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  1. 3547fl

    Pork Belly 2 Ways

    Looks great, have cooked it a couple of times and never turned that good.
  2. 3547fl

    Help a newbie!

    You could grill some nice chicken thighs with a light seasoning and grill vegges.
  3. 3547fl

    Well D**M

    Quick update, Vision is sending a new fire bowl at no cost and free shipping. Will be 2-3 weeks due to them being out of stock. Good support if you ask me.
  4. 3547fl

    Finally finished my table.

    Nicely done.. Looks great.
  5. Homegrown is very sweet and yes you can taste it in the chicken and makes a nice topping. Crazy easy to grow, just cut the head off and toss on the ground and just put a bit of soil over the edge and it take root.
  6. Grill some chicken thighs with whatever veggies we had and a home grown pineapple. Came out nice, my cooking assistant hiding from the heat.
  7. 3547fl

    Western Brand Lump Charcoal

    I've been though about 10 bags and only had one that I though was a bad lot, the rest have had very nice and large chunks. Lights quickly and seems to last a great buy for the money.
  8. I have cooked quite a few for Taco's ,etc.. and do a marinade the night before and just do a quick high temp cook. I take them off a bit before you think you should and they come out medium and very tasty.
  9. 3547fl

    Well D**M

    this is the JB I was talking about. https://www.jbweld.com/products/j-b-extremeheat
  10. 3547fl

    Well D**M

    Nothing from Vision yet, think I will do a repair on the fire bowl. It's really in 4 broken pieces and fit's back together fine. Maybe some refractory cement?? or the very high heat JB weld. Anybody do a repair? Hinge is fixed and reinstalled.
  11. 3547fl

    Well D**M

    Yea, I built that like 10 years ago. Still my favorite to cook with when you need real estate for a big cook and you really want to go low and slow. It was on a small trailer until I built the bar and then made a Aluminium stand for it. It also holds all the extra stuff for the grills.
  12. 3547fl

    Well D**M

    Well stood it up and it seems the only damage was the fire box and the hinge is bent a little. Hinge can be repaired just need to find out about a replacement firebox. Was just going to do a high heat burn off today to clean it up. Did pickup a very nice Big Steel Keg to replace the Bubba Keg just because I found it cheap $300 and it's in fantastic shape. Going to put the Bubba keg up for sale.
  13. 3547fl

    Well D**M

    Surprised me more then anything We shall see in the morning.
  14. 3547fl

    Well D**M

    Yes, it's the stock nest.
  15. 3547fl

    Well D**M

    Was doing a stir fry on the vision and took the Wok off for a min and was going to but it back on and lifted the top and the damm thing flipped over backwards. Not a heavy toss lift at all just opened it up and let go if it. It has done a little rock back before but never dreamed of it doing a back flip. Fire bowl is cracked not sure about the outside right now due to it being about 500 degrees.