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  1. You didn't hint as to your location. If you are in Oz I think there is a setting for sending pictures to the top side. Just kidding and welcome to the forum. You will find a sparse group of computer experts here for any questions about something Windows or Mac related, questions about beer may get more suggestions and heated opinions.
  2. I did a all-day half pork butt on the Joe Sunday using (mostly) Adam Perry Lang's recipe. APL's recipe calls for Apricot Nectar in the injection and spritz and I only had Peach and that worked fine, very fruity flavors. After smoking with apple and resting in the cooler there was still a lot of cooking liquid in the foil, but I went ahead and pulled it and let soak a little more until we couldn't stand it and ate Sunday Supper. We used three sauces on the pulled pork, APL's recipe for barbecue sauce, a Carolina mustard/vinegar sauce and vinegar from some cayenne peppers from my garden I put up last year. It was all good, but none of the sauces really complimented and added the proper "zing" to the fruit nuance of the pulled pork. So, for Monday lunch I had some 24 oz Russet Potatoes and planned to bake a couple on the Joe until I came to my senses because it was lunch for two. Cooked one and split it. The pan of leftover pulled pork had absorbed all of the cooking liquid very nicely and I started experimenting for that "zing" and finally dragged a bottle of Raspberry Vinegar from the back of the cupboard, added a teaspoon to a couple of ounces of pulled pork and BINGO, I heated 2 cups of pulled pork with 1 T of raspberry vinegar and that was it. Peach, pork, vinegar and raspberry harmony. Oiled and salted the outside of the potato then baked at 375 for an hour, split, buttered and salted then piled on shredded cheddar, crema, pulled pork and APL barbecue sauce with some chopped chives and more crema. Wonderful!
  3. Between acts at the Canine Music Festival.
  4. The heat deflectors are part of the whole "divide and conquer" system. They better be there.
  5. I have been on 3 float trips down the Rogue River (way south of your trip) and really trusted the guides for gear and advice about flies to use. I always took a small pack spinning rod I use for backpacking and used it when we went through the shallow, rocky "riffles". Used an assortment of Mepps spinners and each guide said "you won't catch anything here" until I started catching Steelhead. Lost quite a few spinners to the rocks but caught quite a few fish where the guides said "you can't catch fish here". One of the few times I had a Rogue River guides shut up.
  6. Willie Nelson said it best with "My Buddy, My Pal, My Friend".
  7. I was kind of bowled over to see you enter a seafood dish in the challenge. You put my mind at rest about any mental malfunctions by not actually eating any seafood. Whew! Glad you're OK.
  8. In researching the ingredients and recipes it became apparent that the pursuit of the crust of the crusty rice in the Tachin.often became the start of family feuds to last for generations. I thought the pecan pie wars of the South were scary, but this is ancient.
  9. Welcome to the forum and let us know how it goes with the new Joe. And keep us up to date on the different cuts of meat you cook. I always find the difference in butchering from country to country and even region to region fascinating.
  10. That recipe link I posted leads all of you down the Epicourious rabbit hole. Try a Google search for Kufteh-Ye Pesteh-o Anar because that's the recipe you need to try, meatballs with lots of parsley, cilantro and tarragon. Very yummy.
  11. I came across some Persian recipes recently and thought they would fit my new (and untried) Solidteknics steel pan. I thought the pan was the right shape for the crunchy rice recipe and could pull double duty to cook the pomegranate glazed turkey meatballs. The rice recipe is saffron rice with a crunchy crust and with a layer of Barberries mixed in and is well suited to this pan. The glazed turkey meatballs worked great in the pan with the Joe cranking at 450. This was a cook with many firsts for me: the pan, Barberries and using pomegranate molasses. Of all of them, if you don't have pomegranate molasses in your kitchen, get some. I can see that as something I will us often in the future. The pan is a keeper. As for the Barberries...use raisins, they're cheaper. The two recipes (plus more) are here: https://link.epicurious.com/click/23254089.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
  12. Nice rig. Glad to see someone else get hooked on the new RAM. Every time my wife climbs in to or drives mine she says "I love this truck". Happy trails.
  13. I always thought it was pretty fun and often less safe=more fun. Of course I learned a lot (from my screw ups). I guess it's generational.
  14. Since I started this thread, I have to report I got my second shot of Moderna last Friday. It was at the VA and, Man, they were cranking us through like it was basic training. Sore arm for a couple of days, no biggie. My wife got her first today.
  15. That's why you own a truck and a tractor so replacing light bulbs seems normal when you're looking up. As my neighbor said when he saw me working on my tractor "Want to learn how to be a tractor mechanic? Buy one."
  16. I have run into nuts like that and some of them were walking around.
  17. So jealous. We had 2 weeks planned in New Orleans last March that didn't happen and soft shell crabs, redfish, oysters and crawfish would have been consumed daily. You are a lucky @dman.
  18. That, with a grill grate, is probably the most portable solution for burgers, steaks and chicken. And it can't be beat for blackening in a cast iron pan to keep the smoke out of the house. A charcoal chimney is a camp stove on steroids.
  19. I thought the thought police around here was about politics. I don't consider IQ to be political. I guess I'll find out.
  20. Sure. And if those lights are LEDs you could probably plug them into the 2- 115v outlets in the cab. @Scott Robertsshould have included the old military designation of "Man Portable" in his request. Though some things that were designated "Man Portable" in the Army were met with a disbelieving "You gotta be kidding me?" (actually that was a adaptation of the actual phrase used).
  21. My Horseshoer's wife (Dental Hygienist) said the information passed around her office said to take a Tylenol before and after your second shot. She did and had no problem, I'm going to take her advice a month down the road.
  22. Well, 12 hours later: nothing. It hasn't made me sore or any less annoying. They did a great job with lectures and a folder of information about everything you could possibly expect to happen. That's your panic reading material while you sit there for 15 minutes waiting for the worst to happen. Then left and got a burrito.
  23. I got a email from the VA that I was eligible to get "THE SHOT" because I own a Kamado (or maybe something geezer related). So I'm going in Friday morning to do what John, who posted pictures of his hairy arm, did. I'm not going to take pictures like he did, and if you don't hear from me again......
  24. I used to work with a guy from Maine and asked him about the weather there, He said "We had four seasons, Fall, Winter, Spring and the 4th of July."
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