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  1. 3547fl

    Vision firebox repair

    Yea, never got around to drilling into the top for the other 2 holes, been that way for 7 years and have run quite a bit though it without an issue.
  2. 3547fl

    Vision firebox repair

    So awhile back I dumped my Vision grill over backwards and broke the firebox. About 3 weeks ago I did a repair using Refractory Cement. Sanded down the 4 broken areas and the firebox and glued them back together. They suggested waiting at least 24 hours for it to dry before curing it and I waited 48 hours. Did a small burn at about 90 degrees for about 3 hours (easy to do when it's 95 out) and then stepped it up to 150- 2 hours, 250 2-hours, 350-until it burned out overnight. The next day it had small bubbles within the cement which is moisture working it's way to the surface which why you should let it dry 24 plus hours. But maybe summer in Florida on 90 +heat and 85+ humidity it did not dry out. We have done several cooks some at high heat and it seems to be strong, no cracks or movement. It could always be redone if it did break. The free replacement came from Vision yesterday, guess I will install that and keep the other as backup?? Or keep the new as backup? So I do think they are repairable.
  3. Saw this today at lowes has some features from Vision.
  4. 3547fl

    TV replacement.

    Finally had to replace the TV after the last lighting storm. Has take 3 hits over the years and each time took out the HDMI port it was plugged into. But lasted just short of 6 years which was great.
  5. One time sent, will keep looking for the recurring payment option. Thanks for your work on the site.
  6. no problem, any other way to get you funds? Personal e-mail? maybe message it to us? Thanks for your effort.
  7. I'm having the same issue? Am I missing something?
  8. 3547fl

    Pork Belly 2 Ways

    Looks great, have cooked it a couple of times and never turned that good.
  9. 3547fl

    Help a newbie!

    You could grill some nice chicken thighs with a light seasoning and grill vegges.
  10. 3547fl

    Well D**M

    Quick update, Vision is sending a new fire bowl at no cost and free shipping. Will be 2-3 weeks due to them being out of stock. Good support if you ask me.
  11. 3547fl

    Finally finished my table.

    Nicely done.. Looks great.
  12. Homegrown is very sweet and yes you can taste it in the chicken and makes a nice topping. Crazy easy to grow, just cut the head off and toss on the ground and just put a bit of soil over the edge and it take root.
  13. Grill some chicken thighs with whatever veggies we had and a home grown pineapple. Came out nice, my cooking assistant hiding from the heat.
  14. 3547fl

    Western Brand Lump Charcoal

    I've been though about 10 bags and only had one that I though was a bad lot, the rest have had very nice and large chunks. Lights quickly and seems to last a great buy for the money.
  15. I have cooked quite a few for Taco's ,etc.. and do a marinade the night before and just do a quick high temp cook. I take them off a bit before you think you should and they come out medium and very tasty.