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  1. Sorry, but I only have that measurement in inches and cubits
  2. It’s the (good) bacteria that gives sourdough the tang (and keeps the other nasty critters at bay). Water, flour, and some time (few days to a week) is all you need for a robust starter.
  3. Waffles look amazing! Grab your towel and don’t panic! I think you might need a true natural yeast starter and it’s yeast/bacteria combination to get any hint of sourdough
  4. I’ll be right over for breakfast. I’ll bring th oj
  5. ... or prescription meds to cure them
  6. This has never, ever happened to me. Having said that, I will likely do so the next time I’m within toe-stubbing distance. Thanks a lot
  7. Great post! We obviously enjoy our kamados, kamado cooking, talking about our kamados and our kamado cooking, buying stuff for our kamados, reading about kamados, looking at pictures of kamados, etc. They’re versatile tools that excel at lots of different things. But they are tools and sometimes the wrong one for the job at hand. Or just one alternative among other tools.
  8. Happy belated birthday wishes, @John Setzler, and thanks, as always, for keeping this site running
  9. Last time I got called for jury duty (New York state court), it was phone-in, for four days. My number was not selected, so I did not have to appear in person. The time before that, I did have to appear in-person but was excused that day after voir dire. I received a questionnaire several years ago for federal jury duty but never received a summons to appear.
  10. 15 minute cook definitely points to low temp not faulty thermometer. Fire looks good with the lid open. Oxygen is fed from the open lid. Closing the lid chokes down the air flow and the fire.
  11. My physician doesn’t have to practice. He KNOWS it
  12. Great job! Mouth watering. Can I come over for dinner, please?
  13. Agreeing with the above posts that you almost certainly have an airflow issue. I suspect ash/dust/smalls/rocks plugging up the holes in the charcoal grate. Let us know if you find a solution.
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