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  1. I prefer the old style vent (daisy wheel), so that maybe a consideration as well, for me the $300 difference isn't worth it, but maybe is on the big joe due to the heavier lid.
  2. Hey All, Been a while since I've posted, but I'm cooking tons of the big joe that this place got me started one. I'm looking to grab a Big Joetisserie for thanksgiving and I'm wondering how big a bird I can spin on there? I use a KAB if that matters for coal clearance and am new to spinning...
  3. I love the quality of all KJ products except the cover. A trash bag would be just as effective - I got mine for 'free' at the Roadshow and I'm still disappointed. Unfortunately, IMO give up now and buy this... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00R4J5DVG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_pW8WybW0JQRVS It doesn't go all the way to the base but it's a dramatically better cover. Don't let the cover affect your opinion of other KJ products though, it is absolutely the exception, not the rule.
  4. I'm about to do the same - Did they offer any help?
  5. I got my BJ in August and always keep it covered, but I am having the exact same rust issue on the bolts. I find it very frustrating... Stainless bolt/nutheads shouldn't be rusting. Let alone after half a season...
  6. Wow... What is the name of this dealer? Had I not bought my Big Joe I literally would drive the 10 hours for that deal...
  7. I use this on the accessory rack everytime I use both deflectors. If it's going to be really messy I'll foil but SS cleans up really easy. https://ceramicgrillstore.com/products/18-round-stainless-drip-pan-xl Also, before putting in the kamado this thing is a beaut. Would be a great low cost serving tray...
  8. I use a small metal trash can, but I wouldn't want it to be seen. That's a thing I use, but it isn't exactly pretty... Any chance this cart will accommodate the Big Joe? At $500 I'm all in.
  9. I agree, the more I use my Big Joe the more I get tired of hiking to the garage for lump or into the house for accessory A or B, waterproof storage is a must.
  10. I've gotta think that will make retrofits harder... Also where can I get that soapstone!?!? The list of things I need is getting huge... BigJoetissire, New Cap, Soapstone... Maybe the new hinge?
  11. Ribs look good, clam stuffed mushrooms sound pretty interesting. What's the texture of the mushroom stuffing like?
  12. For the cost ($3/lb) I was very pleased with the Chuck roast... I do think the thicker part was not quite done. Cooking at 295* I probably did need to get it past 204*. I guess that's called learning...
  13. Hey gents, trying to give this a bump. I am looking for both the soap stone BJ and the laser cut stainless (my SO loves grilled sweet potato chips). Any place to find these that are reputable? Any users out there?
  14. Ok, newbie question here, why the split fire approach to the indirect rather than a heat deflector? Just trying to learn...
  15. I assume this is rebranded RO, but I'm not sure. It's Krogers 'healthy living' brand but its very similar weight/price to RO lump at Walmart.(i.e. Not great). I didn't need it - I still have 5 bags of KJ but I grabbed it to try it out. Will let you know my thoughts once I use it.
  16. Ok, After a two week bbq hiatus (had to go and get married...) I got to do my first low and slow on the Big Joe. Kroger had chuck roast on sale and I didn't want to do something expensive for my first cook. So a 2.6 lb chucker it is! I had the day off to recuperate from my Honeymoon so I had the time and brought the grill up to temp slowly... Way more slowly than I anticipated I only used one Firestarter and it took almost 1.5 to get to about 230 grate temp with 1.5 inches open on the bottom and 2/3 daisy on the top. It was my first use of my (re-branded) Maverick 733 and the grate temp was always 30-50 higher than the dome temp - not sure if it's maybe a calibration issue but it would make sense - I cooked some cedar plank salmon recently and got tons of coagulated protein, something that never happens on the Weber and is a sign of cooking salmon too fast. I also used a Thermoworks Alarm probe because I wanted to learn the intricacies of my new thermometer vs something I knew. The maverick read about the same as the Thermoworks. The maverick is so handy it's amazing, I will be using it exclusively unless I have a need to measure three temps (which is rare). Ok, for the chucker I used a beef rub similar to what I use for steaks for with a bit more cayenne and kosher and I applied more liberally. I intended to smoke @~250 to 175... But couldn't get through the stall so at 165 after 5 hrs so I transferred to a pain with water/beer/garlic & veggies, foiled the top and let the heat rise to about 295. That pushed it right through the stall after a 20 minute drop of the IT to 150 or so. I checked at 195 and it wasn't tender enough so I let it go until 204 and it seemed probe tender. I then got the Joe to 375 or so and threw on some bread while the mains rested. The dinner was very good, but the thicker part orbthe chuck wasn't as tender as I had hoped and was slightly dry... Maybe it was more lean there than I even realized? Did it need more than 204 (that's where I had the probes)? Anyway, the process was a ton of fun and I'm ready for the next cook! Having picture upload issues... Will add shortly.
  17. John, is there enough cooking area? I saw a few people use discadas over open flame when I lived in Tucson and the fire disc seems like it would be super hot in one small area and cold on the outside. Temperature gradient is the idea, but not quite that steep. I think its steel which would heat and cool quickly? So no distribute? It does look like its built like a tank and pretty portable.
  18. That's kinda crazy, air flow is so critically important to kamado cooking that they shipped it anyway. You'd think they could have put on felt or just changed the door so their first generation product was useable without mods. Seems like an easy fix but the everyday joe isn't on thesr boards reading about how they need to mod a grill for it to work. Hopefully gen2 is better. Competition and more people kamado cooling can only be a good thing - if nothing else so more places around me carry lump!
  19. That's kinda what I was thinking. It just seems odd it rusted that quick. The cover though... Jeez
  20. So I LOVE my Big Joe but the quality of two things are already bothering me. I bought a Kick Ash Basket for my Big Joe, I have had it sitting in my garage since Tuesday and it's pretty rainy/humid here and now it is covered it rust. Is this an issue? Still use it? Ask for a replacement? I (ignorantly) removed the tags already. Secondly, for as solid as the Big Joe is built, the cover is that cheap. I cinch the one drawstring as tight as I can get it and a gentle wind blows it off. It's getting a bit better now that it's getting wet, but unfortunately it does so lying on my patio or lawn. I normally use Ravenna covers from Amazon, but they don't look big enough for the BJ. Any thoughts? The kick ash basket I think is an odd issue, but the OEM cover is embarrassing when compared to KJs reputation in other areas. So far it's value to me has been negative...
  21. Well....my unscientific theory is that bringing the temp gauge up to 250 - or any temp like 350-400 quickly gets the inside air up to that temp. you open the lid and all the hot air escapes meaning it takes a good while to get back to that temp. Just do it and try touching the outside of the Joe. Not too hot - right. Bring it up slow and the entire dome has a chance to soak in the heat and is able to hold temp much easier. And....John has said more than once - if you don't have the time, don't do the cook. That is a bit paraphrased but directionally accurate. When I first started, I would bring the temp up quick throw the meat on and usually overcook and dry out the meat because the temp had not had a chance to stabilize. Once I relaxed, quit overthinking it and took my time - the results were much better - and now, I too, get the comments like "Man, this meat is moist" or "Wow, these ribs are unreal". Of course, Pizza cooks are a whole different game altogether.... I think this is honestly the problem I had on my second cook... My Salmon had a lot of coagulated protein - Never happens to on my gasser.... I have a lot to learn on the Kamado still!
  22. Ace Hardware can order them most times (and today you can take 15% off and have it delivered...).
  23. I picked up 6 bags on Saturday when I grabbed my Big Joe and the first is almost gone!
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