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  1. May get bombarded with stones for this, but we get the disposable pepper and salt grinders from Costco and have never had one fail prior to being empty. Start with a new grinder roughly every year for pepper, much less often for salt, due to using mostly kosher for cooking.
  2. Did you not get a cover with your Pit Boss? I cover mine as soon as the dome temp drops below 150 and have never had this problem. If you don't let it get wet, it can't freeze shut. If you're using it in snowy weather, get a cheap chimney cap from the hardware store to keep precip off the top vent.
  3. Harbor Freight electric heat gun works great too, since it adds wind to the heat.
  4. Package sounds like a great deal. Only around 21" cooking space though. Unlike everybody else, Pit Boss measures kettle diameter rather than grill diameter.
  5. I've had a Green Mountain Jim Bowie for 8 years now and cook almost entirely on it all winter, since it sits on my covered porch. If I were buying today, I'd look long and hard at the Louisiana grill Costco is now selling. About the same main chamber capacity as my GMG plus a large vertical smoking only chamber. Tremendous amount of grill from an established mfg. for $799.
  6. When I sealed mine a couple years ago, it took both hands and real determination to slide the vent lid, but it has worn in over time and is now pretty easy to adjust. Two years in and still completely satisfied with this grill. Between it and my $74 Akorn Jr, I feel like we got seats behind home plate for nosebleed seat prices.
  7. And we wouldn't want "curry" smell in the house, because...
  8. How bad is UPS to 98847?
  9. Nice looking butt you've got there! Don't really lose much heat opening these up to look, since the ceramic is heat-soaked. Congrats on the new kamado.
  10. Keep an eye out for a sale on Thermoworks Smoke. When on sale, it's priced close to the Maverick, and there's simply no comparison in build quality and ease of setup. Wish I'd bought it first. Would have been way cheaper than the 4 units I saved money by buying one after another as they failed.
  11. Loc-tite is your friend...
  12. If the cost is a deterrent, check "Titan high efficiency stainless steel lump charcoal basket" on Amazon. Not available right now, but it will likely be back. About 1/2 the price and I like mine.
  13. Chuck, cooked sous vide for 48 or more hours, is FAR better than tenderloin. AA, that is just gorgeous.
  14. Basically, as mstewart39 says. Only real difference being, I use a cast iron pan for the sear. The Maillard reaction (the browning) makes the meat taste better. Do I want just the stripes to taste better, or the whole steak? I also use tongs to sear the edges of the steak, for the same reason. The dry brine is crucial. I put the steak on a rack, after generously seasoning with salt, over a plate and put in the fridge, Uncovered, so air can circulate all around the surface of the meat. Also, for reverse sear, do not, as so many do, take the steak out of the fridge and bring to room temp. I want the meat to be in the smoke as long as possible before hitting my pull point, generally 115 F.
  15. If I came across as brand-bashing, I apologize. That was not my intention. Being unrich, I tend to be VERY value conscious. Kamado grills used to be the province of either the wealthy or military personnel returning from the far east. This has, happily changed over the decades to a point of having very functional and affordable cookers available to the masses.
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