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  1. 3547fl

    Primo LG Oval table finally finished

    Nice build, very well done.
  2. Tossed some wings tonight with some grilled vegges. Off the shelf sauce which was great.
  3. AndyS does have a nice setup..
  4. It's really up to the area you live in on what can be done. In a subdivision it gets to be a bit harder. Out in the country anything goes.
  5. 3547fl

    Down and Dirty Charcoal Retort

    Nice job, working on redoing mine to be a bit more efficient.
  6. 3547fl

    Meat Grinder Feed Tray

    So I borrowed a meat grinder from a buddy on mine and somewhere along the way he lost the feed tray. It was a first gen Cabala's grinder and had no luck finding a replacement that would fit. I bought a heavy duty Aluminium pan and had 2 1/4" aluminium tube in stock. The tube had to be turned down to 2 1/8" fit into the grinder, so a little lathe work, small mark from a mishap but does not matter for function. Hole saw the tray for the tube and welded top and bottom, fits great.
  7. 3547fl

    40 day Umia bag

    Yes, it was a Rib Eye which I got at the Sam's club close to me. They started carrying them I think to match Costco. I use the trim off for beef stock and going to grind some out with fresh beef blend. Cook 5 last night for guest coming over came out great and not one picture. :/ I
  8. 3547fl

    40 day Umia bag

    Another 40 day Umia bag age, think it came out great again.
  9. 3547fl

    Custom Cedar Table for Kamado Joe

    One of the best built wood tables I have seen on here, very nice.
  10. 3547fl

    Smoke Gateway 22% Off

    I just used mine again on my stick and love it.
  11. 3547fl

    RO Lump at Home Depot

    I really the home made lump that I did, getting ready to do another batch.
  12. 3547fl

    RO Lump at Home Depot

    Mine did that and also lowered the size of the bag.
  13. 3547fl

    New egg table

    Looks good, nice job.
  14. 3547fl

    New fast start process.

    Kids are grown and gone, we work out of the house and grill everyday. So sitting there and watching lump slowly lite up get old after awhile. Just use it when we work late and need to get dinner done.
  15. 3547fl

    New fast start process.

    Yea. but the MAP lights it up quick.