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  1. Chris Topher

    I'm so disapointed..... Kamado Joe customer service

    Maybe I missed it but I don’t see where KJ CS told the OP not to use it. We we don’t know the severity of the crack... hairline? Gaping? i imagine kJ will come through in the end. Being proactive could help
  2. I usually cook for 2. My Akorn and KJ Classic I have each served me well. I think a KJ Jr. would have been a bit tight.
  3. Chris Topher

    Base Assembly Question

    They’re set screws and don’t screw in all the way
  4. Chris Topher

    Georgia Kamado Joe Owner Here

    welcome! lots of great info on this site.
  5. Chris Topher

    Roadshow - Accessories (Cooking Surfaces)?

    Thanks for the replies. I thought they were only selling the grills, lump, and JOETisserie but it was worth checking. Will buy some lump.
  6. I stumbled across this deal on the KJ Classic I, for anyone interested. https://www.bbqguys.com/kamado-joe/classic-18-inch-freestanding-ceramic-grill?product_id=2878262&merchant_id=3173333&creative=174802986478&target=&placement=&device=c&campaign=743375279&adgroup=37820636774&source=google-adwords&medium=shopping-campaign&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5LXYmLy62wIVQtbACh1Qiwx1EAQYAiABEgIUhfD_BwE&s_kwcid=AL!5468!3!174802986478!!!s!277649682426!&ef_id=WxVudQAABDaTsBgM:20180604165309:s
  7. The roadshow will be in town at my local Costco later this week. I will be picking up some lump and was wondering if they sell KJ cooking surfaces at any meaningful discount. I've had my eye on the soapstone and stainless cooking surfaces. Any insight would be much appreciated!
  8. Chris Topher

    The cart is here!

  9. Chris Topher

    Must haves for new owner of Big Joe

    Matches or a lighter
  10. Chris Topher

    Celebrating the New Arrival!

    Enjoy the JR!!
  11. Chris Topher

    Margherita-heim Pizza

    Looks darn good!!
  12. Great lookin’ cook!!
  13. Chris Topher

    Salmon and Veggie Cook

    Good lookin’ cook!!
  14. Chris Topher

    Custom Cedar Table for Kamado Joe

    beautiful work!
  15. Chris Topher

    New Joe Owner

    And a lighter...