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  1. Ceramic Akorn cooks

    As you get accustomed to your Kamado you will be surprised at how efficient it is, as well as how quickly the coals will go out once you close the vents after your cook is finished.
  2. Ceramic Akorn cooks

    Great looking cook! As far as the charcoal goes, use lump and fill that sucker up so you don't have to worry about running out or not being able to get your temps up. Just remember that if you're doing a low and slow to only light a small spot and let it come up to temp slowly, otherwise you will have a raging fire that you won't be able to dial back.
  3. Akorn newbie

    Not really. Try shutting your vents down a little earlier and let it come up to that 275 range slowly. You could just be leaving them open a little too long which is allowing the fire to get too large to keep below 300.. That said, if you're shooting for 275 and settle in at 300, don't sweat it, it's not going to effect your cook at all.
  4. Stainless steel grate

    Completely understandable. There are times where I don't get around to spraying mine as well, or even putting the cover on for that matter on late night cooks. It seems like every time I don't get around to covering it, it rains. That's eventually going to cause my lower bowl to rust out, but it is what it is, I'm not going to be complaining when it happens as it's my fault.
  5. Stainless steel grate

    At what temp are you guys cooking pizza at that you're running into problems with the cast iron grate? I've done pizza cooks as well as high temp sears for steaks and have never had to re-season my grate from those cooks, I just spray the grate down with oil after the cook and shut the vents, letting the oil soak in while the grill comes down in temp. It's really not much work at all and leaves me with a nice shiny, non stick grate the next time I fire it up to cook. The one time I did have to re-season was because the wife was going to cook burgers, lit the grill and walked away. By the time I caught on that she wasn't tending to the grill it was already well past the 700 degrees that the thermometer reads. For what it's worth though that is a pretty nice looking grate and as others mentioned before, go with what works for you. I'm just curious about the kind of temps you all are cooking pizza and such at, or if maybe it's an issue that the grate needed a little more seasoning before such a high temp cook. I've made it a habit of lightly spraying my grate after most cooks, it only takes a few seconds and the results are great.
  6. Someone mentioned either earlier in this thread or in the other about the design change in the grates. It makes me wonder if CharGriller may be working on a multi level system similar to the Divide and Conquer system that KJ uses for the ceramic Akorn. I may be completely overthinking things because CharGriller isn't known for having many accessories, but it's just a thought.
  7. Congrats and thanks for taking the time for the pics and review, I can't wait to hear more about it. It looks to be built well for the price point and I wouldn't worry about the crazing. The removable ash box would be my only concern, as you mentioned, due to air leaks. I can't tell for sure from the picture, but it almost looks like there is a bead of silicone on the ceramic where the ash pan slides in? If so, that could certainly help prevent air leaks. Vision also uses similar ash pans as well as the drawer for an electric lighter I believe, so maybe air leaks won't be an issue.
  8. Alabama White Sauce

    I love Alabama white sauce. I had always heard that it was great but never had a chance to try it until work had me traveling through Alabama on my way to Louisiana. Stopped for gas at some small gas station in a really small town and sure enough they had a rack of Alabama white sauce sitting next to cashiers counter. I bought a few bottles and honestly it may be the best bbq sauce I've ever had.
  9. Kamado Transporter

    I don't have any issues holding temps within the cooking range I want with my Akorn at all, I love the Akorn personally and it's probably the best value on the market, especially when you catch them on sale. However I do believe that ceramics are more forgiving when it comes to temperature swings due to the thermal mass. It takes the ceramics longer to become heat soaked, as well as cool down, so it only makes sense that they are less likely to have temperature swings. That said, my Akorn will hold +/- 25 degrees of my target temp while I'm sleeping through a pork shoulder cook, so I have no issues with that myself. It does seem like a lot of others struggle with figuring out how to maintain temps on their metal Kamado's though, which likely has more to them not leaving the dampers alone than an actual problem with the Kamado itself.
  10. New akorn

    I'm really surprised these things are shipping already, I figured we wouldn't actually start seeing them available until spring. Anyway, if you can or don't care to do so, take plenty of pics and maybe a slight review of the build quality, gasket etc after your's arrives. It's going to be a while before these land in the stores I imagine but I know there are plenty of people that are curious about this cooker.
  11. Kamado Transporter

    Another option, if you want the more consistent temps of ceramic versus a metal cooker you could just buy your ceramic of choice to keep at home and then go buy an Akorn for transport. You can get the Akorn for less than that cart costs and it would be highly unlikely to actually break it during transport. I'm not saying you may not ding it up a bit (that seems to happen with anything that is transported regularly) but it would still be usable even if you did damage it. A ceramic not so much, without something to absorb shock, hitting a common pothole could crack it.
  12. Love this meal! Steak, potatoes and green beans is a staple in our home! After seeing John's London Broil cook a while back and him mentioning that the next time he does it he would use his jaccard, I decided to go out and buy a jaccard. I haven't used mine yet either but this flat iron steak as well as london broil seem like great opportunities to use it and have a great meal for not a lot of money.
  13. Indirect cooking/grilling

    I could be wrong, but for some reason I remember reading once that the KJ Divide and Conquer system will work on the Akorn. I think I read that its not a perfect fit, but will work.
  14. Indirect cooking/grilling

    I'm not exactly sure how to answer your question because I'm not exactly sure what you're wanting to do. Are you wanting to cook all of those foods at the same time, or just asking for advice on searing and well as indirect cooking on the Kamado? I have a Smokin' Pro myself actually and I believe that I've only used it once since I got my Akorn, the Akorn is capable of doing everything that the smoking pro is but in a much more efficient way. If you're doing a low and slow on the Akorn and want to sear something or go to direct heat, simply remove the smoking stone and let the grill heat up to the temps you want and then put the meat back on for a reverse sear.
  15. I plan on getting involved in 2018, kinda like a new years resolution so to speak. I likely won't be able to do this one because we're in the middle of moving and well, to be honest it's a real pain in the rear as well as time consuming if you're handling the move yourself. Us moving is one of the things that has me really interested in this months challenge, because of the price point for quality meals. With us moving to a larger house and taking on a second mortgage until our current home sells as well as having a family of four to feed, I'm certainly interested in seeing the entries for this challenge. We won't have any problem handling both mortgages until our current house sells without starving ourselves, but it's still nice to find ideas for great meals while saving money at the same time.