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  1. I just saw this and No I did not tell what happened, just sent them a photo and told them it was broken. No questions just sent me a new insert, which I am getting ready to install my repair has failed in one section.
  2. We have been buying our chickens from a small farm outlet not far from us, much better then the larger farms that supply the stores. I do a quick wash off under the tap and dry off with a paper towel before I grill, we do chicken quite allot.
  3. Ordered the 3 pack and will test them out when they get here.
  4. First ones cooked from the that batch, reverse sear. Really came out very tasty..
  5. Pulled them today and by the wife's direction made them all about 2" to 21/2" thick. Both came out about the same.
  6. Both are some great looking ribs.
  7. I use a Foodsaver Gamesaver sport G 200 and it have worked very well for me, no issues.
  8. Did a small meatloaf tonight, came out great. Gorgeous night in FL, nice and cool.
  9. Hope so, they look the best I have aged so far.
  10. Just picked up these bone-in Ribeye at Publix with the Christmas sale at $6.99 lb which is as cheap it gets here in Florida. Was still in the vac packs so the bones are still fixed, will be nice have not had them like that for quite some time. 30-35 days seems to be the sweet spot, both are just over 20 lb's each.
  11. Stumbled across this today, looks like the older model is getting cleared out. https://www.acehardware.com/departments/outdoor-living/grills-and-smokers/charcoal-grills/8400582?utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_source=Pepperjam&utm_campaign=18097&utm_keyword=8-8287&clickId=2498096966
  12. I've been grilling these pork tenderloins quite a bit lately, have to be on your toe's and pull them on the rare side. They are quite good.
  13. Fits on both my Vision classic and Big Steel Keg.
  14. I saw then at Lowes on clearance for $299, they looked quite nice. Would of bought one if I already did not have a vision and steel keg. Let us know how it cooks, nice buy.
  15. Yea, never got around to drilling into the top for the other 2 holes, been that way for 7 years and have run quite a bit though it without an issue.
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