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  1. 20 minutes is pretty good. I usually get my kamado to 325. Am I cook them for 45 to 50 minutes. I use the same rub that I put on pork ribs. And some chunks of wood for smoked. I do cook chicken to an internal temp of 190 for thighs. Still super moist in the kamado. And the chicken is guaranteed to be fully cooked along the bone.
  2. I think it comes down to engineering costs, manufacturing costs, advertising budgets, dealer networks, etc. I've got a vision grill made in China. I rarely buy anything made in China. Ceramic kamados are cheap to produce. That's why my vision kamado is half the price of kamado Joe. Kamado Joe is much cheaper than the big Green egg. the egg is made in Mexico and their manufacturing costs are higher than China but not by much. I think a better question is why are the high-end ceramic kamados so expensive knowing that we know they're cheap to produce. we know the weber team did some engineering and manufacturing to get all of the parts with great fit and finish and functionality. About the only thing going for the ceramic kamados is having a good hinge. And that is not expensive to engineer. The summit charcoal was pretty innovative. And it's new smoke fire grill looks phenomenal.
  3. There are 3 certainties in life. Death, Taxes, Cracking Deflectors. For 3 years I used a lodge cast iron pizza pan. Lodge P14P3 Pro-Logic Cast Iron Pizza Pan, 14-inch, Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0000E2V3X/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apa_i_aDt2DbJ4E120V The handles rest on top of the firebox. Works great as a deflector. Now I have the kamado Joe divide and conquer for my vision grill. So the handles rest on one of the bottom rails of the divide-and-conquer system. So now when I lift up the divide and conquer, the cast iron deflect that comes with it. I did go to my local store and picked up two half Moon ceramic kiln shelves. I think it was $11 each. I hardly use this ceramic deflectors because I really like using the cast iron. But it's nice to have options.
  4. Not the spider. Almost got it... But I spent a little more to get the divide and conquer by kamado Joe. It is a very cool accessory. -T
  5. If you don't need one now, wait until August. I'm sure the grill that's selling for 550 now will be selling for closer to 400. I have the vision B that I purchased in Sam's in August 2016... With the removable ashtray and the stainless steel stand. I only mention that because if you wait you might be able to get the same deal at Costco for four hundred bucks if you wait a couple of months. I will tell you that having a removable ashtray makes it very convenient to clean up before a cook. Literally takes 5 Seconds to pull-dump-reinsert. The two layer Cooking System that comes with vision is not worth very much in my opinion... when compared to kamado Joe flexible Cooking System. I purchased a flexible Cooking System from my vision B and it was the best move I ever made. -T
  6. If you purchase a kamado in August like I did for mine, that's the end of the barbecuing season. So Sam's and Costco drops the price. I live in Central Florida. The kamado is on the covered porch and I don't use the cover. Looks almost as good as the day I bought it. Wow, some of you guys found some really good deals on your kamados !! I do have one regret, but it is for Kamados in general: I wish I could have purchased a true 24" diameter cooking grid Kamado. I find the 19" vision grid to be okay most of the time, but too small on those rare occasions that I need more space... Like 4 racks of ribs. Even using a stainless steel rib rack, it's very crowded in there. I think the Big Joe classic was $1,600 at the time... I could have gotten it slightly cheaper at the Costco Roadshow which was down here in Florida in 2016. And since I never even owned a kamado before at that time, 1600 was too much of a commitment for something I did not know if I would like to use. God forbid my kamado Falls over and cracks. But if it did, I think I would go with a good offset smoker for the extra real estate at a decent price of 6-900 bucks. -T
  7. Sure, I get the analogy with sneakers. But I think we would agree the analogy isn't appropriate. There are huge implications in the engineering and design of a running shoe. Because a bad one can cause physical harm to the body. With a ceramic Grill, it's much more simple. Like will the Firebox crack or not? Or does smoke leak when the lid is closed? Or are there any leaks that will cause the grill to have a hard time maintaining low temperature? Is the design of the top vent easy to use? The analogy with the akorn grill is a closer match to having a good analogy. But then again, but grill is made of metal and can rust, and the other one is pure ceramic. But the analogy between the kamado Joe classic and the large big green egg is similar to what I was wondering about here. For all intents and purposes, the kamado Joe classic is every bit as good as a large big green egg. And costs so much less. And so the Vision grill cost so much less than the kamado Joe classic. Even Home Depot was running them at $500 the other day near me... And I think that was the professional version that had the fancy dial on the front.
