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  1. Man, that looks great! Getting hungry ...
  2. That's what I do. You could also remove the top vent, remove the daisy wheel, soak, and the scrub. Doing this every few months (depending on how often you cook) should keep your grill operational.
  3. Welcome Chasdev! You'll love how your new grill babysits itself on long cooks.
  4. Let us know how it goes Chaded ...
  5. My two cents: This happened to me when I wasn't giving it enough time. I found it challenging to stabilize the grill at high temps until I allowed it to really "heat through". When I am giving it 45 minutes or so to stabilize (and adjusting the temperature along the way so that it stays in the range I want) it becomes as easy as with low temps. Many, many pizzas later you might run into a charcoal depletion problem
  6. Looks great Herbert! I am using 3 or 4 little rocks to bring some distance between the pizza stone and the heat deflectors below. I see you are using crumbled aluminum foil.
  7. Welcome! I just order at Amazon. I like fish too and John posted a pretty good recipe for seared Ahi Tuna ... Enjoy your grill!
  8. So bringing this back to topic: Had a great cook and used drip pans which worked great. My family wanted BBQ ribs instead of meatloaf so I did ribs (That's what you do :)). They turned out great. Very tender and moist. Probably a bit overcooked for some of you but my family likes them 'fall of the bone' tender.
  9. Thanks all! That is helpful. Let's see what this weekend brings (will try my best to avoid a grease fire ) Cheers!
  10. I am new to the Kamado Joe and Kamado grilling (and the forum), so bear with me ... I am planning to slow cook/smoke a BBQ meatloaf on the weekend. Will set up the Big Joe for indirect cooking and add apple wood for mild smoke flavor. My question is: It'll be messy with BBQ sauce and grease, would you gurus recommend to protect the heat deflectors by wrapping them in aluminum foil or so? Cheers! steve
  11. Hi all, I am a new Big Joe owner and this is my first Kamado grill. I have quite some BBQ experience mostly with smoking on kettle style grills. Have done a few cooks and just love the precise regulation of the dome temperature. My first cook were two grass-fed ribeyes which turned out a bit disappointing :-) Pretty chewy, taste was great still. Looking forward to great cooks and more videos from John Setzler which I really like. So long! steve
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