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  1. To save a grand, i would escalate and try dealing with the main customer service department at Lowes’s HQ rather than at the store level.
  2. Chris Topher

    My cheap pizza stone broke

    Alternative to a pizza stone is a baking steel. Unbreakable!
  3. Well played. It looks like you got the deal of the year, only a few days into 2019
  4. Chris Topher

    Classic I Sale - Good Deal?

    Do it now
  5. Chris Topher

    Thermoworks Smoke

    Nice review
  6. Chris Topher

    High n Fast Pizza Cook

    My understanding, from the info on this site, is that the DoJoe would be used with the top vent shut completely, allowing higher dome temp and airflow out of the front ala WFO.
  7. Chris Topher

    High n Fast Pizza Cook

    I think wide open on the top vents too much air. That’s a major issue with using a kamado for a high heat pizza cook and why the DoJoe (or similar accessory) could really up one’s pizza game.
  8. Chris Topher

    Couple of good books

    Thefreshloaf.com and pizzamaking.com sites are great... and rabbit holes, indeed. I found so interesting the predictive models for pizza dough using starter and ADY on pizzamaking.com. 2 other good books are Ken Forkish’s Flour Water Salt Yeast and The Elements of Pizza.
  9. Chris Topher

    What tongs do you use?

    Oxo tongs for me
  10. Chris Topher

    We have the cheapest gas in the country

    The US is apparently now the worlds largest oil producer. Cheap gas is good for consumers. Not so much for oil producers.
  11. Chris Topher

    Baking Steel Pizza

    When I don’t feel like firing up the Kamado Joe for a pizza cook, I go high in my oven with my pizza steel at 500* for about 6 - 8 minutes on 65% hydration dough (no oil or sugar), then broil for a minute or two.
  12. Chris Topher

    Joe Classic clearance

    Yup. Ace ran this $699 deal last year. I had the same experience as @fbov: ordered, Ace canceled. Ordered again, Ace canceled. Ordered again, by phone confirming in-stock, Ace canceled. The benevolent Kamado gods then smiled on me when amazon ran an even better deal ($650 or so, iirc), free delivery, plus 5% cash back with my amazon prime card. About half the cost of a KJCII was a no-brainer for me to skip the improvements. As I said on my posts last year about my KJ quest, I’m a cheap %#*%+
  13. Chris Topher

    Cast Iron or Stainless?

    I’d guess a better crust on the soapstone.
  14. Chris Topher

    Chest Freezer Question(s)

    I have a FoodSaver. Works great for my needs, but I have nothing to compare it to. If you buy directly from FoodSaver, wait for a sale (which they constantly run). I think they have a 40% off deal right now. Don’t pay full price.