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  1. Just spoke with KJ support - the warranty is good if purchased from Lowes.
  2. Bought it. Picking up the box later this week when I have a truck. I'm an Akorn owner also. It's from Lowes. I've placed a call to KJ to verify the warranty is good. (Lowes says I will be fine.) If anyone knows anything about this, please share.
  3. Found a Classic I on sale for 561. Warranty will be there. Pros/cons?
  4. Mine shut down pretty well. I've always thought if the Akorn shuts down well, that should be tight enough. On a side note, the lid is slightly off balance when it shuts -- but seems to center up with some finagling. :/ I'm also going to inspect the wingnut on the inside of the lid that fastens the thermometer.
  5. Got my jr. today. ($109 at Wally World) I am running the initial burnoff cook as I type. I'm noticing smoke coming from the dome temp gauge. Anyone else have an issue with this? Not sure if it's really affecting the temp or anything. I have it running around 400 dome temp. The bottom slide also appears a little looser than the Sr. Thoughts?
  6. After some trial and error, I believe it is the gasket being slightly off - I'm learning to roll it back into place to prevent leaks before closing the dome. On another topic, I removed my top damper today and cleaned (it was getting stuck). Now, I've got black grease/creosote dripping down the back of the cooker, starting from the top damper. This is happening during higher temp cooks. Anyone have any thoughts on what the issue is? I have never experienced this issue.
  7. Just following up on the issue of leaks @ 3 and 9 o clock - I had a good month with no issues after tightening the hinge bolts where the top and bottom parts meet... The weather here has been crazy (Western KY). We've had no really cold temps, and the temps have been fluctuating between 40 and 70. So, I noticed I was getting leaks again a couple days ago. Sure enough, the bolts on the back hinge are a little loose. Retightened, and everything seems better. Anyone else have this issue (bolts on the back hinge coming slightly loose due to weather?)
  8. Anyone else experienced liquid coming from the base of the top damper?
  9. I tightened the bolt hinges, seemed to have some effect but it's still leaking a little. I cooked a prime rib and it held decently around 225 or so for about 2.5 hours.
  10. Am about to throw a butt on. I'm noticing leaks for the first time on the akorn (coming out of top dome in a couple spots.) I cooked all summer / fall with no issues. It's gotten cold here recently. Any insight? Leaks look to be near the rivets at 3 and 9 o clock.
  11. Never noticed anything on ribs before. Pork butts are a different story. Meat has always been great though.
  12. Am seeing some black flakes outside firebox on interior of main body. Have been cooking hard for 2-3 months since I got my grill. Are these just carbon deposits and or soot? My paranoid brain is going "paint chips." They flame away pretty easily.
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