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  1. The full nest is included (top + bottom piece with the wheels). You probably just need your own screws since KJ didn't send extra with the replacement. I bought a big joe and the nest it came with was slightly too small. The diameter of the ring was somehow about an inch smaller than it should be. KJ sent me a new one and now I have an extra one that's useless for me. Free to anyone who wants to pick it up. Guessing it might fit another cooker, or if you cut an inch or two off the legs you could have it fit a big joe. attached picture is how it looked with my big joe (too small ring meant it couldn't seat at the bottom). Second one is the new ring on top of the old one so you can see the difference in size
  2. Based on his thread it seems like it was shipped in some random gasket box based on the label. It's unclear how well or poorly the pieces were packed so I don't think we can say definitively if it was FedEx's fault or kamado joes. For the replacement nest I received, it was also severely damaged and I believe it was mostly due to poor packing. There was just the nest in the box, and no supporting packing material to keep the integrity of the box. Fortunately the product was a metal nest so the damage was minimal (some scratches on the different pieces) and structurally it's fine. I get why his thread was locked, but I find it a bit crazy how everyone is saying to give kamado joe the benefit of the doubt, stop complaining, etc. it has been multiple months after multiple emails and phone calls and he still does not have replacement parts. Of course we don't have kamado joe's side of the story (if there is one), but only allowing positive comments isn't doing anyone any good either (other than kamado joe I suppose, though you could argue having negative but accurate criticism will help them get better and long term a better company)
  3. I looked and here is what I wrote : " I also confirmed again that the diameter is ~26.5" measured from multiple spots. This includes the outer ring. if you exclude the ring, i'm guessing it measures about 25.5" assuming the steel rod is ~1/2" thick." my main issue with shipping if they told me it would ship on Monday, and then when I asked on Tuesday, she said the warehouse was backed up and she would make sure it would ship on Wednesday, but in actuality it didn't ship until a few days later. If there was better communication the delays in shipping wouldn't be as big of a deal.
  4. It fits!! pretty annoyed by this whole thing. I think it should have been obvious the issue given I measured the diameter and explicitly stated that the measurement included the ring. That should have made it obvious this was the issue instead of all this trial and error I had to go through before they sent me the new stand (and waiting a week to ship it).
  5. I haven't actually had a chance to install it since I was gone last weekend, but you can obviously see the new one is larger than the old one when I lay them edge to edge on top of each other. No clue how exactly this happened but will confirm it fits when I have a friend by later.
  6. The rep told me it would ship this past Monday (on Friday) and on tuesday she said she would make sure the warehouse would ship it out on Wednesday. Edit: I have a tracking number as of last Friday it just hasn't actually started tracking since fedex hasn't received the package
  7. Interesting thanks. I'm still waiting on the new base to ship so no updates if that fixes the issue or not. Was supposed to ship Monday and now it's Friday with no progress. Emailed yesterday again but haven't gotten a response on what's going on.
  8. Did you ever report this issue to kamado joe? The rep said this is the first she's ever heard of this happening so surprised you're saying you are a dealer and have had to do this multiple times. they actually sent me the paint already so will touch up when I get it setup. I'm waiting on the cart still. They said they would ship it Monday but its Wednesday and looks like it still hasn't shipped (I emailed yesterday and they said they would make sure it went out today but that doesn't seem to be the case)
  9. Back on the floor already after it didn't fit theyre mailing a new cart out next week so I'll report back next weekend once i get it installed. Hopefully I can compare between the 2 carts and figure out what's different between the 2 and let kamado joe.
  10. Its possible, though i would think that would be pretty obvious to them if it was something as simple as that. I don't have a classic so don't know how similar in size the nest is vs the big joe where the measurements are pretty similar where it could be mistaken. I would have thought it was way smaller / the ring would be much smaller than the big joe (mine is 26.5" from exterior to exterior)
  11. I decided against trying to cut myself. I dont want to run into any issues with warranty in case something happens and not have it covered.
  12. I decided to give it another shot in case I somehow didnt seat it properly. I never tried to put the joe back in the nest after the 1st time, just noticing that the legs didnt seem like they were going in another further. I figured maybe it wasnt actually as far in as I thought. I took a rubber mallet to each side, screwing it in, and I took pictures of each side which shows ~7.5" from the top of the bottom piece, to the top of the ring. I sent the pictures to kamado joe and hopefully that will help. If the measurements match up with theirs, it seems to say the big joe is a different size, but that seems pretty crazy if that was actually the case. Attached are the pics if anyone else has any ideas.
  13. I actually got a call back an hr or so ago. They're about as confused as I am and are trying to figure out what the problem is. She did measurements and they seem to match mine so it doesn't really explain what might be wrong. Im tempted to try and get a friend over and sit it back on there in case it wasn't seated correctly, but looking back at the pictures I don't see how it would fit even if it wasn't fully seated previously (when I did the measurements it was after I took the grill out and reseated). I do know I had the screws screwed in and they were touching the legs so there couldn't have been that much room remaining
  14. Thanks. I can't tell for sure based on the angle, but yours looks much closer to the being seated on the bottom vs mine where there appears to be at least 1-2" of space before it would be seated. At all surprised I haven't heard back from kamado joe yet. It's been almost 72 hours since I responded and provided them with the measurements. I'm guessing they're trying to figure out what part is wrong/what to send, but it's frustrating with the radio silence.
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