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  1. What do they charge per lb at McEwen?
  2. Doctor_big

    Ben's custom knife handles

    Ben, can I install one of your handles myself? What's the process?
  3. Doctor_big

    Ben's custom knife handles

    It was only a matter of time.
  4. Doctor_big

    Screw that reverse sear crap.

    Is the one on the left reverse sear and the one on the right just plain old sear? Jason
  5. Doctor_big

    Hot enough to sear?

    It gets hot.
  6. Doctor_big

    Screw that reverse sear crap.

    I'm sure there is a ton of science behind the concept. But what does it buy you beyond sear/sear?
  7. We're men aren't we (for the most part)? And that means we throw meat into the fire and burn it. So I've been reading about all this reverse sear stuff, and I can't imagine they'd do it this way in a high end steak house. Throw it on a high heat and take it off when it's cooked. That's the ticket. So I picked up a 1.5lb rib eye and got the grill Vulcan-smelting hot. I figured 650 was a good target temp. I set up aunt Jason's Poor White Trash two zone rig just in case I had to roast it up without direct heat, but I hoped I didn't have to use it. On it went with some Montreal steak spice. Six minutes per side seemed like a good estimate. Flip. Done. Rest for 10mins and on the plate with some spuds (the wife and kid are away so no need for veggies) Looks good! Keep it simple. Jason
  8. Doctor_big


    I've never been able to get more than 250g up to second crack. To me this limits the behmor to a 1/2lb machine.
  9. Maybe 10degrees shy of done... 205 is ideal.
  10. Doctor_big

    Ben's custom knife handles

    I've had this one for years and would love to get it rehandled. The bone ferrule keeps slipping off no matter what I do.
  11. Doctor_big

    Kamado fire grate type?

    Wow. Tell us what you really think. My understanding is that a basket Simply helps with cleanout. My Vision has a tiny slot for cleanout.. If I don't want to use that inconvenient method, I have to pull out all the coal and clean it that way. A basket that I can shake out seems like a very good idea.
  12. Doctor_big

    Kamado fire grate type?

    There's two different versions available... https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/p.papc12x24x24expd-mtl-flattnd.1000126787.html And https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/p.papc34x24x24expd-mtl-flattnd.1000126788.html I guess it's half vs three quarters inch holes? Any suggestions as to which I should use?
  13. Doctor_big

    Kamado fire grate type?

    I've gotta find me some f this. KAB wants nearly $200cad to ship a vision basket to Canada.
  14. Doctor_big

    To all my Toronto bound friends!

    I hate Costco. Support your local butcher.
  15. Doctor_big

    Unevenly thick brisket

    You guys fricking ROCK!