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  1. My son wanted to do some tomahawks, and we ended up with cowboys. Saved some dough on the bone, and they tasted fantastic. Had leftovers today lol
  2. If you were here, I’d give you one lol. It was all my son and I could do to finish one of them lol. The second is in the fridge because I love leftovers:-)
  3. thanks, they were so tender too. Also, side note...I got to use my new Meater too, and love being able to drive to the store and still follow my cook.
  4. so I went to our butcher and asked for 2.5” bone in tomahawk ribeyes. He comes back out with 3 steaks that are at least 3” thick and he cut the tomahawk handle off. I was less than happy, but decided to take them anyway because they’d cook up okay without the handle. Because of the thickness, I went at 225 until they hit 115, let them rest and come up to 122 while the Big Joe III got up to around 650, then seared them off for about 45 seconds per side. Rested again and bam! Ready to go...and served them up with some Cajun grilled shrimp. Delicious.
  5. Thanks for the advice, once dinner was over I went back out and sure enough, just needed to turn the grates 90 degrees. Oh, and the loins turned out great. Pulled them at 130 degrees and let them rest for a few while I ramped up the grill to about 600 and then seared the fat cap really well. It was delicious
  6. Holy crap Batman, you may be right lol. I’m an idiot haha. Will look at it after this cook, thanks for the input
  7. Loins are coming along nicely today. Deflectors in place, loins on top rack. Should’ve tied them, but didn’t for whatever reason. Smoker running about 290-300. this is my third cook using the divide and conquer rack, and when the grates are in the top position and I’m moving food around...they fall off the rack. What am I missing here. IMO they shouldn’t be that easy to fall off the rack. As I said though, this is only my third cook on the Big Joe, but have been smoking meat for years on an Acorn. Thanks for any ideas or help
  8. Soooo pumped! Been using my clapped out Acorn for too many years lol. Got the base put together and grill set up, still need to assemble the fire box etc, but I’ll do a break in burn in a few hours and then throw some chickens on tonight for the inaugural cook :-)
  9. Yeah, I was happy that this group was still here when I came back a week ago. Not a fan of FB groups. I’m down to donate to the cause...how do I send him a little cash to keep this group rocking?
  10. I imagine that’s true, especially with temp management. I’ll be using it a lot, and I’m a quick learner :-)
  11. So, I’m not “new” been a member for awhile, just been away for awhile living life, work etc. I started my Kamado journey with a Chargriller Acorn. It’s done it’s job and I definitely got my money’s worth, but after 3yrs of service...she’s done. So, I just bought a Kamado Joe Big Joe III with a Joetisserie. It should be here next week and I’m pumped! Looking forward to getting it and setting it up and cooking on it. Any tips or tricks that I need to know?
  12. The nutsert is the problem, that's what's pulling out of the sheet metal. No way to "re-insert" them, as I've tried. Hell, I even tried to JB weld the damned things lol
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