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  1. Hello, fellow LIer. Lowe’s or HD for RO lump is a good bet. Costco had an 80 lb or $80 deal on kJ lump not to long ago. I’ve ordered online from FOGO and can also get RO at my local supermarket.
  2. Looks great! Sous vide really can’t be beat when it comes to steak
  3. A thou is a good price, but what's the "bundle?" Bundled with the usual stuff that it's bundled with?
  4. OK, that looks great!! When I saw the beans and the blender, I thought to myself, why go through the trouble of making tofu, when you can pick up a package for a few measly bucks at the supermarket. The last few pictures made me go, "AHA!" Looks good!
  5. I was going to say something juvenile about oiling meat for proper penetration, but I decided not to do so.
  6. shape, schmape. That pizza looks good enough (and round enough) to me!
  7. I am not a ‘vette guy, but that is one sweet ride!
  8. I would just stick with flour, water, salt, and yeast if you’re hitting 700+. Sugar, honey included, will definitely burn at those temps. OTOH, there’s no reason not to drop your temp to match your dough
  9. 500 bucks is a killer deal on the KJCI. Great score!
  10. Don’t try to be stingy with the lump when you use the DoJoe. I’ve removed mine from my classic I while still got. It’s a quick but risky move because she is screaming hot with no way to slow things down.
  11. Will have to try this. I’ve dumped too many strawberries that have gotten hairy and could have walked out the door on their own or picked a fight with the blueberries
  12. PizzApp is a good app for the iPhone (don’t know if they have an Android app) pizzaforum.com is also a good resource (but a bit of a rabbit hole, like this site )
  13. That’s some great looking bread (especially the crumb!), @adm! i like my crust a bit darker, but I’d gobble down that whole loaf in one sitting!
  14. 600-700 is a great deal on a classic I
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