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  1. So, what’s the deal with vacuum marinating? I get that tumbling might tenderize, but I’m having trouble wrapping my head around vacuum marination. I think foodsaver has a marinating container. Wouldn’t vacuum just suck any gas from the container and its contents? maybe I’m just daft
  2. I've "hard boiled" eggs with my Anova sous vide, @Owly, with good results. I'm roughly at sea level, so I don't have the elevation challenges that you seem to have. Now, I find it convenient to just steam them to perfection. 12 mins or so for perfectly set "hard boiled" large eggs, 15 mins for extra large eggs. I think serious eats has a good article about sous vide eggs (and also steaming eggs) (and also other good articles on sous vide techniques)
  3. I've thrown the gateway into my Thermoworks cart, probably about 50 times. It's in there right now. Then, I check the app reviews on the iPhone App Store and then bail. The overwhelming negative reviews makes me leery, so I haven't pulled the trigger, even though I am tempted to do so at $44.50.
  4. I use this stuff that I pick up at my local supermarket. I honestly have no idea if it’s any better than vinegar or citric acid.
  5. I’ve purchased from amazon, a KJ Classic I, cast iron grate, cast iron griddle, and soapstone. All were authentic (or very convincing counterfeit items). i think you might be confusing misleading advertising for counterfeiting. i kinda doubt that the faking KJ accessories would be sufficiently lucrative for counterfeiting. BGE, maybe... in two decades of purchasing assorted products from amazon (clothing, footwear, BBQ items, kitchen goods, books, electronics, cameras, food, cds, dvds, automotive parts, etc.), I’ve had very few issues with amazon or its sellers, and amazon has always resolved the issue immediately and to my satisfaction. You also have credit card protections, assuming you pay be credit card.
  6. Thanks for the tip, @KJTerp! Mrs. Chris Topher goes through the branded Magic Erasers pretty quickly, so buying in bulk can save us a few bucks!
  7. off topic, but it’s amazing what those magic erasers will do! I power washed my garage door a few months ago, to no avail, trying to rid some mildew/mold. A quick once-over with the magic eraser and back to new!
  8. Didn’t notice “full Griswold” the first time I read your original post, @DerHusker... hysterical!! What a funny movie
  9. great looking house, Christmas Eve dinner, and family!
  10. in addition to a salute and special thanks, I put my money where my mouth is and contribute financially to help John keep this site up and running.
  11. I recently received an assortment of fish (cod, tuna, salmon, swordfish) from Omaha Steaks. The salmon was pretty good, although thinner than I normally prefer; the rest are in the freezer. The tuna is pretty thin. I am lucky enough to live near several top-shelf fish mongers, so I wouldn't buy fish from Omaha Steaks, particularly at their high prices.
  12. For a wireless thermometer, I highly recommend the ThermoWorks Smoke. It does not have fan capabilities. Anything from ThermoWorks is great
  13. Seems like touch up paint solves the cosmetic issue, thereby “making it right,” I think. If cracks or other issues arise, and hopefully they won’t, KJ should take care of it. Sending a few emails asking to “make this right” is a bit cryptic. If you wanted cash compensation or some freebies for your troubles, you could have asked them rather than resent them for not doing so. Sounds like you wanted them to “do [you] a favor though”
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