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  1. 600-700 is a great deal on a classic I
  2. Looks awesome! Surprised there was enough time for pictures
  3. impressive results for someone claiming to not having any idea of how to bake bread on a Kamado
  4. I've some had hiccups connecting to and being disconnected from my Anova. I find myself not bothering with the app and just going manual 99+% of the time.
  5. There have been days that I'd eat dog s*#% on pizza
  6. DUde, it looks like the wheels are very much still on their axles with that cook!
  7. Great looking pizza. I’m sure it tasted awesome! trouble with making pizza on a Kamado, especially an Akorn, is that there is much less cooking for the top than the bottom. A two-stone set up can address this. When I had an Akorn, I would throw a stone on the top expansion rack and cook pizza between the two stones.
  8. I think bringing the DoJoe above 700 would be a challenge. I have a feeling it just won’t get to 900 ish for Neapolitan. I usually shoot for about 500-550 with a 62-65% hydration dough with great results. Not sure that hitting 700 and then inserting the DoJoe makes sense. The stone would be cold upon insertion, so what would you be thinking in terms of when to cook after hitting 700 and then inserting the DoJoe? im of the mind that a Kamado is a (really) good tool for pizza but not ideal if you are shooting for Neapolitan (in which a dedicated pizza oven would be better).
  9. Looks great!! Can I buy any leftovers, assuming there are any?
  10. Keep at it. The Akorn and KJ are slightly different animals.
  11. Royal Oak is a solid choice. It’s relatively cheap and readily available. I’ve had good experiences with KJ Big Block, which I’ve picked up at Costco road shows and ordered from Costco when they were running a deal (80lbs/$80) a few weeks ago. I have some Fogo that I bought when they were running a deal a few months ago, but I haven’t broken into that stash yet. in the end, it’s just carbon, so as long as there are no off flavors and it’s reasonably priced, you should be good to go!
  12. I have a DoJoe for my Classic I. I dig it and think it upped my pizza game, which was darn good pre-DoJoe. It’s not cheap, so “worth it” should take into account the significant monetary investment. Is it an “improvement”? In my opinion, yes. Is it “worth it”? I dunno when measuring cost against improvement. Do I regret my investment? Not for a second. Would I do it again? Probz.
  13. 600-700 sounds like a good deal on a big joe. Someone recently posted a deal at $650 for a new Classic I, just for reference. Assuming all is 5x5 on the used big joe and there are no issues, 6-700 sounds fair
  14. South of $0.75 is a good price for lump as far as I’m concerned
  15. Looks great (and I don’t have a sweet tooth)
  16. are you using safari on your Mac? try enlarging the window. On my Mac, if I reduce the safari window size, the side bar disappears. I haven't mucked with any of the site settings, i.e., I use the default settings
  17. $650 is a great deal on a Classic I! I have one, am using it on the regular, and loving it! Bottom line: GO FOR IT! You won’t regret it
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