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  1. Thanks for the welcome. Here are the pics of my cook. The beef ribs were dynamite but I overcooked the brisket. I ended up chopping up the brisket for tacos and they were great that way.
  2. Benm3 - Thanks for the post and links. I bought a PB 24 a few weeks ago and it is some what challenging to find accessories that fit. I have the spider and two half stones from the Ceramic Grill Store. They work great but I was looking to add the Saffire adjustable rack to give even more options, I would like to try to set up a quasi 2-zone cook with the top level indirect and bottom level direct. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a 20" cooking grate or any half moon cooking grates to fit. I was looking for something similar to what is available for the Kamado Joe. Have you had any luck finding additional grates that fit? Appreciate the help.
  3. I inherited a vertical propane smoker from my uncle a few years back and have been smoking pig, beef, chicken, turkey and veggies. I live in the great white north, Buffalo, NY, and was looking for something I could run all year round and was more versatile. I started researching kamadoes and KamadoGuru has been my go to source for reviews and tips. A few weeks ago Amazon put the Pit Boss 24" on sale for $533 with free shipping and assembly. Unfortunately we don't have a Costco near us or I would have picked one up there. The grill arrived with no cracks or issues. The assembly service put it together the next day in less than an hour and I was up and running by the weekend. I have been following the threads on recipes, accessories and mods for the grill. So far I have done a few pizzas, beer can chicken, reverse sear steaks and pot roast. I picked up the spider from the Ceramic Store and doubled up on the felt. This weekend I am going to do beef brisket, short ribs and some pork spare ribs. I will put pictures in the forums. The Kamado Guru site is a huge help and I check it daily now. I am looking forward to fueling my obsession. My family doesn't mind the obsession because they get rewarded in food. Thanks for creating this site.
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