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  1. Good cook! You definitely have more friends than I do.
  2. And I know, from personal experience, that when that "inner miser" gets really hungry for some good que, look out. The hands shake but the wallet comes out, doesn't matter I have a weakness for a oyster poboy, and that involves a plane ticket. I have succumbed more than once.
  3. The more things change the more they remain the same.
  4. Advertised at $299 as they ramp up their response to Amazon Prime Day 6/21-22
  5. You're darn well tootin that was the right price. Nice score. And thanks for not starting off Fathers Day with chicken.
  6. Nice assortment and storage for under cover. It's possible to go a little crazy (like me) and add things like Apple (for pork and poultry), Alder (for smoked Salmon), Pecan (for smoked turkey or duck) or Mesquite (for beef or antlered game). There will be many other opinions and wood suggestions. Your search for grapevines brings to mind charring spring onions over last year's grapevine cuttings like they do in Spain with a Romesco sauce. Yum!
  7. Well, my plan is to live forever. So far, so good.
  8. Yeah, so there! All that teasing about getting old may be true. Unless you had it set for me. That was probably it.... Happy Birthday.
  9. You wouldn't get tomatoes to set fruit in those conditions but you could dry the heck out of anything you had. Whew!
  10. In full, hot sun with low humidity it takes about 4 days to sun-dry tomato halves. I can't imagine you lump is as moist as a tomato, so probably that or less. Maybe two days spread out in full high-beam Texas sun.
  11. My wife was a vegetarian when I met her and when she moved in with me she would make herself a salad for dinner and eat it without me. When I got home I would cook as usual. Over about 6 months she got to where she would wait for me to get home and cook and eat what I cooked. Obviously the vegetarian thing went away if she was eating what I cooked. She was raised by a Mom (like mine) that cooked everything to death and thought well done was the only way for any meat. I wouldn't cook anything past medium (pink and warm in the middle) and she went through the whole process of discovery that @CentralTexBBQ described that more cooked=more tough when it comes to steaks; she has been converted. She also learned from some dishes cooked by world class chefs at some food and wine events that some cuts of meat are meant to be served barely cooked or raw or air dried. I never said anything, but I considered those salads she ate before I got home from work to be rude.
  12. Welcome to the forum and the KJ family. As you experiment with the different configurations of your new Joe I predict it will become a favorite.
  13. For me the wrap mixture would be butter, brown sugar and apple, apricot or peach juice.
  14. Looks like a good dinner of the one pot variety. The French would probably call it a Galette des rois aux pommes. In Minnesota it would be a "hot dish" and you would be questioned about the use of fresh potatoes instead of tots. Looks good, whatever you call it.
  15. Sorry about the headline typo. Blurry vision can do that, guess I wasn't cut out to be a editor.
  16. During Army Basic Training about the only time we lined up in alphabetical order was to get shots. The guy behind me in line, Poindexter, was afraid of the sight of blood and the first shot we got with the pneumatic injectors, he flinched and it cut him. He saw the blood on his arm and fainted. Every shot after that another guy and I had to grab him and make sure he stood still and leaned into the shot. Moses Leon Poindexter, he's on the Vietnam Wall. Give a salute of thanks.
  17. I hate to admit it, three day weekend and all, but I have had a hankering for a chili cheese dog for a while. So that's what I'm doing, just the two of us. $800 grill set-up, go figure.
  18. In fourth grade that would be a call for a victory dance and high-fives all around. And remind me, when is this "old enough to know better' thing supposed to kick in?
  19. I might do a meatloaf, possibly with a bacon weave. The Joe is perfect for using the deflectors to turn it into a oven while still adding a little bit of smoke. Use the right meatloaf recipe and a good ketchup/brown sugar glaze and it takes meatloaf from ordinary to spectacular.
  20. You didn't hint as to your location. If you are in Oz I think there is a setting for sending pictures to the top side. Just kidding and welcome to the forum. You will find a sparse group of computer experts here for any questions about something Windows or Mac related, questions about beer may get more suggestions and heated opinions.
  21. I did a all-day half pork butt on the Joe Sunday using (mostly) Adam Perry Lang's recipe. APL's recipe calls for Apricot Nectar in the injection and spritz and I only had Peach and that worked fine, very fruity flavors. After smoking with apple and resting in the cooler there was still a lot of cooking liquid in the foil, but I went ahead and pulled it and let soak a little more until we couldn't stand it and ate Sunday Supper. We used three sauces on the pulled pork, APL's recipe for barbecue sauce, a Carolina mustard/vinegar sauce and vinegar from some cayenne peppers from my garden I put up last year. It was all good, but none of the sauces really complimented and added the proper "zing" to the fruit nuance of the pulled pork. So, for Monday lunch I had some 24 oz Russet Potatoes and planned to bake a couple on the Joe until I came to my senses because it was lunch for two. Cooked one and split it. The pan of leftover pulled pork had absorbed all of the cooking liquid very nicely and I started experimenting for that "zing" and finally dragged a bottle of Raspberry Vinegar from the back of the cupboard, added a teaspoon to a couple of ounces of pulled pork and BINGO, I heated 2 cups of pulled pork with 1 T of raspberry vinegar and that was it. Peach, pork, vinegar and raspberry harmony. Oiled and salted the outside of the potato then baked at 375 for an hour, split, buttered and salted then piled on shredded cheddar, crema, pulled pork and APL barbecue sauce with some chopped chives and more crema. Wonderful!
  22. Between acts at the Canine Music Festival.
  23. The heat deflectors are part of the whole "divide and conquer" system. They better be there.
  24. I have been on 3 float trips down the Rogue River (way south of your trip) and really trusted the guides for gear and advice about flies to use. I always took a small pack spinning rod I use for backpacking and used it when we went through the shallow, rocky "riffles". Used an assortment of Mepps spinners and each guide said "you won't catch anything here" until I started catching Steelhead. Lost quite a few spinners to the rocks but caught quite a few fish where the guides said "you can't catch fish here". One of the few times I had a Rogue River guides shut up.
  25. Willie Nelson said it best with "My Buddy, My Pal, My Friend".
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