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  1. I wonder if it's the difference in tolerances? My Weber cooking grate is 21.5" in diameter. My PB could be slightly larger than yours.
  2. So I have had my PB 24 for nearly two months now. I really enjoy the cooker, and inevitably I've been thinking about upgrades and accessories. I've had a weber 22.5 kettle for awhile, and it has been in the garage since I purchased an Akorn a few years ago, now the Akorn is next to the weber. While thinking about the lack of accessories available for the PB, for some reason an idea popped into my head. Try the cooking grate from the weber on the PB. Lo and behold, it fits! This opens up a ton of options for cooking surfaces for the PB. The one I am specifically considering trying is the craycort cooking grate. They are cast iron and have multiple interchangeable inserts. For instance, reversible cast iron griddles. Has anyone tried this? My birthday is coming up and I think i'm going to give it a go.
  3. A couple pounds of shrimp! On a side note, anyone have an idea why my photos won't upload? I always have to take a screen shot of the photo, then I have no issues.
  4. First cook on the PB, some spares for Christmas eve, went pretty well. I like the additional space it provides over the Akorn. Held temp fairly well, had a couple 30 degree spikes, not sure if it was due to wind or what, didn't open the dome for the first three hours. I was able to source a vent with a spark screen from a different manufacturer, but it won't be in hand for a week or so. I'm going to hold off on the lower vent mod until I can try the new one out.
  5. Here's a shot of the cgs spider with a 16.5 inch stone . I think it will work great. I got the stone from Amazon, it's available at several stores, pizzacraft is the brand.
  6. Gotcha, that's something I might consider down the road. I have the ceramic grill store spider and a 16.5 inch stone arriving tomorrow. In the packaging for the PB, there were a couple of round pieces of cardboard that happened to be exactly 16.5 inches. I test fit them and I think that size will work perfectly.
  7. Well I decided I didn't want to wait for someone to help, or better weather to get the grill in the backyard. Slowly but surely I made it all the way back to our patio. I got it in place and took the cover of of the plastic. The cover was included with my grill, not sure if this is the case with all of them. I can tell you I'm happy I didn't pay the $60 for the cover, it's definitely not worth that, maybe $10. My akorn cover feels much more substantial, and I think it was $20. Wasn't able to cook tonight, but I will be for sure tomorrow.
  8. 15 degrees, couple inches of snow on the ground. Can't let it keep you from cooking!
  9. Here we go, had to take a screen shot of the photo. No clue why it wouldn't work.
  10. Guess I'll just keep checking back to see if they restock.
  11. Received the PB today around 3pm, got her curing right now. Tried to upload a couple different images, each time they failed. Can't wait to cook on this thing!
  12. Thanks for the info on the cover. I decided to go with a 16.5 inch stone, that gives me roughly an inch on each side of the stone. I really just liked how the KJ's deflector fits in the firebox, so I wanted to duplicate that as much as possible. It looks like maybe half an inch of space on each side of the deflector. KJ owners can confirm or deny that. IMO it would make a much better environment for indirect cooking. With the large gap between the fire box and deflector in the Akorn, if the fire works its way to the wall of the firebox, there is enough space there to create a direct cook if there is food on the outer edges of the cooking grate. We'll see how the 16.5 inch works, if it's too big for low and slow, I'll still be able to use it elevated for higher heat indirect, as well as for pizzas. Half the fun is experimenting!
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