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  1. https://myflameboss.com/cooks/72387 Leg cleaned garlic powder Parmesan and Romano cheese Blue cheese crumbles cracked pepper salt rolled up and tied cooking on 2nd level, over direct lump. No lava stone. we're off to do some errands, leaving the flame boss to keep an eye on the temps.
  2. We do these often. They are so tasty and juicy. Make a great presentation for dinner guests, and are usually super clean right out of the package. Nice job. They look great! I usually use 350f for about 40-50 minutes too. Indirect. I flip them 1/2 way through the cook to crisp the skin all the way around, plus a little pecan for a deep color. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. We have a local restaurant or three, they sell hanger steak at $20 per serving. Sliced just like I do the flat iron, and has just about the identical shape, and flavor. I guessing they are the same. A similar piece at Kroger is about $8 I barely enjoy going out for dinner anymore since I started cooking on the kamado, it just tastes better, and costs way less. Plus, I love the smiles at the table. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Is that the same as flat iron steak? We find it often at Kroger, inexpensive and cooked fast it tastes great. Sliced thin. Did I mention inexpensive? It's usually sealed in some kind of small cryo-type packaging. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. nice! love the fishroom. Reminds me of when I had a salt water hobby club here in central VA. our mission was to teach how to propagate stony corals, Acropora, and breed clown fishes, care/maintenance, and just fun fellowship. We had awesome tanks, and tried to lessen the impact/damage to the natural reefs. Our meetings were held at a local library meeting room, and outings to members homes to help with tank setup/care/see what others were doing. It was a ton of work, fun, expensive. After 15 years I moved on to beer brewing , and competition brewing. Great ways to keep expanding your friendships. keep it up.
  6. Great Review. I purchased one for my Vision Pro-S. Flameboss doesn't have an adapter for my Kamado, but gave me the parts list to purchase the adapter and fan from "the competitor." Works great! Some of you may have seen my 13 hour cook report in the other section. What I really like is the ability to leave the sofa and get other things done while still having visibility to the pit. I got out for a bike ride, grocery shopping, Costco, and a few other small errands all while keeping an eye on my cell phone. The temp didn't fluctuate at all. I attached the pit probe to the stem of the kamado thermometer, they both read the same. Amazing. I'm curious how "LOW" I can go now. Can I smoke trout? 150F? Admittedly, I'm a gadget nut, as most of you probably are also. I love having a new toy to play with. While the cook was going on, I went over to lowes and picked up a small plastic box, industrial Velcro, a couple of 90 degree elbows (1.5"), and made a waterproof box in-case of rain during a cook the elbows point down on the outside on each narrow end, so rain won't get in. The cover can remain off for cooling, but the elbows also provide some ventilation. And all the wires and connections are maintained in the box neatly ( I hate stuff on my deck that could be trip hazard). Its a crude little box, but will keep the unit protected, and provide a place to store everything out of the way so my wife doesn't crush it with something. I keep the adapter, probes, controller, extension cord, and fan all in the box when not in use.
  7. Leftover Lump. After 13 hours of cooking, plus some cooldown time, this is whats left from a FULL BASKET of Lump. I filled up, just above the holes in the Vision Pro, that would be about below the handles you see in the picture. I think there's probably enough left for a 3 hour cook (low/slow). Using Royal Oak Lump from Wal-Mart. a couple chunks of Apple, and a couple chunks of Hickory in this cook. I'm just getting around to shaking the basket and getting ready for this weeks dinners!
  8. 74-60 VCU over Davidson! Great Game. Pork Shoulder was amazing, we ate some of it last night. Our oldest surprised us with a visit and had dinner with us. She helped herself to 2nds. So, we sent 1lb with her to take back to school and share with her roommate. Pork frozen, and vacuum packed, along with instructions how to reheat. I love it when anyone takes 2nds and a doggie bag. You know it was great!
  9. Still steaming hot after 2 hours in the igloo. Packaged for freezer and some for tomorrow nights dinner.
  10. 13.5 hours. Wrapped in the cooler until 10pm. We'll eat tomorrow
  11. arrived yesterday. purchased flame boss 200 - From Flameboss.com purchased Meat & Pit Probe - From Flameboss.com purchased PIT VIPER Medium - From Guru purchased VisionProS Adapter - From Guru purchased 9.31 Shoulder at K-Roger. This is so fun, No making adjustments at all. VCU plays Davidson tonight at 8pm on CBSSN, we should be ready to go! Go Rams! https://myflameboss.com/cooks/69084
  12. Yesterday I did a 10 hour cook, after getting home at 2am, I was up at 6 getting the kamado going. Starting with a full kick ash basket of lump. This is what was left. The rain just stopped and I'm ready to get dinner cooking so it was a good time to snap pictures. I'm using Johns method of putting my fire starter cube in the ash catch drawer. Works fantastic. Clean up is easy, super easy. I haven't even bothered to take out my shop vac. Shake, use my ash rake and drop all the waste to the drawer. The KAB fits snug. You pick up from the inside grip, there's no possible way of getting my caveman hands between the pit and the basket. Hope this helps. Happy New Year!
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