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  1. Who cares about the drill, just look at that grill hanging off the edge! That’s what makes me nervous!!
  2. Because you INSERT it into the grill. Where’s the confusion??
  3. You might be making your car an easier target
  4. yowza! Looks like you have the KJ secured against any theft. Any potential thief should certainly be deterred.
  5. Check out the lump comparison thread by @ckreef (a seasoned professional) in the product reviews section. KJ big block took almost an hour to get up to 500*F where RO took about half the time. If you’re looking to go hot, e.g., a pizza cook, you may want to try a different lump. I came from an Akorn to a KJ Classic I (which sounds like what you have). The design of the fire grate is much different. In the Akorn, the fire grate is just a small grill grate. You know what the KJ fire grate looks like. As a noob with the KJ, it took me some time to adjust to the cast iron KJ fire grate; I had trouble getting past about 400, kinda where you are. I took a crutch approach, and threw in a grate like the Akorn’s and had no trouble reaching higher temps. “Aha,” I needed to LEARN a little, did some sleuthing here, went back to the stock fire grate, and am now conscious of keeping the air holes clear of smalls, stones, and such. Keep at it, and Kamado onward!
  6. Pretty good. A buck a pound. I see they have the KJ Classic (what appears to be a Classic I) for $750 delivered.
  7. Smart choice on the Classic, regardless of which version or somewhere in between
  8. Big Yeti fan here, as I drink my coffee from my Rambler. It will keep the coffee piping hot or the margaritas ice cold for hours. I recently picked up a soft-sided cooler from amazon at a great price in a flash sale. It, and the cockroaches, will survive a nuclear apocalypse!
  9. My setup is embarrassing in comparison. Just the KJ Classic I on my deck, in the corner. It gets the job done, though!
  10. The very tip of the crack is where the stress riser is located. I think you need to go all the way through, otherwise you won’t eliminate the stress riser.
  11. How is one on a “very limited budget” looking at $1,800 grill How ‘bout an Akorn or two?
  12. Nice knowing you, @ckreef. You and your contributions will be sorely missed
  13. I bought the same style some time ago. Worth the $15 investment
  14. And then there’s this: #DarwinAwardContestant
  15. Thanks! FOGO Sup. Prem. is a real snail getting from 450 to 500 but pretty quick on the lower end of the scale.
  16. Popcorn ready. This thread is becoming much more interesting
  17. Better gas mileage leads to more driving and therefore higher gas usage, so a gas guzzler is actually better for the environment
  18. No, no, no! You’re doing everything wrong. First, don hazmat suit, THEN chicken comes out of the fridge (THEN, as @KJTerp said, gets placed on the cutting board, the bag the chicken is in comes off, the chicken is opened, patted down with paper towels, which then go in the bag, the chicken comes out of the package and it patted down again, towels in bag, container in bag, chicken is trimmed, trimmings in bag (or stockpot), chicken is appropriately cut, placed in a bowl, board is wiped, towel in bag, bag is thrown away, board and knife AND HANDS are washed in the sink). THEN throw out cutting board, throw out bowl, throw out garbage can containing the bag, throw out knife, burn down house (including the fridge). Oh... and cook the chicken
  19. The answer was posted not too long ago. I made a snarky comment that I had the dimensions in cubits, so maybe search “cubits”. I can’t imagine that many hits
  20. Hard to tell, but these both look quite a bit thinner gauge than the KJ and KAB alternatives. But at half the price, they might be worth checking out. I was surprised to see some reviews saying the KAB suffered rusting.
  21. Like comparing an Ibanez GSR200 to a Ric 4003 without going to a shop and handling them, or other options, e.g., MIA Ps or Js. Wondering if there are any low-enders who might know what I’m talking about...
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