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  1. Nice, DIY.
  2. Nice job, looks great.
  3. I got about 5 years out of my first Akorn and replaced the lower unit once. Had to toss it then the bottom of the upper rusted out. Bought another on the target closeout for $149 and ended up selling it for $150 about 5 months later. Great grill but do have a life span it seems like. Replaced both with a Vision grill on closeout at Sam's for $349 and the other with a Steel Keg (bubba Keg) for $150 and never looked back. Did keep the cast iron grill for the vision. keep looking on C-list for some good opportunities.
  4. I'm sure those are the prices for the boxed units at the Costco road show. The demo / show models looked like they were just unboxed and not sure how much of a discount there is on those at the end of the show.
  5. Those were the same prices in Orlando and it was the new model. The big thing was they did not have any Joetisserie's for sale, rep said the factory was out and there was none available for the show. On the plus side the new model looked nice, really like the new gasket. Would be nice to apply on other Kamado grill of the same size.
  6. Going to the one in Orlando tomorrow, for the Joetisserie and some lump for the Vision classic B.
  7. Everything in moderation, and you should be good to go.:)
  8. Interesting build, how long did it take to come up to temp? The rocket stove is cool little item.
  9. Seemed a bit high to me.
  10. Found this local and was wondering what they go for used? The entire cart and supplies for $550? https://tampa.craigslist.org/psc/for/6098122109.html
  11. Did a hot - fast cook of a rib roast, with some iron pan red potatoes on the other kamado. Both came out great.
  12. Nice job, looks great..
  13. Wow, nice looking bird.
  14. Great looking grilling... I had some great pork knuckles when we were over in Munch at Christmas. I just cannot not seem to find them over here at that size, have asked a few butchers and they bring ones that are 1/2 that size. Need to keep looking until I find the right ones, man were they great over there.
  15. Looks great, you will really lover the sink close to the grill. I use mine all the time, washing hands etc.. I drained mine in a 20' perforated drain pipe about 12" down and it has worked great, It's really just gray water. You might want to think about getting a small hot water heater under there some how, if you have power available. Nice job on building the outdoor grill area.