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  1. maybe you got the deluxe, limited edition, gold version
  2. +1 for what @BURGER MEISTERsaid. If your oven is ready for a self-clean cycle, I imagine you could toss the pizza stone in the oven during the self-clean
  3. I have a thermoworks IR gun and also a Ryobi. I primarily use them for checking the temp of the pizza stone when cooking pizzas on my Ooni Karu. I think the Thermoworks has a higher temp range and top end than the Ryobi. They tend to read within a few degrees of each other, so they are equally accurate or inaccurate. A secondary use is to mess with the dog. She goes nuts for the laser spot! (I am extra, extra, extra diligent to not shine the laser anywhere near her face or eyes!)
  4. looks like a great meal! Interesting beer, too. I'm not much of a beer drinker... the only brewed beverages I have these days are coffee and kombucha
  5. I received an email from FOGO announcing a Black Friday deal: 15% off site wide ("FOGOFRIDAY-2020. Offer is valid from November 23rd 8am EST to November 30th 11.59PM EST. ")
  6. Not elegant but I use a headband led and one of these:
  7. It looks like the Classic II is back up to $1,200, but I see that the price on the Classic I is $650, FWIW.
  8. if it's the right size and an appropriate material, what can go wrong??
  9. I can't answer you question about whether the DoJoe fits the BGE but offer some perspective. I have a DoJoe and think it is a great addition to my KJ Classic I. BUT... having just purchased an Ooni Karu, I have to say that if I would do it over, I would have skipped the DoJoe and gone straight to the Ooni, for the love of neo-neapolitan pizza. For NY style, etc., I would stick with the DoJoe.
  10. Great looking meal! Thanks for sharing the details on all five course and also on the process of putting together that great meal. Congratulations on the silver jubilee. As noted above, many don't or won't achieve that milestone. I didn't... and couldn't be happier about getting out of that mess!
  11. looks great! Really cool how you went from a pallet, which could have ended up in the trash heap, to a well-designed and nice looking cooking station!
  12. that's a great deal on a classic II! If I didn't already have a classic I, I would jump on that deal in a second.
  13. You shouldn’t do any harm over the winter. Joe is a hearty dude. Just keep cooking. He’ll do fine!
  14. Looks great! The finish on the cedar is really nice!
  15. I guess you have the Classic II or III. I have the Classic I with the regular bands and spring hinge. I sent an enquiry to KJ asking about making hinge adjustments, and not asking or suggesting that any replacement parts are needed. They responded within about a day saying they're sending new bands and a new hinge. Now THAT's customer service.
  16. ugh. This thread is making me nauseous. Just the thought of throwing liver in the Bass-O-Matic is turning my stomach https://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/bassomatic/n8631
  17. That's some good looking pizza, @Buttburner!
  18. the dual handle CI pans work quite well in a round Kamado. While Staub, LeCruset, etc. look quite purty, I've pretty much only gone for Lodge. They're quality as far as I'm concerned and fairly priced. My only enameled CI are two dutch ovens and a braiser, all Lodge. I tried Amazon Basics enameled CI, but, while a good value on an oval dutch oven, it arrived with many chips in the enamel. I sent it back and replaced it with a Lodge.
  19. Over the last few weeks, I noticed that the lid/dome of my Classic I would not always stay in the open position, even with no noticeable wind and on a level surface. I snugged up the bands and the acorn nuts on the hinge pivots and also securing the top and bottom hinge parts to the bands. This seems to have resolved the issue with the top/dome wanting to close on its own. I am guessing that the loose acorn nuts (those securing the top hinge part to the top band were significantly more loose, based on feel, than those securing the bottom hinge part to the bottom band) allowed the center of gravity of the top/dome to sit inboard of the hinge pivot, urging it to close under force of gravity, but what do I know. I hope this bit of information helps someone facing this same issue. Kamado onward!
  20. How much dough are you making? 20 g of IDY is good for about 30 kg(!) of dough, fermented at 75*F for 7 hours. That's a lot of dough!
  21. I go 60% to 65% hydration (typically around 63%) with my DoJoe (~500*F to 550*F) with great results. Same great results in the oven at 550*F.
  22. Whoa!! Those look really, really good. Even the "burnt" bottoms look good enough to eat. Just a little crunchy.
  23. I dig the new KG look and the new KG logo!
  24. Cleanliness of that metal ring is critical to the efficient burning of your lump and any residual dirt will negatively impact performance. Extreme dirtiness will prevent your cooker from coming up to temp. Therefore, you should polish it to mirror finish at the slightest sign of dirt, at least weekly if not daily. Definitely do so before each and every cook.
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