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  1. I have one of those. Had a problem with the grill probe reading wildly wrong. Sent an email to customer service and they had me try a hard reset. That didn't work, so they sent me a new probe overnight. Great customer service.
  2. It's the grill probe at fault. Was cooking steak last night and in the warm up phase I put both probes naked on the grill. The grill probe was reading about 150f less than the food probe. The food probe came within spitting distance of agreement with the dome gauge. What's strange is that the grill probe seems to work fine in boiling water and in my convection oven. It's only in the kamado that it screws up.
  3. I marinate in olive oil, Worcestershire and teriyaki for up to 4hrs (no more) and then grill hot and fast.
  4. I pretty much ran out of a full firebox of coal in 6 hours. The temp started dropping and there were just a few chunks left.
  5. But done in 6hours, with no coal left?
  6. Hey all, Not sure whether to put this here or in accessories, so mods, feel free to move it if you deem it necessary. Anyway, I just smoked my first brisket, and it turned out ok, but it cooked really fast. I'm using my Vision / Brinkmann knockoff and a nice raised grill and deflector setup that I got the idea for on here. My thermometer is a Thermopro that got good reviews from Amazon, and I confirmed its accuracy (I think) with a kettle, and it's bang on. So the brisket I just cooked was a 6lb flat, and it's a bit thin on the end - about 1.25". But it cooked really fast - it was up to 185f within 4hrs, and the thinner part reached 205 in 5.5hrs. The Thermopro said I had 245F at grill height, but the dome thermometer said about 325f, which is a huge discrepancy. At the 6hr mark, I pulled the brisket and it looks and tastes great, but I've burned through almost all of my coal, and the grill temperature was starting to drop accordingly. Just to double check, I ran the grill temp probe into boiling water again, and it reads 211F which is good enough for government work. Any idea what's going on here? Edit: Only other contributing factor I can think of is that the ambient temperature out was 23f, so could that low temp have thrown off the probe via the metal braid around the probe wire? Thanks, Jason
  7. I wonder what it'd be like if I just ran it up to 205 and pulled it... Like a bitt.
  8. So can you go "all the way" on the smoker grill? Right to 205 and then pull? Every recipe for beef like this says to pull at 165 and finish covered with liquid.
  9. Just get a big, honking one and leave it next to the sink.
  10. Lots of discussion about knives lately. Here's my powered method... The ken onion work sharp...
  11. I'm not sure. Bought it 12 years ago... It's San mai steel, sharp as all get out. Jason
  12. I have a 22"*30" maple board that stays in place right next to the sink. We gravitate to it for all uses.