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  1. The Marabu is (was) superior lump. I have about a half bag left and a half full Joe. I think I'll scoop everything out of the Joe into the bag and save it for special cooks. Back to less exotic lump. Also less $$$$$
  2. Wow, rhat's a deal. Mine was a good deal 1-1/2 years ago for $150 more. Hey, it was still a good deal, I have gotten $150 worth of fun out of that thing from pizzas to tandoori to baking cookies in that time. Thumbs Up!
  3. I put the mushrooms on first so they cooked longer. I did notice some well done mushrooms at the bottom of the skewer. When I put the kebabs in I kept the Joe closed for 7 minutes and they cooked pretty evenly. I got the idea from a Indian guy who uses his Joe for Tandoori Chicken by removing the top vent and then hanging the skewers on the lip with the Joe screaming hot.
  4. I think most people replying to you are referring to using lump charcoal and not chunk hardwood. My favorite way to start a fire slowly is with a cotton ball and alcohol. Placed right it gets things going low and slow. Takes a while.
  5. Earlier this summer one of the local markets advertised "Whole Beef Tenderloin, Buy One Get One 50% Off". The starting price was pretty decent, so with visions of filet mignons in my head I headed in. When I got there the guy behind the counter said "You're the first person to show up for this, I expected a crowd". Then came the unexpected "Since you're the first I'm going to mark both of them half-off". So I happily took home 2 tenderloins and carved them up and have been enjoying filet mignon out of the freezer since then. I wanted to do something a little different with one, so I thawed a one pounder and cut it into kebab chunks. I thought a take on restaurant style Steak Diane with mushrooms and Cognac flames at the table and a beef Madiera sauce would be fun on the Joe. So for the first time dispensed with everything horizontal and stood the skewers up in the coals and went "Tandoor Style". Someone on another website suggested using limes as plugs on the ends of the skewers to keep things from sliding off, so did that. The recipe came from James Beard's "American Cookery". He has two recipes, one, the tableside version without measures and a home version with measures. Emeril has a recipe online close to what Beard called for: https://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/steak-diane Stood the skewers up in a hot fire for about 10 minutes and served with some saffron rice and a sauce made to try to imitate the old-time tableside preparations. Night before Thanksgiving: great meal
  6. That's what the T-bird is supposed to look like. I bet it was tasty.
  7. Give the kid my best and tell him "Stay Strong". Especially when it's hard.
  8. I've had chicken done in a Tandoor and that looks like the real thing. Good job!
  9. The first time I made Peking Duck was a long time ago on a President's Day weekend. Hung the duck in my garage and brushed it with sugar water with a little bit of honey and a tiny bit of 5 spice powder for Saturday and Sunday, letting it air dry between coatings (the garage was pretty cold). Monday cooked and served with hoisin sauce with green onion brushes and homemade Mandarin pancakes. I remember it to this day as one of the best dishes I have ever served or eaten. Have fun with that in your Egg.
  10. Welcome to the family. If you have 5 years in, you can teach us some new tricks. I'm a 2 year pup to a KJ.
  11. Count me as being impressed. You need to balance out that light on the right with a dinner bell on the left. Nice job!
  12. Wonderful trip, keep us posted. I love it that Charlie can't teach his people how to spell his name. He apparently is "Charilie" to them.
  13. Maybe a full bedliner with a flame job. Now that would be different.
  14. Welcome to the Guru. But, um, reading your intro, maybe you can start offering advice. Let's see, Oregon, Tennessee, Carolina: How about you give us a recipe for bourbon mustard glazed salmon?
  15. And I haven't checked the exchange rate lately for Roo-Bucks. But, yeah, it's hard to get anybody out of bed for $10 anymore.
  16. Where's the turkey challenge for November?  Whatever it may be.  And Please make the December challenge "Sides for your Christmas Prime Rib".

    1. ckreef


      Not a turkey challenge but should have something going in the next day or so. 



  17. That was the point to slather on some sour cream and garnish it with green onions and chopped cilantro. Artfully dab sour cream in the right spots and whatta we know?
  18. Did I miss something here? Welcome to the forum. Didn't see where the early contribution was.
  19. i live in California and the nearest Sam's is two hours away (if the traffic is OK) so I'm like Ardbeg Guy
  20. I have a lot of experience eating Al Pastor and observing it being cooked on vertical spits, carved in thin strips and made into tacos and burritos. Horizontal is going to require some ingenuity to cook and carve at the same time. I have done a similar dish, but still cooked vertically with a surrounding fire. Vertical spits let you carve the meat and catch it away from the heat. I'm not sure how you do that with a horizontal rotisserie.
  21. Hey, give Walmart a try. Almost all of the pork I buy is from Walmart and most is either Smithfield or Tyson in cryovac and I'm happy with it. I'm not a brisket guy (married, no kids, curmudgeonly, relatives 1,500 miles away-on purpose) because it's kind of overwhelming to use one up. Like James Beard said, back in the day when hams were sold whole at Christmas and Easter "Eternity is two people and one ham". Check out what Wally world sells, it might surprise you.
  22. There are 6 states without a single Costco, West Virginia is one.
  23. Drip pan right on the coals under a rotisserie turkey pretty much guarantees a grease fire at some point. In my mind, not a good idea. All the times I have used a rotisserie with charcoal there has been no fire directly under the bird. Banked to both sides with a drip pan in the middle, kept about 300, lot's of apple smoke and you have a good turkey. Someone other than me is going to have to step up and advise you how to do that on a Joe.
  24. Do you have any BBQ joints in your area that serve brisket?
  25. Welcome to the family. It will be fun to see your results. Please share!
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