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  1. I dig the new KG look and the new KG logo!
  2. Cleanliness of that metal ring is critical to the efficient burning of your lump and any residual dirt will negatively impact performance. Extreme dirtiness will prevent your cooker from coming up to temp. Therefore, you should polish it to mirror finish at the slightest sign of dirt, at least weekly if not daily. Definitely do so before each and every cook.
  3. ThermoWorks smoke is a good alternative. It’s a 2-probe unit. They also make a 4-probe unit, but I forget the product name. I saw a blue smoke bbq thermometer on amazon recently. I don’t know much about it but it’s quite a bit less expensive than the ThermoWorks devices. the maverick is, of course, a solid unit.
  4. I guess I wouldn't ace any cognitive test any time soon
  5. I give up... what’s missing?
  6. I don't have my DoJoe instructions handy, but I agree with @John Setzler that the top vent should be closed when you put the DoJoe onto the cooker. Otherwise, you're just burning up fuel. With a lot of airflow up the sides and out the top vent, I'd imagine you'd take a long time for the dome thermometer (which is not in that main airflow) to see/read 700-ish. Are you loading the firebox up on lump? Too little fuel could lead to shorter overall usable cook time, especially if you're leaving the top vent open for any extended period of time.
  7. I have taken a super lazy route and bought 12” round parchment paper sheets from amazon. 200 sheets for 14 bucks. Perfect size, since I shoot for ca. 12” pizzas
  8. Good luck @KamadoJeff34109!! let us know how it works out. Post questions if you have any
  9. in reverse order, theperfectloaf.com has some great info, generally, and two straightforward recipes that you might check out. The first is the beginner sour dough (https://www.theperfectloaf.com/beginners-sourdough-bread/), combining bread, whole wheat, and rye flours. This is what pops out at the end: The other is the all-purpose flour recipe (https://www.theperfectloaf.com/sourdough-bread-with-all-purpose-flour/). I have no affiliation with theperfectloaf.com, except as a follower of its good content. thefreshloaf.com is also a good resource (no affiliati
  10. What kind of flour? Rye four or whole wheat could kick start the starter
  11. Hello, fellow LIer. Lowe’s or HD for RO lump is a good bet. Costco had an 80 lb or $80 deal on kJ lump not to long ago. I’ve ordered online from FOGO and can also get RO at my local supermarket.
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