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  1. Leftover turkey

    I usually go for whatever temp the protein was cooked to. In this case, presumably, 165.
  2. Over the Top Chili

    Seems like, if you have the grill estate, this would be better with the meat offset from the pot so all the grease doesn't drip down into the pot, thereby obviating the need to skim resting fat.
  3. Accessories!

    You get a better sear with thin wire racks. Yes, the cast iron leaves those sexy stripes, but not an even sear like you get with thin grates. If you want the ultimate sear, use a cast iron pan. After all, "brown food tastes good!" therefor, why not brown the whole surface? I'd be asking myself, how smart can the guy be? He married my sister!
  4. First spatchcock chicken

    Looks perfect! Never do poultry any other way now. Looks and sounds funny, but no arguing with the results.
  5. Pit Boss Thermometer

    Get a good dual-probe digital remote thermometer and don't worry about the dome temp. I'm now using the Thermoworks Smoke after spending much more on cheapo thermometer after cheapo thermometer. Wish I'd gotten the Smoke first...
  6. fire box broken

    Danson's is a Canadian company, just contact them.
  7. Picked up a PartyQ for the K24

    Most commonly, a grate clip is used to place the probe about 1" above the grate. Lacking a clip, I've been known to poke the probe through a wine cork and place the cork on the grate.
  8. First Turkey on my boss

    Beautiful bird! Only thing I do differently is putting my bird on a rack above the veggies, so the bottom browns too.
  9. Help Needed!!!!

    You have gotten good and bad advice in this thread. Seal your intake and exhaust as needed. Fill your firebox and light a small fire. Chasdev has given you great instructions on starting a low and slow. Follow them, AFTER sealing your air path and you'll have success. As somebody has said before in this forum, trying to control how hot your fire is by how much charcoal you load is like trying to stay under the speed limit in your car by only putting a little gas in the tank. Anybody opening the lid every 30 minutes or so to add charcoal has no idea how a kamado works, as they dump oxygen into the fire every time they open the lid. Unless you're wrapping meat to power through the stall, there is no reason to open your cooker until the meat is done, according to your remote thermometer and a probe test.
  10. You never ate pizza the next morning after an all-nighter?
  11. Sams combo unit

    Looks nice. Reminds me how lucky I've been with frugality... About 7 years ago, Lowe's was closing out a Master Forge stainless grill, with infrared side burner and infrared rotisserie burner for less than $80. Heard about it on another BBQ forum. Closest store with stock was 125 miles, but I got there in time. Added a stainless rotisserie from Amazon for $49 and have nearly the identical grill, sans kamado, for about $130. Fast forward to a couple months ago, when Walmart decided to clear out Akorn Jrs. and I was able to get one for $74. May not have the kamado built in, (pretty cool design) but, functionally, I have everything this Sam's unit has, for a total investment of around $204. Makes my cheapskate heart beat with contentment. Forgot to mention, the Master Forge grill had the worst grids I've ever seen, absolutely everything stuck to them and they were ultralight with NO heat retention. I called the manufacturer and spent a long time on hold, but, due to having checked the complete Master Forge online parts catalogue, I was able to give the csr the part # for identically sized cast iron grates, which she agreed to ship to me under warranty.
  12. I also put the pan below the butt, as I want smoke to caress every square millimeter of the meat. I then rest, wrapped in a cooler and pull after an hour or more, using these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000W3T9CA/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 . I suspect they would be useless for peeling veggies, but they are brilliant for pulling meats, as they just don't slip. Discovered this by accident after my Mother gifted me a pair, which immediately went under the sink, ignored, until I was pulling a butt and happened to think of these gloves. Anyway, I shred the meat into the drip pan, after lightly skimming fat and mix as I go, serving with sauce on the side, usually, or mix in some vinegar/ pepper sauce, depending upon whim.
  13. Beautiful ribs. Looks like you could have used a bit bigger knife...
  14. The verdict on MRE's

    For emergency food, Mountain House freeze-dried packets are the only way to go. Unlike the majority of survival foods, these contain actual meat, not "textured vegetable protein" and are recognizable as food. Open bag, add boiling water, wait 10 minutes or so, consume pretty tasty meal. Costco periodically has them on sale in boxes for what amounts to about $2/ serving, much cheaper than MREs and infinitely better quality.
  15. Beer in Water Pan?

    You have a kamado, not a Weber. Forget the water pan.