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  1. replace the gaskets. you can buy a roll of the gaskets that are sold for the XL large big green egg. that should give you plenty of material to work with.
  2. Are you monitoring Air or Water temperature

    I got a desktop fan in there and just ordered an inkbird temperature controller so I can control the temperature swings a bit more. I plan to have the inkbird's temperature probe closer to the meat so I can make sure the air by it is withing range and will set my other thermometer at a different level to make sure i'm getting enough circulation with the fan. Hopefully this helps stabilize the temperatures, if not i'll switch over to my chest freezer and control it with the inkbird.
  3. I'm currently modding a wine fridge to get to the temperature needed to dry age. I wanted to ask if you guys are measuring the air temperature or water temperature? I currently have a hydrogmeter in the fridge to measure the air temperature, but I get readings anywhere from 32 - 46 in a given 24 hour period. Should I be more concerned with the temperature of a glass of water in the fridge rather than the air temperature?
  4. Here goes nothing just finished the steak fridge

    commenting on this so I can follow along! I just bought a wine fridge the other day and plan to mod the thermostat to get it colder so I can dry age in it.
  5. Aldi Spare Ribs

    Banana Ketchup huh? Sounds like a very Filipino thing to do. I'll have to give it a try now.
  6. Just as the title says, how long can you maintain temperature on your Akorn before it starts slowly creeping up? I'm consistently able to hold around 235 for 4.5 to 5 hours. What do you do to keep the Akorn from doing this?
  7. Advice Wanted for 19lb Brisket

    Thanks for all the tips, it looks like this will be my plan. 1. Trim and rub (50/50 Salt and Pepper) during the day 2. Light smoker and keep it low while I'm gone 3. Put meat into a cooler when I leave 4. Turn up smoker to about 275 when I get home at night 5. Throw brisket onto smoker 6. Enjoy lots of smoked goodness (I also plan to do spare ribs the next day, woo)
  8. Advice Wanted for 19lb Brisket

    This is the type of info i wanted to hear. My last brisket this past weekend was about 13pounds after trimming and it took a little over 12 hours at around 225F. Perhaps if I shoot for 250-275 I can get it on the Akorn around 1am and be ok? I'm expecting this 19lb-er to be about 16-17 after trimming.
  9. My local Sam's only had 18-19 pound briskets today, so now I'd like advice on some timing for this weekend. My original plan was to grab something in the 14lb range and throw it in the smoker after getting home from a wedding Saturday night, but it seems like that plan has to be scrapped. Guests will be arriving around 5pm Sunday. I have to be at a wedding reception about 6pm Saturday and probably won't be home until about 11pm or midnight. Here are some plans I have thought of, let me know what you think of them or if there is an alternative. 1. Get the brisket into the smoker around 3pm Saturday and hope that nothing goes wrong while I'm gone. Smoke at 250-275 and estimating for 1 - 1.25 hours per pound. 2. Split the point and flat and throw it on the smoker after i get home from the wedding reception Saturday night. Smoke at 225-250 since it'll be two smaller cuts and I'll have plenty of time for that. 3. Is it possible to hot smoke this (300F) and hope to get it done in 12-14 hours?
  10. Starting up, temp drop

    I had pretty much the same issue as you Saturday night/Sunday morning. I'm still trying to figure out went wrong. So far, I've concluded that my center hole was too large and a few lumps were lit just enough to maintain some heat, but not spread. Possibly some sort of airflow issue causing this as well, but I had already dumped out the ashtray before starting.
  11. this is what I did. maybe the hole i made down to the grate was too big, but i could definitely see that the lump around the hole wasn't lit very well when i took everything out to inspect. oh well, lesson learned. I was lucky enough for the smoker to hold 200ish so that the meat wasn't ruined and could still be salvaged in the oven.
  12. I inspected the charcoal this morning after pulling the brisket to put into the oven to finish off. It looks like when it lit it from the middle for "volcano" method, the lump didn't do a good job lighting and it probably didn't spread very well, thus being able to get up to temp but not for a sustained period of time.
  13. I definitely cleaned everything out before I loaded the lump. Poured a full load with a hole in the middle and used half of a weber starter cube. I'm boggled, but it doesn't seem like my brisket is ruined (*cross fingers*). This is my first brisket, so i'm wondering if the normal settings I used got affected by that. I normally do spareribs only.
  14. I've done over 10 cooks on my Akorn, and this is the first time I've ever had trouble getting up to temperature. After putting on a 12 pound brisket last night, I had the hardest time getting my cooker to get back to the ~225F mark. My vents were open more than usual (about an inch on top and a 1 at the bottom). When it finally looked like it would be fine at around 220-230 mark (2:30AM), I went to sleep. Woke up about 7AM to see that my temps had slowly dropped down to ~200 degrees. Now I got the vents open even more to try and get the temperatures to go back up. I started with a load of Royal Oak. Anyone ever have issues like this where they're having trouble getting up to temperature and vent settings are open more than their usual? At this point, i may need to move the brisket into my oven to finish off.
  15. search for the Aaron Franklin brisket videos on Youtube. a lot of the stuff he suggests are in line with what I see on this forum and on Reddit.