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  1. Team Red v Team Green

    The BGE-KJ rivalry compares to some other notable ones: Yankees - Red Sox Ford - Chevy Fender - Gibson Bud Light - Coors Light Pelikan - Montblanc Infiniti - Lexus Peter Luger - Bryant & Cooper Army - Navy Michigan - Ohio North Shore - South Shore East Coast - West Coast Mongoose - Cobra Mustang - Camaro Ferarri - Lamborghini BMW - Mercedes KAOS - CONTROL Starfleet - Klingons Bugs - Elmer
  2. Pushing the steel/stone higher into the dome is a good idea. I’ve done a two-stone setup with a stone up on the expander grate, cooking between the stone on the main grate and the stone on the expander grate, making sure to heat soak both stones.
  3. Digital thermometer choices

    +1 on the ThermoWorks Smoke.
  4. Kamado Joe Classic II Repair Thread

    at <$300 I'd say you got a killer deal!! Well worth the leg work to gather the replacement parts
  5. Keep at it. Pizza on the kamado is worth the not-too-steep learning curve. A great tip is to cook somewhat indirect, by using two pizza stones or a pizza stone and heat deflector. These can be spaced by pipe fittings or crumpled up aluminum foil to prevent over heating the stone that you’re cooking on. Another good tip is to put your stone on the expanded grate to raise the pizza up in the dome. You could also also use a second stone on the expander grate and cook your pizza between the upper and lower stones. Also, managing temperature and time to your dough is important. Lower hydration dough = higher temp. Sugar in the dough = lower temp. Good luck!!
  6. Kamado Joe Classic II Repair Thread

    Looks like an interesting project, but sorry to hear about that you might be in an endless loop with the dome. Do do you know the back story of this KJ? Looks like it might be the work of a person scorned?
  7. Crab Cakes

    Thanks for the recipe!! I'm with you... mo' crab, mo' better
  8. New fiberglass wire mesh gasket

    Aha! Thanks for this information. I assume one perhaps significant benefit to the new gasket is better resistance to high temps
  9. New fiberglass wire mesh gasket

    is there really an advantage of the fiberglass gasket over the felt gasket? Seems that either would work equally well, but depending on hinge. T he felt gasket relies on the weight of the lid to ensure a good seal, whereas the fiberglass gasket needs the added compression of the latch on the new hinge in order to seal properly. So, unless there is a specific retrofit in the works, a new fiberglass gasket would then lead to the need for a new hinge/latch.
  10. Hello from the Northeast!

    Welcome! I have a baking steel that I use on my Akorn and KJC with great results. Bear in mind that the baking steel takes quite a long time to heat up, so an IR thermometer might be a good investment. Check out the Akorn sub-forum.
  11. If I understand your set-up, bottom-to-top, you have your heat deflector, pizza stone #1, pizza stone #2, and you're baking on both stones. You might want put the deflector up on the grate, put pizza stone #1 on top of it (with some spacers), and leave stone #2 where it is. My theory (and its just a theory) is that with your current set-up too much hot air is flowing up and around the stones, leaving your cooking space (especially between the two stone) much cooler than 550 F.
  12. Anyone use Stainless Steel pans?

    Tramontina got very high marks from Kenji over at Serious Eats (https://www.seriouseats.com/2016/12/equipment-inexpensive-cheap-skillet-review.html). Great site. His book, The Food Lab, is a good read. Definitely let us know how the Tramontina works.
  13. New thermapen IR

    good idea in principle, but multi-use products are often a compromise. I'd opt for separate IR and instant read. I have both from thermoworks and am pleased.
  14. Crab Cakes

    @Bgosnell151 could you share your recipe? Thanks!!
  15. Stretching to open the dough takes some — but not a ton — of practice to get good results. Rolling pin will really degas the dough. Keep at it!