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  1. The sticker says 22 City 32 Highway for a average og 26. We'll see. And, yes, the owners manual is about 2" thick.
  2. It looks like a Ram 1500 Big Horn Crew Cab 4X2 Eco Diesel in Night Edition. Got it last Friday. This is a very comfortable truck. It will be interesting to see if the MPG lives up to what they say.
  3. 150 ft. Iceberg passing through Iceberg Alley near Ferryland, Newfoundland- Who knew there was a Iceberg Alley?
  4. I start out with "nice". Then it escalate from there.
  5. The video didn't come through, but the picture looks like something out of a scifi movie. Glad you're OK.
  6. Most pumps, water, fuel, hydraulic fluid, whatever, are powered by your engine. Powering off of your front tire would be frowned on by the Pirelli people.
  7. My wife is a riding instructor and most of her clients have access to trails in the hills above Carmel Valley. She got a text from one last week "Do bobcats have long tails?" That was about something her client saw on a trail ride.
  8. This is a lot like one of my favorite ways to get a little extra room on a crowded elevator: look at the person next to you and give a very small smile and say "I've got on new socks today" then give the eyebrow flash of expecting a response.
  9. Very cool! Thanks for the pictures of a Kamado that has found a good home.
  10. Welcome to the Forum. Remember, this is a new arrival to your family. Post some pictures.
  11. It was dark so we didn't see their reaction for this one. In the Loma Prieta earthquake my wife was riding a horse and leading another (called ponying) up a road to a trail entrance and when the earthquake hit it sounded like someone started up a big diesel engine so she moved over and she (and the horses) started to look around for who was coming. She finished her trail ride and on the way home encountered people standing in the road and asked them "Why aren't you watching the World Series? That's when she found out that "big diesel engine" was a earthquake. Notified by the horses? Nah.
  12. I'm fine, it was a pretty good jolt with a decent aftershock about 2 minutes later. Knocked some of my wife's sweaters off the top shelf of "her side" of the closet. I emphasize the sides because what started out as "her side" and "my side" seems to have become "her side" and "our side". All of my stuff came through OK, though. Thanks for checking!
  13. Wow. Mine was a old friend, but it was, still...just a truck.
  14. And the "other" shots they gave people back then were definitely not for "anti-social behavior". It was "extra friendly" that got someone those. As one Sergeant said before his people were going on a 3-day pass; "Don't subtract from the population, don't add to the population.".
  15. Nah, I'm pretty sure it was Yellow Fever. All I know is that it was like chemical warfare, It wiped my whole platoon out for a day, we were all sicker than dogs. The Covid shot looks tame in comparison.
  16. In California the plan seems to be not having much of a plan. We have no cohorts, we have colors for counties and "Regions" based on ICU's.
  17. The shot I had in the Army, they didn't sit us down and say "we are going to inoculate you against...". It was "line up in alphabetical order and roll up your left sleeve". My one "doozy" could have been diphtheria, cholera or yellow fever. Thanks for letting us know this one seems like no big deal.
  18. Let us know how it feels. There was only one shot I got in the Army, think it might have been Yellow Fever, that was a doozy.
  19. Happy New Year, and give us your recipe for the stuffed mirlitons (I'm a LSU product).
  20. That is a wonderful rendition. It had my wife and me with tears on our cheeks. Happy New (and hopefully better) Year to to you and everyone hanging around here at Kamado Guru.
  21. I think the US Army impressed that lesson most effectively on me. Stupid can get you killed.
  22. John, I want to extend a Cheers to you and wish you a Merry Christmas and a much better New Year. And I want to thank you for what I will call "John Setzler's Christmas News Letter". Most families use those annual letters to brag but rarely to reflect. You used yours to reflect on a lousy year and what many would see as a hopeless situation, but you end yours "I can see the light at the end of the tunnel." I have just been trying to find a way to enjoy life in the tunnel until I can see that glimmer. I'm hanging in there with you, Bud. Merry Christmas!
  23. The latest thing in retroactive birth control.
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