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  1. From the desktop of my computer. I frequently write these things down with pictures because friends ask me for recipes and I like to keep records. No big deal, if it's a problem just take it down.
  2. Nice crumb and crust. 80% is a wet dough, but it does make a great bread. Good Job!
  3. Here in NJ there are restrictions on fire pits and chimeras in some communities, and a Kamado is a type of "open fire". You've got to be careful here or you could both be cooking indoors.
  4. Yes, used a shepards crook plant holder and a $12.00 utility light from Lowes. Will post pics later when it's light out.
  5. Thanks for all the welcomes, I'm from Eatontown NJ (for EJK) but I went to school in Staten Island (Wagner). Working on recipes but I've been offline too thanks to the Microsoft god. They did the anniversary update and knocked me completely offline. Many phone calls later I'm back. Hope to be contributing this week.
  6. Thanks to all, I am amazed at the versitility of this grill. I am still learning and finding that I can do anything that I can do on an indoor oven, and in some cases better!
  7. Hello all from New Jersey. I finally replaced my aging Ducane with a Visions from Home Depot. Seemed to be the best bang for the buck and I am having one hell of a great time learning how to use it. My main interest is baking artisan breads and this seems to be the most practical and economical way to duplicate a brick oven. So far I have baked baguettes, jalapeno cheddar bread and pain de campagne (rustic bread) with wonderful results. Hope to post some recipes later .Here are some pictures: Rustic bread and Jalapeno Cheddar bread.
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