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  1. The rep told me it would ship this past Monday (on Friday) and on tuesday she said she would make sure the warehouse would ship it out on Wednesday. Edit: I have a tracking number as of last Friday it just hasn't actually started tracking since fedex hasn't received the package
  2. Interesting thanks. I'm still waiting on the new base to ship so no updates if that fixes the issue or not. Was supposed to ship Monday and now it's Friday with no progress. Emailed yesterday again but haven't gotten a response on what's going on.
  3. Did you ever report this issue to kamado joe? The rep said this is the first she's ever heard of this happening so surprised you're saying you are a dealer and have had to do this multiple times. they actually sent me the paint already so will touch up when I get it setup. I'm waiting on the cart still. They said they would ship it Monday but its Wednesday and looks like it still hasn't shipped (I emailed yesterday and they said they would make sure it went out today but that doesn't seem to be the case)
  4. Back on the floor already after it didn't fit theyre mailing a new cart out next week so I'll report back next weekend once i get it installed. Hopefully I can compare between the 2 carts and figure out what's different between the 2 and let kamado joe.
  5. Its possible, though i would think that would be pretty obvious to them if it was something as simple as that. I don't have a classic so don't know how similar in size the nest is vs the big joe where the measurements are pretty similar where it could be mistaken. I would have thought it was way smaller / the ring would be much smaller than the big joe (mine is 26.5" from exterior to exterior)
  6. I decided against trying to cut myself. I dont want to run into any issues with warranty in case something happens and not have it covered.
  7. I decided to give it another shot in case I somehow didnt seat it properly. I never tried to put the joe back in the nest after the 1st time, just noticing that the legs didnt seem like they were going in another further. I figured maybe it wasnt actually as far in as I thought. I took a rubber mallet to each side, screwing it in, and I took pictures of each side which shows ~7.5" from the top of the bottom piece, to the top of the ring. I sent the pictures to kamado joe and hopefully that will help. If the measurements match up with theirs, it seems to say the big joe is a different size, but that seems pretty crazy if that was actually the case. Attached are the pics if anyone else has any ideas.
  8. I actually got a call back an hr or so ago. They're about as confused as I am and are trying to figure out what the problem is. She did measurements and they seem to match mine so it doesn't really explain what might be wrong. Im tempted to try and get a friend over and sit it back on there in case it wasn't seated correctly, but looking back at the pictures I don't see how it would fit even if it wasn't fully seated previously (when I did the measurements it was after I took the grill out and reseated). I do know I had the screws screwed in and they were touching the legs so there couldn't have been that much room remaining
  9. Thanks. I can't tell for sure based on the angle, but yours looks much closer to the being seated on the bottom vs mine where there appears to be at least 1-2" of space before it would be seated. At all surprised I haven't heard back from kamado joe yet. It's been almost 72 hours since I responded and provided them with the measurements. I'm guessing they're trying to figure out what part is wrong/what to send, but it's frustrating with the radio silence.
  10. Yea it's on the floor now and I used it over the weekend like that but it's pretty inconvenient for a variety of reasons. Hopefully they'll get back to me shortly
  11. Still no updates. I took another look and I believe that I had it installed correctly still. KJ asked for some measurements on Tuesday which I provided but haven't heard anything since. Just tried calling but got a voicemail. Hopefully they'll get back to me shortly and I'll have a working grill.
  12. Ah thanks. I'll take another look in the morning but I wouldn't this this is my problem because I installed at 4 of the screws and believe they were all making contact with the inserted legs. I could be wrong though!
  13. How much space did you have? I have at least 2" and can't see how pounding it would do any good. As far as I can tell the legs are bottomed out. There is only about 1" of space within the inserts in the bottom half. Anyways I put in a warranty ticket will see what they say and I'll come back with what the problem is then
  14. I ended up giving that part of the flat to the dog....at least he ate it at least I learned a lesson...if I'm going to order from snake river farms again, have it show up the previous week and at least give it 3 days or so to defrost in fridge. My wife things ruining this expensive piece of meat is going to deter me from ordering again...little does she know that just means I will order it sooner so I can get some redemption!
  15. This is my first smoke on my big joe (had an akorn before) but did a couple of test smokes to see if I had any issues controlling the temp. Anyways, I got the brisket (16.13lb) delivered on Friday and it was rock solid so I put it in fridge and a few hours before I was going to smoke it I did a water bath. I trimmed (probably ended up at about 12lb) salt and peppered, and threw it back in the fridge for about an hour. I figured max of 1.5 hours/on + 2hr rest so I put it on at 9pm Saturday once the big joe reaches 225. From 9pm until 9am, the biggest temp deviation from 225 was about 5 degrees (measured at the grate). I have a heatermeter setup for temperature control so could see the chart. The dome thermometer read about 225 as well. Anyways, I started probing the meat with a thermapen when both started reading about 180 and the flat was reading very high, like 205-210 but still a lot of resistance/not tender. I ended cutting apart that piece of the flat and moving it to the oven to warm since the point was still reading in the 180s and not probe tender either. I ended up actually just cutting the flat after not very long in the oven since it felt bad and it was super dry/tough (pretty sure the oven was not the issue, already tough by the time I moved it over). Any ideas what the issue could be? I have a few thoughts 1) poor meat thermometer probing. I had 1 in the point, and 1 in the flat, except it was in the thicker part of the flat where the point and flat meets 2) uneven temperature when I started cooking. The thin flat was completely defrosted but the point and flat combination was still frozen on the inside (read 30 degrees over) Those 2 items above resulted in the flat being way over cooked even though it was probing only a few degrees above the 203 I was targeting. The other possibility is that I had a hot spot near where the flat was and it was cooking at a higher temperature. I hopefully salvaged the rest of the brisket but time will tell. It's been resting in the cooler/faux cambro since a little past 11 for dinner at 5.