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  1. Akorn 3 Year Review

    I think it would depend on the climate you live in. If you live in a salty climate, I can't see anything good about removing the ash pan and inviting that inside the grill. Living in Kentucky we have relatively humid weather here but no salt content. I never notice water in the ash pan due to condensation and the humidity, it's only happening when it rains and the grill is left uncovered. So it's basically my fault, even though at nearly three years in I still have minimal rust.
  2. Those wings looks great and I bet they have some heat to them as well. I'll have to give this a try. I'm new to the Dizzy Pig line of seasonings with dizzy dust being the only one I have tried so far. I'm really impressed with it and plan of making a large purchase once I recover from tax season, I'll give the ghost rub a try.
  3. Smoked Mississippi Roast

    Wow that's a beautiful roast and looks like it came out really tender. I've never smoked a roast mainly due to concerns of it not coming out tender like it does in a crock pot. I'll have to give this a try, what temps did you smoke at and finish in the oven at?
  4. Question about rubs

    I would just apply the rub once you thaw them. I'm not sure if there would be any negative effects by applying the rub prior to freezing, but I can't think of any benefits of doing it that way either.
  5. Excellent looking prime rib. I wish someone would make a rotisserie for the Akorn.
  6. New Akorn leaking

    Mine had a very small leak when it was new. I tried pinching the gasket all the way around but that didn't change anything, likely because the gasket was new. I could still maintain consistent temps as well as snuff the fire out quickly after shutting the vents so I determined it wasn't an issue. It eventually ended up sealing itself over time due to not being squeeky clean anymore hah. I don't remember how long or how many cooks it took, but it wasn't long. As long as you're able to kill the fire in reasonable time and maintain consistent temps I wouldn't worry about it. It'll likely go away after use.
  7. What causes dry ribs?

    I typically go with the bend test as well as the toothpick test between the bones. I did spare ribs on Sunday and it was my first set of spares in a while since I usually get baby backs. While I figured it may be a 6 hour cook, it turned out to be a 5 hour cook after checking with a toothpick. Had I went the full six hours I imagine they would have dried out a bit, though they would have still been tender. Each piece of meat is different and honestly on long cooks the amount of fat, connective tissue, etc can change cook times considerably. In my experience it's best to start checking the meat an hour or so you believe it will be done on rib cooks.
  8. Well... I found a youtube video on it and it does not sit below the fire box, it sits inside it. IMO, that would present some issues if you have a full load of fuel in the firebox. The firebox increases in diameter as you get to the top, so as you raise this adjustable fire grate, you're likely going to have coals spilling out below it into the bottom of the firebox. While this would work perfectly for someone that doesn't fill their firebox up to the tabs, it wouldn't work for me because I typically keep my firebox full. It's a solution for someone that want's to simply use the Akorn as a traditional grill with the coals closer to the grate, but it essentially means you need an empty firebox with only the amount of coals in the grate that it is capable of holding. It would be nice to see chargriller come up with a design that would allow you to move the entire firebox up and down.
  9. I am sold on reverse sear

    I imagine you're right about the smoke level. If you sear first you're going to create a crust that is likely going to let less smoke penetrate the throughout the rest of the cook. I'd have to research it again but I believe once the meat hits around 130-140 degrees it quits taking smoke. So if you sear your meat first you have certainly eclipsed that mark, forming a crust that would make it nearly impossible for smoke to penetrate deep into the meat.
  10. RO Lump at Home Depot

    My local Walmart's have RO on sale for just under $10 a bag as well, I didn't pay any attention if it's the 17lb or 20lb bags. Either way for $10 its a good deal. I've never tried Fogo so I can't compare it to RO, I imagine it's better but just can't imagine it's so much better that I'll ever buy it, have it shipped etc, when I can go to Walmart and get RO for such a good price. I hate Walmart in general but I'll stop in to get some RO, lol.
  11. I am sold on reverse sear

    I don't reverse sear many things, but if I am going to sear something I'm always using the reverse method. It's hard to find 2" thick ribeye's, strips, etc where I live without paying a fortune for them due to the overall weight of the meat, so filet's are typically what I sear most often. As others have mentioned, if it's steak and it's not around 2" thick, there really isn't a reason to reverse sear it, just cook it hot and fast and it'll still have a sear on it without overcooking it.
  12. I don't have a use for it myself because I always keep my firebox filled to the tabs and I've never had an issue searing anything. But for anyone looking to move the coals closer to the cooking surface why not just get one of these? $20 and gets great reviews. https://www.chargriller.com/collections/accessories/products/adjustable-fire-grate It looks as though it's designed to sit below the firebox, allowing you to raise or lower the firebox to your liking.
  13. Akorn 3 Year Review

    I'm about two months away from year three with mine and it's holding up really well considering I haven't taken as good care of it as I should have. The only rust I have is a small patch where the ashpan latches to to main body. It's nothing serious at the moment and could likely be resolved, but I'm not that concerned about it. The rust is likely my fault for not covering the grill after late night cooks and it getting rained on, I can't count how many times I've had an ash pan full of water due to that. The rust is still a small area though and is more less superficial, for now. Had I taken better care of the Akorn I likely wouldn't have any rust 3 years in. I feel like I can get another 3+ years out of it as long as I take better care of it, which I will. I recently moved and can now easily roll it underneath a covered deck whenever I need. At the moment it has a rack of spare ribs on it that I put on at around 1pm and it has held steady at the 240-245 range since then. I'm really happy with this 3 year old Akorn and when it's on its last legs it's gonna be hard to decide whether to just buy another or go ceramic.
  14. Digital thermometer choices

    I'm not sure how much the thermoworks storage box costs but I bought a Pelican brand dry box to store mine in for somewhere around $20. It's air and watertight as well as crush proof. It doubles as a dry box for my phone, wallet and such when I'm kayaking or camping,
  15. New York strip loin roast

    Wow, that's an absurdly great looking chunk of meat!