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    naes100 reacted to Paul in New member looking to sell Saffire grill   
    Don't want to be a sour grape but didn't John change the rules a while back stating that unless your a supporter of this forum or a registered vendor that using this forum to sell items is taboo?
    its a nice grill and nice price but if that's the rule then this post needs to be removed
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    naes100 reacted to keeperovdeflame in How long can let rest in cooler?   
    Some of the old boys swear by a double wrap in foil and then wrapping a brisket or butt in a blanket and pushing the soft package into a cooler. I haven't gone this long myself but i have heard 6 to7 hours still delivers a wonderfully textured and flavored nice and warm meal. 
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    naes100 reacted to DerHusker in ALERT! ATTENTION! URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT!   
    Just wanted to get your attention for the Special NFL Kickoff Speed Challenge going on tomorrow. This is a "Speed" challenge so the duration is for only 1 day. As a prize is at stake you'll need your A game to compete!
    See link:
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    naes100 reacted to later4ya in Kamado Blue Tile on CL...Should I?   
    Above my head...
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