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  1. Sorry for not seeing this earlier but I've been busy mourning the end of summer and getting ready for school to start! I did inject, but next time I probably won't....I don't think it's really needed with the Kamado as everything stays so moist....either way I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  2. Tri-tip has really become one of our favorites....I do a basic black/white rub, indirect at 225° or so until IT is around 115...then go to direct for a quick sear and nice crust I slice it thin across the grain and use it for taco's one night and then hot roast beef sandwiches the next night....the flavor of a Tri-tip is VERY hard to beat...they don't call it the "poor man's prime rib" for nothing!!
  3. shredded on top of grits!!.....now that sounds awesome!! Great cook!!
  4. looks really good! I may have to try this soon
  5. I'll have a Modelo with mine! Looks awesome!
  6. looks just as good as it did the first time!!
  7. you're killing me ....the 3 local Walmart's here don't carry them in the store and I paid $280 for mine (still worth it IMO as I love it!)...that's a screaming deal!
  8. sorry, I also can't help with the Vision...but I agree with dsarcher, 300° for a butt shouldn't be a problem...they are very forgiving.
  9. great rib thread! thanks for all the pics....that's one good looking plate!
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