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  1. If you let it burn a little longer, the sides heat up and warm your lower legs too. Absolutely love ours.
  2. If you have a Lowe's or Home Depot nearby, they'll probably have a decent selection and will be less expensive. Walmart too.
  3. Every item you call out IS natural. Well, not sure about etc...
  4. I always soak the corned beef for a day in a couple changes of water to reduce the saltiness to a tolerable level. Also, after bringing beef in the smoker to around 160 degrees, I cool, refrigerate for a day, then pressure steam to 200 degrees to finish.
  5. After a couple years with the stock grid system, I became fed up with the lost space on the bottom grid due to the "feet" the upper grid has for attachment, which really limited placement of drip pans and food items on the lower grid. Got the adjustable rig from CGS and am very impressed with their solution to my problem. Now, both grates are 100% usable and I'm sure the adjustable rig will outlast me.
  6. You didn't get the meat anywhere near done. The tough part of a brisket won't break down below 195 F - 205 F. You quit at around 171 F, resulting in a still tough piece of meat. Brisket is done when a toothpick will slide in with very little resistance, never before. Hang around here, read a lot and ask questions. You probably don't have a deep bench of BBQ experts in the UK. I suspect it's the warm beer killing the taste buds...
  7. With a few bucks worth of Nomex and about 1/2 hour of time, it IS a great smoker. No idea why Danson's hasn't addressed this after more than 3 years of production, but fortunately, it's a really easy fix.
  8. May get bombarded with stones for this, but we get the disposable pepper and salt grinders from Costco and have never had one fail prior to being empty. Start with a new grinder roughly every year for pepper, much less often for salt, due to using mostly kosher for cooking.
  9. Did you not get a cover with your Pit Boss? I cover mine as soon as the dome temp drops below 150 and have never had this problem. If you don't let it get wet, it can't freeze shut. If you're using it in snowy weather, get a cheap chimney cap from the hardware store to keep precip off the top vent.
  10. Harbor Freight electric heat gun works great too, since it adds wind to the heat.
  11. Package sounds like a great deal. Only around 21" cooking space though. Unlike everybody else, Pit Boss measures kettle diameter rather than grill diameter.
  12. I've had a Green Mountain Jim Bowie for 8 years now and cook almost entirely on it all winter, since it sits on my covered porch. If I were buying today, I'd look long and hard at the Louisiana grill Costco is now selling. About the same main chamber capacity as my GMG plus a large vertical smoking only chamber. Tremendous amount of grill from an established mfg. for $799.
  13. When I sealed mine a couple years ago, it took both hands and real determination to slide the vent lid, but it has worn in over time and is now pretty easy to adjust. Two years in and still completely satisfied with this grill. Between it and my $74 Akorn Jr, I feel like we got seats behind home plate for nosebleed seat prices.
  14. And we wouldn't want "curry" smell in the house, because...
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