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  1. I guess this will never end. I do hope all you groupies enjoy your cook outs. Bye. My PP is better than yours anyway.
  2. I would love to do a brisket. I just can't justify paying more for a brisket than a choice ribeye or rib roast.
  3. It's obvious that the battle lines have been drawn. Look at the 'likes' and you will see over and over who is on the John side of this discussion. The other side is less defined. I'm not taking sides either way. My original objection was the taking away of the cooler section. I would go there to converse with friends about anything but Kamado. I always liked that section but now it seems that the old friends have taken up the battle and it has become personal and not at all kind to the other readers. So my attitude has changed. No, I'm not going to pay for something that I think should be open to everyone. Right now I'm not going anywhere because I want to see how this plays out. People pay for porn and Netflix because they want to see it. Quite frankly the cooler is not that interesting except to the chosen few. If they want to pay for it fine. I hope this whole thing will be settled by general election time. This dividing of friends was probably backed by HillandBill.
  4. This site is no longer about my Kamado. It is about a select group who pay for view. Much valuable information is no longer available to Joe. As one of the original members this change really sucks.
  5. captndan


    I'm sure that's very cool but what is it? I'm still learning about my Model A's.
  6. I'm very much out of touch. I really need to do some research.
  7. I was there last year. I wanted to see it all In my lifetime. Normandy will just stop you in your tracts.
  8. No Canadian Mist and Coke do not go together well. Try LTD and Coke Zero.
  9. Years ago it was chocolate covered ants and fried grasshoppers. Now bison what next poodle?
  10. The older you get the more those old house memories pop up. And that's OK.
  11. And two years later I bought a new Toyota Land Cruiser with winch and hubs for $2750.
  12. I don't think the plastic film idea would alter the cooking time any. It is used to contain moisture. I didn't do that in the restaurant but always added water to the pan. I will try it at home just to learn something new.
  13. Lets talk a little bit about the 'why' of smashing. Basically, the science of what makes smashing a patty a viable cooking option is the Maillard reaction [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maillard_reaction] Basically, what you are trying to do is maximize the surface area contact between your burger meat and the griddle or other flat surface on which you are cooking. You'll see many opinions on how much to smash, smash on both sides, smash with onions etc.. I'd suggest experiment and figure out what you prefer. In my opinion I like to smash once, with no onions or anything like that... just a nice maxima of surface content, and no smash after flipping, or you risk smashing out too much of the juices. I don't know all the science about the smash burger. What I do know is you can't just throw a raw burger on the grill, smash it and try to flip it. It will stick every time.
  14. Thanks for filling me in on the Huskie. That's one mower I have no experience with. The big thing is if you buy a mower, I don't care who's name is on it, from a big box store you get consumer junk all made by the same company. The lure of these mowers is price. Example: Buy a John Deere from say Home Depot and try to get warranted service from JD. Ain't gunna happen. Buy the same looking mower from a JD dealer and it will cost more because it's a real John Deere. Koehler was bought out by Briggs. You don't see them around much any more. Bottom line here is buy from a big box and expect to buy another one in a year or two. Local garden shops do most of the warranty work on those machines. Go around back and look at their junk pile and write down some names. Good luck with your new mower.
  15. Let's fire up all the grills and drive the rain up to Canada.
  16. The perfect fridge is the one that restock's it's self everyday.
  17. My Mom passed away almost three years ago. I still say Happy Mother's Day to her. Happy Mother's Day Mom!
  18. From Idaho to Toronto. And they completely forgot about Tennessee. Well at least we get good North Carolina pork.
  19. Just don't drive to the store to get more beer. Cops hate beer breath at 9 o'clock in the morning.
  20. Back in my restaurant days only a select few wanted their steak cooked this way. I used a blazing hot CI skillet. The steak was coated liberally with Kitchen Bouquet and seared for less than a minute on both sides. I still do this at home sometimes but watch out for lots of smoke. Really good. Don't try this with a cheap steak!
  21. No big deal. He'll every kid knows how to open an Oreo.
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