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  1. Chris Topher

    Lump charcoal

    I ordered directly from char broil
  2. Chris Topher

    Lump charcoal

    I paid $10 per 11 lb. box, plus about $16 delivery for 10 boxes.
  3. Chris Topher

    Lump charcoal

    I broke open the Center Cut for a pizza cook and was impressed. It lit right up with no noticeable sparking and easily came up to temp (~550*). I’m glad I gave this a whirl. Also happy with the price and delivery.
  4. Chris Topher

    Lodge cook it all

    Lodge did a live video launch of the cook-it-all on Facebook a few weeks ago. The video quality was really spotty, so I gave up after a minute or two.
  5. Chris Topher

    Gotta Love Roadshows

    ^^^ this is my issue with Costco. Walk in needing some trash bags and dog treats... walk out with trash bags, dog treats, a vacuum cleaner, 10 lbs of pistachios, three cases of water, a kayak, half a salmon, hot sauce for life, 850 paper plates, two dozen toothbrushes, a five gallon pail of mouthwash, 10,000 Advil tablets...
  6. Chris Topher

    Lump charcoal

    Same here. Delivery on 10 boxes of Center Cut was less than $20
  7. Chris Topher

    Lump charcoal

    My order of 10 boxes of Center Cut was listed as Fedex. In the end, it was delivered by Estes fwiw
  8. Chris Topher

    Lump charcoal

    10 boxes of CenterCut showed up at my door on Friday... on a pallet... Gonna fire up the kamado for a pizza cook with the CenterCut shortly...
  9. Under the grate will be too close to the fire, and you will end up with a burnt mess. You really need to get the pizza up in the dome or close to some other radiant heat source (hence a stone on the warming rack) to cook the toppings while also cooking the crust via the pizza stone/steel. It’s really a balancing act of time, temp, dough, and set -up.
  10. Chris Topher

    My first pizza...

    You’re off to a great start! Round or more organically shaped doesn’t matter one bit. When i I had an akorn, I used a stone on the warming rack to try to get some radiant heat up close to the toppings. I also used the two lower stones trick discussed throughout this forum. I put an old cracked stone on the main grate with a few 1/2 plumbing fittings on which I would place a stone or steel. The air gap helps avoid burning the bottom of the crust, because the stone/steel doesn’t “see” the fire and overheat. Pizza making is a fun and tasty journey...
  11. Chris Topher

    Hurricane Florence

    During a nor’easter, I had a trampoline (8-12 feet diameter) in my side yard that blew up and over a 6’ fence, down my driveway, across my street, and onto my neighbor’s lawn. Granted the aerodynamics of a trampoline are quite different from a Big Joe.
  12. $299 is steel akorn territory
  13. Chris Topher

    Hurricane Florence

    Looks like a major storm, likely to affect the coast and well inland of the coast. There’s no protecting homes and personal property from the force of wind, rain, and surge. Protect yourself, your families, and your pets by getting out of harm’s way. Don’t put the lives of first responders in jeopardy by trying to ride it out. Stuff, including our precious Kamados, is meaningless and replaceable.
  14. Chris Topher

    Top Vent loss of setting: Big Joe II

    turn the base of the top vent so that the daisy wheel doesn’t fly open or closed when you lift the lid
  15. Chris Topher

    Everdure 4K

    Saw this on bbqpit.de Everdure Grill News 2019 Visually a highlight is the new Everdure 4K Grill. The grill, which is available in 5 different colors, works much like a ceramic grill, but is also equipped with many technical features. For example, the coal is ignited thanks to a fan by pressing a button. Per app tells us the device at what level the fans must be set to reach certain temperatures and targeted cooking times. Charcoal can be added through a side opening without opening the lid. The Everdure 4K is a very exciting product, which will be available from spring 2019 for around € 2400.