  8. I added two 15 in Half Moon deflector plates today. I bought some from Axner pottery. They are 15 minutes away and they were 11.22 each.
  9. No disrespect against the kamado Joe brand. Or any of the other kamado models for that matter. But assuming someone lives near a Sam's or Costco that sells a Vision grill for about 400 bucks, and knowing that anyone could buy the divide-and-conquer set up for about a 150 bucks maximum, and knowing that you have to throw in maybe a $45 membership fee for one year, I think for 600 bucks someone could buy a full-featured kamado 18 in which is half the price of a kamado Joe classic. I purchased a kamado Joe classic I, before I bought my vision Grill. That was a year-and-a-half ago. I thought I was getting a deal on Amazon because I was getting a free Joe tisserie. 1000 bucks total. But it was damaged in transit. Yeah, yeah, I know. They are all great cookers. But I'm just wondering why someone would pay twice the price for the kamado Joe brand when they're really not getting twice the features.
  10. I might have to try that. I have a pottery place near me that has a half shelves for cheap. Axner company.
  11. thanks.... works real well. The biggest advantage is the CI will never crack. I considered getting the woo ring or spider from CGS... but after factoring in shipping, the KJC ring from Amazon was about the same price. -T
  12. I just purchased a KJ Classic divide-and-conquer rack and to Half Moon stainless steel grates. I'm not entirely sold on two Zone cooking for such a small space, so I won't be dividing anything. But I will conquer :-) I have a 14 inch pizza pan by Lodge cast iron. It is my heat deflector. Guaranteed never to crack. I've already cracked a couple of pizza stones in the past. And I don't want to go that route again. I do have a pizza stone rated at 1400 degrees that I could use as a heat deflector on the very bottom shelf... If they're wrapped in foil to keep it clean. So I have options in case I want to do low and slow using two shelves. In that case the half moon racks go on the bottom and then I will rest my hinged Vision grate on top. The cast iron Pizza Pan works great for Smash Burgers too. Plus, the whole setup just pulled right out. There's a couple of pics. It fits like a glove.
  13. Thanks for the pics. I use my lodge cast iron pizza pan on the grate... so i can make smash burgers. Best burgers !! -T
  14. This may or may not help... But I've been using a cast iron Pizza Pan 14 inch from Lodge for almost the last year as a deflector. Outside diameter is 14.5 inches I believe. The inside diameter of the Firebox for me a 16-inch on my Vision classic B. The way I have been using it is just to go ahead and rest it on top of the fire box. The handles Rest on the Firebox. That puts the top of the pizza pan at about the same level as the top of the Firebox. And since the woo ring elevates the main cooking grates, you'll have a couple of inches between the food and the pizza pan. It has been working great for me. I just purchased the kamado Joe classic divide-and-conquer setup. I'm probably still going to use the cast iron pizza pan as a deflector when I get the new KJ D&C setup. -T Lodge P14P3 Seasoned Cast Iron Baking and Pizza Pan, 14 Inch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0000E2V3X/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_6pK.zbC6ETA43
  15. I have Large Vision B classic from Sam's. It is a year old. I finally broke down and bought the kamado Joe classic divide and conquer accessory for my Vision. I purchased the divide and conquer ring, and 2 Half Moon stainless steel grates. I am not entirely sold on 2 cooking zones in such a small space. So I did not get the half moon heat deflectors. I do have a 15 inch round cordierite pizza stone that's able to handle heat up to 1450 degrees. I did consider getting the spider from the ceramic Grill store. And when I looked at the adjustable rig, it just looked way too complicated... Like it was trying to solve everyone's problems with one rig. And I believe I saw YouTube video where it was a really tight fit on the vision. So I went the divide-and-conquer route. Just sharing :-) -T
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