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  1. I purchased a 16” 3/4” thick soapstone from Soapstoneproducts.com...was $117...plus a bite for shipping...$42...but that sucker is heavy. Packaged well and no issues with delivery. I wanted more room for griddle-like cooks... Love the soapstone’s performance. I also have the KJ 1/2 moon.
  2. no instructions needed..."Plug & Play" or..should I say...grill....Just buy whatever base unit you prefer...I have iGrill 2..works great!
  3. I have spent a couple hours over many days on the net looking for those BIG ones you see on some forks...I cannot for the life of me find them on any hardware site. Have looked at the big boxes..to no avail...
  4. George is the Kamado Joe Rep at the Brandon Costco roadshow. Nice guy..was fun talking about all things KJ!
  5. Ecoke

    Time to upgrade?

    I need to ask you folks. I have never tried a brisket as of yet..(new KJCll this past December). Is there a big issue if you cut the brisket in half or in sizable pieces to fit on a classic with the extender? I can see where keeping it whole may be ideal...but what truly is the down side?
  6. Woohoo...couldn’t resist shouting out...JUNIOR HAS ARRIVED! I lurked here over 2 years...bought my Classic ll a week before Christmas...have been loving it...and now this...I guess is what can happen if you leave it on the Lanai in the dark...at night...a baby,. First trip....a batch of wings! Thank you Costco road show ...nice meeting you George in Brandon, Fl.
  7. Thanks Philpom. I’m a few hours north of there in Ocala. If I get down that way I will look them up. The sausage I have found locally seems to me to be pretty bland.
  8. I'm new to KJ pizza. I bought my KJ Classic II a week before Christmas. I've made about 6 pizzas, my last this past weekend was a Detroit style in the Lloyd's pan. It came out delicious. I'm a bit disappointed in the Italian sausage I've been using. It seems the local pizza joints have really flavorful sausage that I can't duplicate buying the Italian sausage from Publix or Sam's Club. Any help in where you pizza gurus are sourcing your sausage?? Thanks in advance!
  9. Yep...used a rolling pin...guess I will stop that! Darn...I have to practice making more pizza! and what tutorial...didn’tsee one linked!
  10. Ok...so is this BBQ slang..or are they REALLY beef cheeks? Where does one find them? I grew up on a farm..love beef heart and beef tongue etc...have never even heard of cheeks? Please edumacate us newbies!
  11. Ok sothe first time I used Publix pizza dough, didn’t do so well. I went all in and bought a scale Caputo 00 flour...followed Ken Forkish “I sleptin but want pizza tonight” recipe. The crust was nice and krispy but it didn’t raise much on the crust edge. Pizza stome temp was 542 when I put it on and it cooked 8-9 mins. Guess I keep trying to get that crispy yet edge fluffy dough. Yep...was still tasty!
  12. I saw them at Walmart...but they are in the grill section NOT in the Lodge section in kitchens.
  13. Thanks Kismet...soooo. Uch to learn but you all make it fun. I’m just amazed at how the KJ an stick on a temp and not budge...and use such little lump...this is going to be a fun & tasty ride!
  14. I posted my first cooks in the cooking section...here’s a few more as I learn to steer this thing down the dinner road! this is a Dutch french toast pancake....My daughters recipe and AMAZING! this was my college daughters “ back to college” dinner...a 3.25# from Sams on sale rack for $21.xx...I cheaped out and didn’t fill the basket with lump..tried reverse sear..could only get up to 480...was still awesome...but I learned...the pay me now or pay me later lesson...fill the fire basket up! My favorite meal so far..the smoke flavor in the baled beans was amazing...showed me the reason I bought the KJ. 2” thick porch chop from Sams does it right also. Last Sunday my first go at Babybacks...they were awesome 4.5 hrs at 250...and Malcom Reed’s Smaoked Mac & Cheese was a game changer...Holy smokes that is dee lish! those bacon bits on top...make you slap somebody! I’m working on SmokinSteve’s smoked meatloaf as we speak with Hasslebeck potatoes..love them...More pictures later... Thanks for indulging a newbie to the group...Man is this ever fun! Love these Hasslebecks..
  15. My long awaited dive into the KAMADO fraternity started Dec 16th after nearly 3 years of reading, hoping, and wishing. Yes there is a learn8ng curve to go from a Weber gasser, but it’s not that bad and sure is fun. I just wanted to share a few pics of my cooks so far. I’ve learned so much from all of you...thanks in advance for the camaraderie, us newbies REALLY appreciate you all! my first attempt...and boy were they ever good. I don’t know how to make these pictures smaller??? Yum ...family loved them! not much to making these shrimp...but may be in my head..still tasted better off the KJ! My first pie...using Publix dough...I bougth the Elements of Pizza Book by Ken Forkish that John recommended...going to try real pizza dough soon! I get what he says about this dough not made for Kamado cooking....but was still decent. Christmas day bird...12#...my tming was all off on getting to Christmas eve Service...had to put it in a cooler..stayed hot but lost the crispy skin...but was still darn moist. My first ever brined bird. I used apple smoke...I think I hit it with too much smoke...yep, there is a learning curve...John is right in his smoke video...less is more..or can be! i’ll see if these post...not aure what size limit is...I am learning much and cooking alot...wife loves ME cooking and I will say..this thing is AMAZING...can’t wait till I really get the hang of it!
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