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  1. Video per request I just use extra kitchen back splash stone to keep the grill of the table. It does have a little lag into the video as I didn't edit. If anybody is interested I will take photos and give my approximate dimensions. I used 1/16" x 3/4" aluminum flat. This material is easy to bend. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2WCMflqLK3TWXN4b1VXWENTYXc/view?usp
  2. Uncommon, I should be able to do a video today on a cold BBQ. I will use probably some extra kitchen tile stone to support the BBQ grate/grill and then put the stone on top of that. I think that's what you are looking for. Mike
  3. It allows me to lift with one hand and add smoking chips with the other. Originally I thought I was going to need springs to hold the arms together, but with the light weight aluminum it has automatic spring load to hold the arms on the stone.
  4. It took me about 30 minutes to build this lifter for the diffuser stone. If you are interested I can explain how I made it. It is aluminum. The aluminum makes it spring loaded which holds the arms in place. 12" aluminum with a few simple bends. and a block of wood in the center to lift. The wood block is cut as an equilateral triangle. The reason I did this is so I can add additional smoking chips during the rib cook etc. I will be trying this today. Mike
  5. My Albertsons use to carry Hormel, which I don't like. They now carry Tender Choice ( a lot more meat). I use my own dry rub. I sometime will add a little of my BBQ sauce when I take them off and they are still hot. I do have and plan on using the Char-broil diffuser I use a drip pan, but do you put water in your drip pan. If you don't put water then I can see the need for the foil under the pan. If you use water then I wouldn't think you would need the foil, since the water will float the drippings. If you don't use foil and have water will the water boil out. I was hoping m
  6. When you do low and slow do you still soak your wood chips. Do you put them directly over the heated coals. How much chips do you use. I bought the wood chucks (little chief) or should I use the chips thanks Mike
  7. Doing my first cook on my Akorn. In the past I have used my gas grill with a rotisserie with the ribs in a flat basket. My grill has a back burner and I can get it down to about 225 and cook for about 5 hours. They self basted. Should I cook my ribs the same amount of time at 225 or can they go longer since the meat should be moist because of the wet environment of the drip tray and should be able to get a more smoke flavor. I used a drip tray in the gas grill bit it is not sealed like the Kamado. I will take any suggestion on how to cook the ribs thanks Mike
  8. I hope to cook baby backs this weekend, once I can dial in the temp a little better. Cant wait till I get my Maverick 733
  9. Grab, I did see it. I'm hoping that I can learn how to control the temp. Still playing with the openings. If I close the bottom completely, can I open the top to control the temp.
  10. I wasn't to worried about the leaks. I was just having a hard time to get the temp to 225-250. The last restart I did seems to work for now. Will recheck in 1/2 hour and than when I get back from an appointment. I have the dome closed to only the little half circle on the base of the triangle vent open, and the bottom set at .5. Also, I only tried to start the top two charcoal on the mountain. So far it's working and it's been about 45 minutes from when I started. The temp now is 250 on the dome and 275 on the grate. I should be back from my appointment in about 1 1/2 hours. Hopefully
  11. which is better way to reduce temp. Top closed, bottom open. Or top cracked and bottom almost closed. I can get it to about 300 on the dome and about 350 on grate. Like to get grate about 225
  12. Also, on a thermometer probe for temp checking. Do I run the wires between the lid and the smoker
  13. Did testing all day and evening. I got it down to 300 on the dome. Trying to get it lower. I'm going to try again today after a morning appointment. This time I'm only going to try to light the top couple of charcoal and see if that works. I'm at .5 on the bottom and a crack on top. Still would like it lower without snuffing out. If I'm still having problems to get it as low as I want I'm going to put on soaked chips to see if there is a leak. How close to close can I set the top. I think I have set the bottom to as little as .25. Any suggestions thanks Mike
  14. But I think the Maverick 733 would be a good choice Just did my first test. Volcano might have been a little to deep, Got up to 400 and holding. Now trying to bring down low and let it rise again. I know this is going to be awhile for the temp to come down.
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