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  1. While KJ is mentioned in the topic, this post isn't particularly KJ-specific, hence posting in this sub-forum rather than the KJ sub-forum. I received an email from KJ last night with info on some upcoming live events: https://live.kama.do
  2. "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these Kamado Gurus from the swift completion of their appointed cooks."
  3. thanks again @Beermachine! I made my first red curry last light (mostly) following your recipe, making a few adjustments based on what I had, and didn't have, in the fridge and pantry. It came together pretty quickly and was darn good. Mrs. Topher thanks you, as well!
  4. Hat trick: Great design, great build, great video!! I like the kids hovering around the concrete mixer. Questions: You clearly have talent for designing and building cool tables. Dude, why is your mitre on the floor of your garage, and why is a HD bucket your work seat???
  5. +1 on thermapen. Thermoworks happens to be running a deal right now of 25% off its thermopen. +1 on Maverick. Thermoworks smoke is another good wireless thermometer. The only real "accessories" that you need are lump and food! Kamado onward!
  6. As an alternative, Lodge, e.g., makes a bunch of two-handle skillets.
  7. that's some nice looking pizza! So good looking, they might not make it for multiple lunchES!
  8. The KJ cast iron griddle is certainly a good griddle. It's two sided: one side is smooth and the other side is ribbed. It was seasoned quite well from the factory. Better than Lodge's factory seasoning, in my view. Other than the times when I want the split cooking surfaces, throwing a plain old skillet or griddle pan right on the grill provides the same cooking experience. Just observing that I could have saved a few bucks by foregoing the KJ griddle. My advice is to let your cooks dictate your accessory purchases.
  9. I'm confused by this: "It expanded more, I knocked the air out held at 40deg Celsius for an hour or so then needed and sat for another hour or two." 40*C = 104*F. Holding at that high temp for an hour and then for another hour or two doesn't make any sense to me. Pizza dough snapping back when trying to form into a skin is often a sign of the dough being too cold. My pizza workflow is usually a 24-hour room temperature ferment. Sometimes, I throw it in the fridge to slow things down if it's a particularly warm day or if I need to delay my cook. It'll be usable for at least another day from the fridge, but needs to get back to room temp. I don't roll to open the dough into a pizza skin. Instead, I stretch. I never punch down my dough.
  10. While kamado-specific accessories (e.g., the KJ soapstone you mentioned) and branded accessories (e.g., KJ branded, BGE branded) might be on the pricier side, there is no reason to not adapt or adopt accessories for use in your KJ. The KJ-branded soapstone cooking surface is a good example. You can certainly use a "generic" soapstone. But soapstone is dense/heavy, so shipping can really add to the cost. Also, while I have the KJ cast iron griddle, in retrospect, I would have skipped it and just stick with a cast iron skillet.
  11. Is there something you are looking for in particular? I don't consider KJ branded accessories to be inexpensive. But they are extremely well made. We're in Kamado-land, where inexpensive accessories are not particularly easy to come by.
  12. I stumbled across this video, which I found hysterically funny
  13. your overall layout looks good. Don't forget that the lid, when open, sits quite far behind the back of the grill (at least on my Classic I), so you might need more depth if you want to have the KJ in the spot shown in your graphic. I've been to homes where the owner put a gasser too close to the house (vinyl siding), and it looked like this: Personally, I would move the KJ to the opposite side of the counter, overlooking what I assume is the yard.
  14. looks like a large tub of starter, but may just be the camera angle? Tartine Country Loaf and The Perfect Loaf's Beginner Sourdough Bread are two great breads.
  15. I placed a Costco order for the KJ lump on 4/14 and received an email from Costco on 4/17 saying that the lump was shipped, via FedEx. The Tracking Detail page at FedEx has shown "Shipment information sent to FedEx" since April 17. It doesn't look like the lump is in FedEx's hands yet. That's OK by me. I'm patient, and there are many more people in much more dire need of their deliveries than I am right now for this lump (which feels like a luxury item). I've seen, expectedly, a bunch of delays through UPS, FedEx, USPS, Amazon, etc.
  16. I would reach out to Thermoworks and request a price adjustment
  17. I have both and would forego the cast iron in favor of the soapstone.
  18. Looks great!! But truth be told, I haven’t had a proper hamburger in 6+ years! Only veggie (e.g., homemade black bean) burgers for me. I went to Shake Shack a few months ago and couldn’t order a hamburger or cheeseburger. Their portobello burger was, IMO, horrifying!
  19. I agree 100%. Why am I such a fan-boy? Oh, right.... Smoke, Thermopen, etc., etc. oh, also the jelly belly jelly beans with each order (which I give to my wife, who has a much sweeter sweet tooth than me!)
  20. I’ll have to check mine to see if it has a similar hole. I doubt it would affect anything
  21. The covered furniture reminds me of my grandmother’s living room. Except her covers are clear plastic sorry to not answer your question. Your deck looks like a great place to enjoy a few cold ones
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