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  1. Great video, @pesto3! The blooper section was quite entertaining, especially the birds. I thought they were outside of MY window as I was watching and was like, "WHAT THE $%$% IS WITH THESE $%$#ING BIRDS ALL OF A SUDDEN???"
  2. I think they were running a deal on the Signals unit. It's hard to keep track. The past few weeks have been a bit blurry.
  3. great looking pizza, @Heuer! Looks like some bacon on there. Quite a breakfast pizza (if that's what it is)! what are your toppings, if you don't mind my asking?
  4. I understand that use of parchment might result in a less better pizza if you're going all Napoleon, super hot and for a super quick cook. I usually cook pizza at a more moderate temperature (~550*F or so) and for a longer time (~7 to ~9 mins or so), and I only leave the parchment on for the first minute, or so, of that time. It seems that use of parchment, or not, for these cooks might lead to marginal differences and trade offs. I could be wrong.
  5. but three lefts do All this pizza and dojoe talk put me on a path for pizza tonight. I'm gonna launch with parchment paper!
  6. Why post here and not call kJ directly?
  7. I’d think you’d want to give the KJ wide berth, considering that you could be looking at 800+*F temps
  8. Welcome and congrats on your purchase! #1 I just shut everything down all at once. #2 what is your overall pizza setup? Without the expander rack for DoJoe, I would put the deflector plates on the main grates in the upper position and space a pizza stone about 1/2 to 1 inch above the deflector plates to avoid scorching. #3 I have the classic I, with the daisy wheel so someone else will have to chime in. #4 I doubt there’s any advantage of alignment. Aesthetically, side-by-side looks right to me. Kamado onward!
  9. OXO Good Grips 9 Inch Stainless Steel Locking Tongs https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00004OCK0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_fvWREb4JZ6CED also 12 inch
  10. Just load up your fire bowl full of lump and cook away. Whatever is left over you can use for your next cook.
  11. I normally don’t start cooking at the moment my thermometer hits my desired temp. I give it time to settle in. There are, of course, differing opinions and practices.
  12. It is a thick hocking hunk of soapstone. Plus one would normally heat soak for about an hour anyway, so there’s no added burden
  13. aha! Nothing against wok-on-the-Kamado, of course, just wondering where you were headed. All for trying different things and recipes, especially when stuck at home. Let us know what you find and post some cooks... good, bad, and, definitely, ugly!
  14. a pot lifter would be a good investment. I bought one a few years ago from amazon for like $25
  15. whatcha planning on cooking on a wok? For various reasons, I don't think a Kamado would be the way to go for stir fry and doubt you'd get much in the wok hei department.
  16. great video! I use the parchment paper trick on a wooden peel to avoid sticking. I might just be too slow at assembling my pizza. I use a wooden peel to launch and serve but a metal peel to give the pizza a spin or two during the cook and for retrieval. I think a metal peel would be even more likely to stick at launch time than a wooden peel.
  17. I haven't seen the video review for the bidet. Is it in the works? I did have an opportunity to pick up a pair, albeit a different model and cold water only: one for my bathroom and the other for Mrs. Topher's. As an aside, separate baths is the way to go (but she gets the bigger bath, of course ). Anyway, installation was a breeze. Just unhook the water supply to the toilet valve and hook it up to a T fitting, hook the T fitting to the toilet valve, and run the supplied line from the T fitting to the bidet valve, and we're off to the races on the plumbing side. Place and align the bidet between the seat and the bowl, and you're pretty much set. A little aiming, and you're done. Ten minutes, tops, to install each one. I tell you, kneeling in front of a toilet bowl is usually no pleasure, but this is my personal best experience doing so. My TP usage has gone WAY, WAY down. And, the cool spray bring an invigorating and refreshing boost to the morning constitutional. It might be psychological, but I feel a lot cleaner. Mrs. Topher says the same thing. I can't believe we were such savages. All in all, it was worth the $30-per-bidet investment!
  18. Great looking deck, man! And good looking cook. your hand, on the other, um, hand, not so great. Be careful, brother. You don’t need a reason to go to the hospital these days!
  19. Carbon steel is the traditional way to go
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