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  1. Bought a WiFi Anova on cyber Monday, and I am sure glad I did. Made eggs benny over the weekend for a brunch party. I followed ChefSteps' recipe... man was it easy. Stoked on the new purchase.
  2. It's the only kamado accessory I touch on every cook... it holds its weight in use. I don't use the grate. It provides better airflow and makes it easier to clean. Just shake it over the ash tray and then follow up with a brush.
  3. Total junior griller here... Is a vortex a small pile of lump in the middle of a fire box? I want to try this. Looks amazing!
  4. Did a beer can chicken last night... It was tasty, but I didn't have the deflectors touching. So as you can see the left booby got a little heat. I moved the bird to the right half way through the cook. When you do an overnight Brisket make sure to put in a ton of lump. More than you expect! I went JV on my first overnighter and woke up to no fire.
  5. T-Bone: good call on the Big Joe... I was wrestling between the Big and Classic at Costco. Glad I went with the Big because you definitely need the real estate for parties. Make sure to bring some buddies. If wasn't for my younger brother and pops, there was no way I could have done it. I am scrawny compared to them and they just man handled it up and down the truck. Then we put it on a furniture dolly. Best purchase for my new spot! OP: I was able to find a new, Big Joe extender on Amazon for $50. A book seller accidentally bought the Big instead of the Classic. Thought it was a good score after $8 in shipping - $58 in total.
  6. You can tear off the feet of the cardboard container. Doing so, will give you another 2-3" of extra clearance.
  7. A SoCal Hello - Want to say a big thank you to the Kamado Guru community... Had my first, big BBQ session over 4th of July weekend - packer brisket, baby backs, chicken, and stuffed bell peppers. Reading all of the posts made for a smooth 15 hours of BBQ'ing. Looking forward to many more. #hunkyhunksausagefactory Thank you, Dave
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