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  1. I prefer the old style vent (daisy wheel), so that maybe a consideration as well, for me the $300 difference isn't worth it, but maybe is on the big joe due to the heavier lid.
  2. Hey All, Been a while since I've posted, but I'm cooking tons of the big joe that this place got me started one. I'm looking to grab a Big Joetisserie for thanksgiving and I'm wondering how big a bird I can spin on there? I use a KAB if that matters for coal clearance and am new to spinning...
  3. I love the quality of all KJ products except the cover. A trash bag would be just as effective - I got mine for 'free' at the Roadshow and I'm still disappointed. Unfortunately, IMO give up now and buy this... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00R4J5DVG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_pW8WybW0JQRVS It doesn't go all the way to the base but it's a dramatically better cover. Don't let the cover affect your opinion of other KJ products though, it is absolutely the exception, not the rule.
  4. I'm about to do the same - Did they offer any help?
  5. I got my BJ in August and always keep it covered, but I am having the exact same rust issue on the bolts. I find it very frustrating... Stainless bolt/nutheads shouldn't be rusting. Let alone after half a season...
  6. Wow... What is the name of this dealer? Had I not bought my Big Joe I literally would drive the 10 hours for that deal...
  7. I use this on the accessory rack everytime I use both deflectors. If it's going to be really messy I'll foil but SS cleans up really easy. https://ceramicgrillstore.com/products/18-round-stainless-drip-pan-xl Also, before putting in the kamado this thing is a beaut. Would be a great low cost serving tray...
  8. I use a small metal trash can, but I wouldn't want it to be seen. That's a thing I use, but it isn't exactly pretty... Any chance this cart will accommodate the Big Joe? At $500 I'm all in.
  9. I agree, the more I use my Big Joe the more I get tired of hiking to the garage for lump or into the house for accessory A or B, waterproof storage is a must.
  10. I've gotta think that will make retrofits harder... Also where can I get that soapstone!?!? The list of things I need is getting huge... BigJoetissire, New Cap, Soapstone... Maybe the new hinge?
  11. Ribs look good, clam stuffed mushrooms sound pretty interesting. What's the texture of the mushroom stuffing like?
  12. For the cost ($3/lb) I was very pleased with the Chuck roast... I do think the thicker part was not quite done. Cooking at 295* I probably did need to get it past 204*. I guess that's called learning...
  13. Hey gents, trying to give this a bump. I am looking for both the soap stone BJ and the laser cut stainless (my SO loves grilled sweet potato chips). Any place to find these that are reputable? Any users out there?
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