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  1. Pork bellies at Costco are generally large, meaty and have the skin removed. I have skinned pork bellies, but without the experience of a butcher, it's really a two person job, because it takes one hand to pull the skin, one hand to hold down the meat and that third hand to run the knife. Also, I really like grinding up a few bay leaves to add to a standard bacon cure. This takes awhile, as bay leaves are tough little buggers, but I love the extra flavor they impart.
  2. Right now, Walmart has the Kamado Joe classic 18" for $674.10 with free delivery.
  3. If you're going to wrap in foil, just chuck it into the oven. No advantage to using the kamado at this stage.
  4. Akorn Jr. will fit a spatchcocked chicken, split ribs, a couple chuck roasts, etc. It's super-efficient, using tiny amounts of charcoal and works well as a grill or an oven. I use mine far more often than my ceramic Kamado.
  5. Search "Pepper stout beef" absolutely amazing.
  6. You have a NY strip steak there, not a boneless ribeye.
  7. Grass fed is going to be chewier, and more expensive. Grain finished beef will have more marbling, therefore, better taste. Fat = flavor.
  8. Texas BBQ rub is my go-to, inexpensive and a great comp win record. Spicy Dizzy Dust is another winner. Other suggestions above are all legit.
  9. If your goal is medium rare, pull your steaks at no more than 115*. At this point, there is zero benefit to searing in your kamado unless you just have way too much charcoal and need to reduce your supply. JK. You can accomplish the best sear, (even browning) in a cast iron pan on your stovetop, assuming a decent range hood. Lacking this, a camp stove outside also works great. Using 1.5" - 2" steaks, I get the pan to 500* + (Infrared thermometer is your friend) Flip meat every 30 seconds for a total of 1 minute per side, 2 extra flips for 2" steaks, so 90 seconds per side. Give this a try, you'll like the results, or your money back.
  10. I'd happily munch down on either!
  11. Great looking cook! I wish I didn't have to mute the audio when watching.
  12. I take a 1 1/2' (at least) steak and cook at 180* with abundant smoke, until 115* internal, then finish in a ripping hot cast iron pan, 30 seconds per side, 4 times. You probably can't get your kamado to run this cool ( I use a pellet smoker) so just settle low and slow. You won't get as much smoke flavor, but it'll be good.
  13. Looks really good for your first stab. It may have had a thin slab of point attached, as there is a fat seam.
  14. Everything you have posted makes it clear your dome thermometer is way off. Besides, who cooks in the dome? Grate temp is the only temp that matters, it's where the food is. This time of year, my indoor-outdoor thermometer may read 105 outdoors, but that doesn't matter, because indoors, where I am, it reads 71. Not sure where you're buying brisket, but at Costco, you'll have trouble paying much over $50, and that's PRIME grade.
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