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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Made some excellent fish tacos on the KJ last night. Since family from Santa Barbara. standards are high! Great day all around. Completed a 25 mile ride before work this morning (need to get them in before the weather goes south). Tomorrow morning a 10K run. Still dealing with swelling on Achilles . . . getting old no fun. Planning to try some smoked salmon tomorrow (thanks for the recipe john). Anyone know if coconut sugar is equal replacement for brown sugar? Brian
  2. Thanks! Hardest thing is getting the temp down once you over-shoot! Need to learn to back it off earlier.
  3. Thank you. I am quickly falling in love with the KJ. I think the Saber Gas grill will soon be covered in dust and cobwebs.
  4. Great to see a healthy lifestyles forum! I am just about to turn 50 . . . unbelievable! Played soccer and rugby in college and then let myself go. Woke up one day at 26 years old and I was 360 lbs! I realized I would have a short life if I continued. In the end, it took me two years to lose it all, wasn't easy but nothing is. Fast forward 24 years, and I am married with three awesome daughters. All playing high school soccer, one moving on to college. Love to see them active. Currently I am weighing in at 190, with a 2016 goal to get to 175. Couple injuries have set me back, but I am now running and riding 7 days a week. Also lifting weights at least 3. Received KJ from my wife as an early 50th birthday present. Looking forward to some healthy cooking. Anyone know where I can find some KJ seafood recipes? Seems like fish might be a bit more difficult to cook on the KJ. Thanks, Brian
  5. My wife surprised me with a Kamado Joe last week (an early birthday gift) - awesome! Just finished building a new patio along with some Adirondack chairs, and the Joe is a nice addition. I have been contemplating a ceramic grill for some time (decision between green egg and the Kamado). I have tried it out a few times, but definitely should have watched John's "Smoke" video on you tube before my first attempt . . . definitely an "OVER-SMOKE"! Last two attempts were excellent, think I am getting the hang of it. Brian
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