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  1. I had videoed the process and for some reason the section where I did the wrapping, the most important part, didn't record. Here are a few shots of it - if you can see what I mean by barely overlapping the bacon and having it very tight.
  2. I actually didn't use toothpicks at all - I wrapped really tight and overlapped the new piece of bacon over the last piece to get them to hold together. Let me see if I have a before pic.
  3. Deer season is upon us once again and the bounty has been plentiful! I normally covet the backstrap and only cook a small amount at a time, but this year we have plenty and the season has just begun. So I took a backstap, marinaded in milk for 24 hours (to get the gaminess out). Rinsed and seasoned with Salt, Pepper and Garlic and wrapped in thin bacon - HOWEVER - next time - I will precook the bacon a little beforehand - I wanted it more crispy. I seasoned the bacon with Tony C's and a bit of Paprika and tossed it on my KJ at 275 indirect. (might try direct next time) USED a PROBE - cooked till 128 and glazed with a soy/brown sugar/garlic/ginger/sesame oil/honey/green onion/vinegar mixture and cooked till 135, foiled and rested. - Honestly I would have liked it a little more done - but was afraid to overcook it. It was pretty amazing. Happy hunting friends.
  4. It is another way to flatten instead of butterflying it. It makes for a much prettier presentation when you slice it. Here is a good example.
  5. Last week I had a really good cook on my Kamado. I roll cut a pork loin and stuffed it with dirty rice (made according to box directions), sprinkled with Tony Cs and tied it up. Cooked at 325 - 350, indirect for about an hour until 115-120 (I can't remember) Then I flipped it and cooked until ~145 - opened the grill up and cooked till 150 (for color). I pulled and foiled. Sliced and served with more dirty rice, green beans and sweet cornbread. ALSO - I threw on some Texas Firecrackers - stuffed jalapeños and poblanos (cream cheese, sausage, cheddar wrapped in bacon and a decadent chocolate peanut butter torte for dessert. Here is the recipe for the torte if anyone wants it. http://www.lifeloveandsugar.com/2015/04/08/reeses-chocolate-peanut-butter-tart/
  6. Hey guys quick question - if I won't to post pics of a cook - where should I do it? I read the instructions for the recipe forum, so I think it probably shouldn't go there - I mean I CAN post it there - but if I am just posting a generic - hey this turned out awesome, heres how I did it post - where should I put it?
  7. My Kick Ash Basket came in last night! I am going to lurk on your post and watch for answers too!
  8. Thanks guys! I am ready to get off work so I can try out my new Kick Ash basket! Planning fajitas for tonight. WHY must we work real jobs? I just want to be a stay at home dog mom.
  9. YUMMMMM. I do something similar - I use baby bells they are about the same size as jalapeños - Makes for a beautiful dish - the baby bells are red yellow and orange and the jalapeños, of course are green, so very beautiful - kind of makes you think you are eating healthy with all that color! Thanks for sharing, I love the flavor of poblanos - can't wait to try!
  10. I am so excited to be part of this group! I recently purchased a Kamado Joe Classic at a Costco Roadshow (after much research) and I absolutely love it! Cooking has always been my first love and passion but I wasn't a huge fan of grilling until my KJ. I have been grilling about 3X a week since I brought my new baby home We live in Texas, I have 3 Miniature Pinschers that are spoiled brats and our babies. I am lucky enough to work from home and be with my hubby full time. He is a 100% disabled Vet - USAF. Between him and my super single (wink wink) nephew who hangs out with us on the weekends - they eat a lot! I love photography and I was a foodie before being a foodie was cool - I take pictures constantly and even video a lot of my meal preps for my friends who are just learning to cook. I am very excited to learn more about grilling on KJ type grills, check out new recipes and all the fun chat among like minded foodies! Here are a few pics of who I grill for - my babies and some of my food from the grill. ~Wendy
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