I plan to do a longer braise to change the texture and infuse more flavor. And I am excited about a tempura treatment (maybe thinner than 1/4").
  4. daninpd

    Hey y'all

    Welcome to the Guru. All my relatives are in SE Texas, bulging over into Louisiana.
  5. I was going to do a last grill cook this month with nothing much in mind, other that I had some big shrimp and some apple smoked bacon in the fridge. Picked up some necessities and then saw some King Oyster Mushrooms. Something I have never seen or heard of before, so I knew this meal was going to be a mushroom experiment. This post wasn't planned ahead, so it is what we on the horse ranch call "Pic Lite" also called I forgot my camera. I sliced the monster mushroom (8" long, 2" in diameter, 8.5 ounces) into 1-1/4" rounds and dipped them in soy sauce and olive oil. Sprinkled with S&P and some Trader Joe's umami powder. Then decided to add a little fishy flavor with some powdered shrimp (from my favorite Mexican market). Put everything on the STOK with a 2 level fire with a potato that had a 7 minute stretch getting nuked. The shrimp were straight-up "Camaron con Tocino" that you see around here: Shrimp wrapped with Bacon. I took the potato off when it had a squeeze, split it, scooped ti out and added cheddar, butter, crema, S&P. Stuffed the halves and topped with some grated Parmesan and then back on the grill on the indirect side. Of the whole meal I will say the shrimp and bacon were perfectly cooked, as was the potato. The King Oyster Mushrooms "scallops" were still a little "mushroom stemmy" after this cook. This is definitely a ingredient I will buy to explore when I find it again. The sign at my favorite farm stand was "Local Specialty" so apparently one of the local mushroom farms is branching out to include a specialty mushroom like the "King Oyster". I think my next 2 cooks with this ingredient are: braised in white wine and chicken stock and sliced 1'4" thick and tempura battered and fried.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Your first advice from @BobE is basically the advice I got when I first arrived and it has led to many successful cooks.
  7. When somebody says "Meat and Potatoes", that is actually what I am looking for. Looks good.
  8. So it's Saturday afternoon, late July, time to make lunch; what to cook? How about chicken and shrimp Pad Thai with mango on the grill. I have used my Stok grill with my wok before since it has a hole and steel cone in the middle of the CI grate that is part of it's fire starting design, it gets way hot with about 20 briquettes. I have used several "Street Kitchen" meal starters from Wally World in the past with good results and had a Pad Thai kit on hand with some chicken tenders and some shrimp in the freezer. Had a red bell in the fridge and a mango on the counter and always have cilantro hanging around. I added the diced mango because some of the best savory dishes I ate when I lived in Thailand included fruit in the recipe (with a nod to @ckreef. I can't give you a recipe since I was using a commercial package, but I added green onion, bean sprouts, chicken, shrimp, red bell pepper, cilantro and mango. The results had just the right heat level. And as my wife said "It's like lunch and dessert on one plate."
  9. I can identify the two cookers but beyond that I can't tell what's what with the cook.
  10. Yeah, well, living in Georgia and using peaches in July is almost like...I don't know...cheating. I drove through GA one July for an Army transfer and had some peaches from a farm stand and just couldn't believe it. Sort of the Dolly Parton of the fruit world.
  11. Academy Sports have a warning on their website that they can't ship anything to California. They haven't deciphered the requirements/regulations/laws/BS that the commie government of CA has put out there. I live in this mess, Academy Sports ain't a option.
  12. It wasn't a bad deal, considering you know the source and feeding of the animal. Next time specify "I want my half hung 2 extra weeks" (you'll lose some weight, but gain flavor) and then have it butchered to your specifications. That may result in you not getting invited back, but that's OK, too. And I bet you'll put in some time studying just how you want it butchered.
  13. I smoked some salmon this morning (at under 180 for 90 minutes) finishing off my current bag of Western using cherry wood. Burned off everything after getting the salmon out to make room for a test of a bag of FOGO Quebracho to see if spending 4 times as much for lump is worth if. We'll see.
  14. Well, you...you ...I might just silently fold my tent and go home. Fantastic cook.
  15. Welcome to the forum. I have been cooking for about 60 years (since I was a kid) and have tried to learn from my mistakes and build on and document my successes. My wife and I have created "The Book" and any particularly good cook gets documented with reference to the recipe and the occasion (as in "That's gotta go in the book"). Now that it has filled up about half of a journal it's nice to browse through if I'm not feeling inspired and am looking to retry a past success. Memory doesn't always cut it. First entry in the book was 7/10/94 Smoked Salmon Ravioli, ricotta and mascarpone and pine nuts made with my new pasta machine. I think I'll make that this weekend!
  16. I won a Superbowl pool 30+ years ago and used the proceeds to buy a Cuisinart. Have replaced the workbowl twice, but it just keeps humming along. Sort of a lifetime investment.
  17. I did something on my non-Kamado Stok for the 4th. I wanted it to be the "All American" meal so I started by marinating some Filet Mignon (is that French?) in some Australian Shiraz overnight (according to a Turkish recipe). I did the filet in chunks in Shish Kebabs with red onions and red and green bell peppers. I skewered and grilled cherry tomatoes and mushrooms, coated in olive oil, S & P, to be served, Greek style, with Feta. In the house I made some Middle-Eastern Rice Pilaf made with Spanish saffron and toasted pine nuts. It was delicious and the Calera wine went very well.
  18. Google "Kabob wheel for a rotisserie" and you will get a ton of options, mainly Napoleon or Winnerbe, from E-Bay or Amazon. They don't rotate like I would like, but what I would like would get quite complicated (translate: expensive).
  19. I managed to wrestle mine together on the deck by myself. When I got done the bowl was over the little wheels and the cart is over the big wheels. According to pictures it's supposed to be the opposite. It doesn't have to travel much so it works just fine. I still haven't figured out how I got the thing together going butt-end first. Enjoy it when you get it smoking.
  20. I bought a couple of beef tenderloins at a really good price 2 months ago. So for the 4th I'm making filet mignon shish kebabs with peppers, red onion, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, served on a bed of saffron rice pilaf.
  21. Good Job! I took a cooking class with Jacques Pepin and he showed us how to debone a chicken and the process took about 6 minutes. And then he said "Of course, this is how I do it" and he deboned a chicken in about 45 seconds. A true master.
  22. My doctor is able to track what I look at online. He wants a word with you. But, from my standpoint, that looks really good.
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