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  1. Doing some flight training in western NC this week but hope to sear some steaks next Sunday if I can manage. I'll post some pictures @rchang72. And @Kingfish, I still don't have any takers on my 10% off coupon. Let me know if you decide to pull the trigger and I'll send the code your way.
  2. Isn't that more porous though and pull some of the moisture out? It's certainly not impervious like CI or soapstone
  3. Wow! For which? 18"x3/4" was $33 for me. Steep to be sure but an equal out the door cost compared to the half moon with more real estate.
  4. Whelp, showed up in the mail today--I couldn't have been more excited to finally get my hands on it. Here are some pictures to show how the soapstone was packaged. (Excuse the paint brush cover over my shipping level. Operational security in deeply engrained in this Devil Dog.) All told, there are 6--that's SIX--layers of styrofoam above and 6 layers below the stone in the box as well as some corner inserts around the stone itself. Clearly packaged with pride and care by someone who cares more about their product and your cooking experience than being "green." Granted, the shipping wasn't cheap, but all told, I came out way ahead of buying the standard half moon most people get. In case anyone is interested, I have a 10% coupon for another order at soapstoneproducts.com. It's available to the first person who's going to actually use it.
  5. This (corn on the cob): https://www.dadcooksdinner.com/sous-vide-corn-on-the-cob/ ....it was amazing with JalapeƱo Olive Oil. Great flavor without a huge kick.
  6. Not bad at all. I'd probably go for it all things considered.
  7. I use my 15 inch CI skillet and love it. As an aside: our favorite thing to do with our pizzas is to stuff the crusts with a cheddar/pepper jack blend.
  8. Good stuff, guys. Breathing new life into my CI skillet usage with these great tips. That being said, I picked up an 18" round soapstone from soapstoneproducts.com. Really cannot beat their prices...after shipping it'll cost the same as a half-moon for the Big Joe. I'll post some pictures, to include how it's packaged, but from what I hear, they don't have the same problems as Amazon does. Also, I've seen people putting soapstone slabs in the freezer and then using them to mix ingredients into their ice cream. Think I'll give that a go, as well, a la Marble Slab.
  9. Totally support this decision. People like this forum for the content, community, and experience; that should drive the decisions, not some third-party platform and the issues it brings to the table.
  10. Good stuff, gents. Appreciate the food for thought...makes better food for eating. No, I haven't. Wonder what your thoughts are on that versus soapstone.....though I imagine a good search of the forums would probably be more appropriate than my asking you to rehash something probably discussed ad nauseam. (IOW, no need to reply.)
  11. I have so much to learn. And when it comes to grilling, this is the best place I've found to do that. So here goes: I want to get a cooking surface that can handle higher temps than my cast iron skillet because whenever I try to use that to sear my steaks, I ruin the seasoning--which is a huge pain. I've been looking at getting a soapstone, but my aversion to paying $120 for a half moon led me to a few different places. I've been considering an 18" round stone from Soapstone Products.....but then I ran across the Fibrament-D baking stone, which got me wondering: Will a soapstone work well for pizza? Soapstone Products believes so, but I understand it's not porous and that may not allow for the "perfect" pizza crust." On the flipside, will something like Fibrament's products (or even some pizza stone) satisfy my need for a high-, even-heat searing with good heat retention? Or a third option: am I thinking about this all wrong? And to be sure, in all of the above cases, I should still be using my heat deflector below my cooking surface, right?
  12. It's Monday... Congrats on the purchase. How long do you expect to have to wait for the latch? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Looks intriguing! So the $1 million question: is the starter something that can be mailed by any chance and if so, got any spares kickin' around?
  14. Obviously nobody can make as good a decision in your situation as you, but I will say: 1) I think a $100 savings is a bit conservative--you'd probably save a good bit more than that. 2) KJ makes fantastic kamados. Period. If you buy the one currently in production you won't be disappointed in it on any level at all. Or in other words, you can't go wrong either way. I just got a BJ in Aug and have no regrets at all! Of course when I'm on here looking at all the innovations, I wish I had them; but when I'm outside with the Joe, it's pure grilling/smoking bliss.
  15. @John Setzler Took the words right out of my mouth. And made them better. =) BTW, just saw this pop up on FB. New KJ temp control is in testing.
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