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  1. Looks really good for your first stab. It may have had a thin slab of point attached, as there is a fat seam.
  2. Everything you have posted makes it clear your dome thermometer is way off. Besides, who cooks in the dome? Grate temp is the only temp that matters, it's where the food is. This time of year, my indoor-outdoor thermometer may read 105 outdoors, but that doesn't matter, because indoors, where I am, it reads 71. Not sure where you're buying brisket, but at Costco, you'll have trouble paying much over $50, and that's PRIME grade.
  3. This just plain works. You can just roll small bits of aluminum foil into balls instead of the copper fittings, but the fittings were cheap enough, I got those. Couple cups of water in the pan helps too, replenished as needed.
  4. One thing to bear in mind, there's absolutely nothing magical about cooking at 225. If your grill wants to settle at 250 or so, that's fine. Chances are, you'll be running a little bit cleaner fire at the slightly higher temp.
  5. Shoulder is amazing, given a heavy rub with garam masala seasoning. Only problem here is, it's special order only, and rather expensive.
  6. I have both an Akorn Jr. and a 24" Pit Boss. Probably use the Jr. twice as much as the larger grill. Capacity is surprising. You won't find a pork butt that won't fit, plenty of room for as big a chicken as you'll find, even spatchcocked. Will need to cut spares in half and will only fit one rack unless you use a rib holder to stack them upright. Comes up to temp much quicker than my ceramic, holds temps about as well and is amazingly parsimonious with charcoal. Be sure to get the deflector and drip pan so you can cook indirect, and the cover, so it won'
  7. I like Montreal steak rub for just about any cut of beef, especially short ribs. Remember, cook to tenderness, not temp. When a toothpick slips in without resistance, it's chow time!
  8. This won't be any use to much of the country, this company being just California and Washington state, but Smart and final has select beef brisket foe $1.99/lb. and pork belly for $1.79/lb. Limits are 2 bags of meat. Got a pretty bendy brisket and a very meaty pork belly today. Didn't really check them very closely until we got home. They looked amazing for the price. Going back tomorrow for another try.
  9. Looks like a Pit Boss with somewhat different top vent...
  10. If you let it burn a little longer, the sides heat up and warm your lower legs too. Absolutely love ours.
  11. If you have a Lowe's or Home Depot nearby, they'll probably have a decent selection and will be less expensive. Walmart too.
  12. Every item you call out IS natural. Well, not sure about etc...
  13. I always soak the corned beef for a day in a couple changes of water to reduce the saltiness to a tolerable level. Also, after bringing beef in the smoker to around 160 degrees, I cool, refrigerate for a day, then pressure steam to 200 degrees to finish.
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